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1002Mary Billingham March 1892Wigan8c3
613Elizabeth Ann Ellis March 1892Barnsley9c202
6863Sarah Elizabeth Silverwood March 1892Barnsley9c193
7187Abraham Worthington March 1892Leigh8c341
630James William Ellis June 1892Barnsley9c198
7184Dorothy Grounds June 1892Leigh8c335
10886Joseph Lyon September 1892Wigan8c153
11056Gladys Potts September 1892Stockport8a70
40Frank Poulton September 1892Wigan8c5
1196Florence Boocock March 1893Barnsley9c2_9
10934Elizabeth Ellen Spencer March 1893Prescot8b809
12751Alice Pennington June 1893Wigan8c140
6464Thomas Ryder June 1893Leigh8c340
7272Ellen Worthington June 1893Aukland10a267
7409Percy Altass September 1893Barnsley9c235
1003Emily Billingham March 1894Wigan8c8
614Thomas Ellis March 1894Barnsley9c209
10887Alfred France Lyon March 1894Wigan8c43
10930Harold France June 1894Wigan8c111
345Wilfred Cassigranda Sellars June 1894Barnsley9c189
7188Minnie Worthington December 1894Leigh8c342
10935John Joseph Spencer March 1895Chorley8e538
11229Elizabeth Ellen France December 1895Wigan8c7
4458Beatrice Robina Marshall December 1895Lanchester10a319
806Christina Roper December 1895Wigan8c9
1004Robert Billingham March 1896Wigan8c8
615John Ellis March 1896Barnsley9c208
6135Lucy Ellis March 1896Barnsley9c208
10888Henry France Lyon March 1896Wigan8c141
6469Edna Leaver June 1896Leigh8c327
7207Emma Eliza Walker June 1896Barnsley9c197
6864Doris Silverwood September 1896Barnsley9c242
11090Minnie Turner December 1896Bury8c619
1963Gilbert Worthington December 1896Oldham8d736
1958Thomas Worthington December 1896Oldham8d718
11230Joseph France March 1897Wigan8c107
7410Annie White September 1897Barnsley9c213
1058Lavinia Lythgoe December 1897Wigan8c1
9392Amelia Billingham March 1898Wigan8c4
41Annie Elliss March 1898Barnsley9c242
4291Dorothy Gollop March 1898Wigan8c62
3221Henry Simpson March 1898S. Shields10a755
3240Pollie Gray June 1898Auckland10a221
10889Charles Albert F Lyon June 1898Wigan8c127
4276Lavinia Parr June 1898Wigan8c124
6136Ida Ellis September 1898Pontefract9c164
807Doris Mildred Roper September 1898Leigh8c311
6465William Ryder September 1898Leigh8c345
11231Mary France December 1898Wigan8c103
10900Jane Bissell March 1899Wigan8c104
3241Michael Septimus Cain cMar 1899Sunderland10a704
1965Nellie Finney March 1899Macclesfield8a137
3379Edith Padgett March 1899Carlisle10b532
616Edwin Harry Ellis June 1899Barnsley9c211
11058Bertram Potts June 1899Stockport8a62
10936Emily Jane Spencer June 1899Chorley8e538
9385Amelia Billingham September 1899Wigan8c5
11316Clarice France September 1899Wigan8c123
1880Anthony Worthington September 1899Easington10a469
6865Henry Silverwood March 1900Barnsley9c210
11091Elizabeth Ann Turner June 1900Bolton8c494
3211Peter Barrington September 1900Leigh8c281
8690Edith May Lythgoe September 1900Wigan8c2
7411Beatrice White September 1900Barnsley9c243
1005George Billingham December 1900Wigan8c1
3242Hannah Kell December 1900Durham10a421
4277Edward Parr December 1900Wigan8c104
1881Mary Alice Worthington December 1900Durham10a423
6137James Richard Ellis March 1901Pontefract9c167
617Mary Ellis March 1901Barnsley9c236
3380Hilda Padgett March 1901Carlisle10b561
13296Beatrice Ann Wigham June 1901Lanchester10a333
11037Frederick Worthington June 1901Leigh8c320
11317Laura France September 1901Wigan8c98
6148Phoebe Strutt Senior September 1901Wortley9c370
9379Harriet Simpson September 1901Easington10a527
12788Elsie Littlewood December 1901Barnsley9c220
11059Horace Parsons Potts December 1901Stockport8a93
4304Joseph Chester March 1902Wigan8c60
8745Cerbert Parr March 1902Ince8c127
11066Mary Cecil Hobson June 1902Stockport8a52
11010Richard Bentham September 1902Easington10a470
1882John William Worthington September 1902Durham10a463
11318Ellen France December 1902Wigan8c125
12766Beatrice Whalley December 1902Wigan8c69
9079Joseph Silverwood March 1903Barnsley9c241
8750Margaret Barrington June 1903Wigan8c106
9023Gladys Padgett September 1903Carlisle10b597
11060Una Marion Potts September 1903Stockport8a53
3243Frances Isabel Wilson September 1903W. Ward10b785
11011Michael Bentham December 1903Easington10a460
8691Arnold Lythgoe December 1903Wigan8c9
8741Joseph Billingham March 1904Wigan8c5
8925Thomas Ellis March 1904Pontefract9c147
11521James Ryder March 1904Wigan8c356
11319Albert France June 1904Wigan8c102
1883Abram Worthington June 1904Durham10a458
12270Nancy Barker September 1904Bury8c603
9038Ivy Cawley September 1904Barnsley9c239
9080John Silverwood March 1905Barnsley9c286
11042John Power June 1905Leigh8c329
8751Mary Ellen Barrington December 1905Wigan8c80
4485John William Chester December 1905Burnley8e138
11083Ann Turner December 1905Bolton8c404
12769Arthur Seeds March 1906Nottingham7b397
12271Annie Barker June 1906Bury8c591
11012Mary Elsie Bentham September 1906Easington10a492
9024Beatrice Annie Padgett September 1906N. Bierley9b191
9039Edith Annie Cawley March 1907Barnsley9c250
8926Arthur Ellis March 1907Pontefract9c159
8743Olive Worthington March 1907Leigh8c308
10931Allan France June 1907Wigan8c104
4486Emily Anderson December 1907Durham10a441
8752Esther Barrington December 1907Wigan8c69
4281Frank Dainty December 1907Wigan8c125
9081Albert Silverwood December 1907Barnsley9c235
9670Lily Speight December 1907Wortley9c305
1884Elizabeth Ann Worthington March 1908Durham10a493
12226Winifred Muriel Ellis June 1908Pontefract9c156
8776Richard Wood June 1908Oldham8d733
11013Thomas Bentham September 1908Easington10a536
3390Gladys Minnie Brailsford September 1908Nottingham7b434
12801John Devine September 1908Easington10a635
8692Gerald Lythgoe September 1908Wigan8c3
12761Lucy Marshall September 1908Barnsley9c244
12795Bertha Elizabeth Pinder September 1908Barnsley9c324
12799Ann Cullen December 1908Chorley8e463
11016Violet Spowart December 1908Easington10a501
11479Gilbert Steel Winspeare December 1908Hartlepool10a187
12742Hilda Worthington December 1908Leigh8c293
8762Jane Heylin Worthington March 1909Bolton8c375
3244John Thomas English June 1909Easington10a543
4282Herbert Dainty September 1909Wigan8c122
8747Isaiah Farrimond December 1909Wigan8c76
12280James Howell March 1910Barton I8c628
8753John Barrington June 1910Wigan8c117
3391Maud Mary A Brailsford June 1910Nottingham7b443
9040Thomas Cawley June 1910Barnsley9c259
7515Mary Grounds June 1910Dewsbury9b580
8693Ernest Lythgoe June 1910Wigan8c9
12278John Worthington September 1910Oldham8d646
12291William A Allen December 1910Barnsley9c268
12227Rufus E Ellis December 1910Pontefract9c104
8748Rebecca Farrimond December 1910Wigan8c98
4284Mary A Pinder December 1910Doncaster9c877
9071Annie Markey March 1911Barnsley9c268
11522George V Ryder June 1911Prestwich8d350

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