The POULTON Web: Australian 1931 Census


Sub-DivisionStatePageNo IDNameSexAbodeOccupation
SwanSwan10963962756 Maud Hilda Blanche WoodFSanatorium, Wooroloo Housekeeper
SwanSwan10963972778 Sidney Glen WoodMSanatorium, Wooroloo Orderly
Sub-DivisionStatePageNo IDNameSexAbodeOccupation
WimmerraMildura6538362531 Enid Ruth HammertonF8th Street, Mildura Shop Assistant
Sub-DivisionStatePageNo IDNameSexAbodeOccupation
WimmerraMildura6538372428 Horace HammertonM11, Lemon Avenue Jeweller
WimmerraMildura6538382529 Lillian Elizabeth HammertonF11, Lemon Avenue Home Duties
WimmerraMildura6538392530 Una Lillian HammertonF11, Lemon Avenue Home Duties

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Correct as at 22nd July 2017