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Sub-DivisionStatePageNo IDNameSexAbodeOccupation
St Kilda WestBalaclava8248982426 Ada RashleighF197, High Street Home Duties
St Kilda WestBalaclava8248992431 Ernest Frederick RashleighM197, High Street Bank Manager
Sub-DivisionStatePageNo IDNameSexAbodeOccupation
NorthcotesBourke94647545 Charles Henry BackhouseMGotch Street, Northcotes Tailor
NorthcotesBourke94657547 Harold E H BackhouseMGotch Street, Northcotes Carpenter
NorthcotesBourke94667546 Maria Johanna BackhouseFGotch Street, Northcotes Home Duties
TownDivisionPageNo IDNameSexAbodeOccupation
GeelongCorio179462529 Annie HammertonFLittle Ryrie St, Geelong Home Duties
GeelongCorio179472423 Elizabeth Jane HammertonFLittle Ryrie St, Geelong Home Duties
GeelongCorio179482308 John HammertonMLittle Ryrie St, Geelong Jeweller
TownDivisionPageNo IDNameSexAbodeOccupation
DeanGrampians116262778 Sidney Glen WoodMKangaroo Hills Labourer

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Correct as at 1st December 2020