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NoNameEventAge DistrictVolPage
8813Lucy Bridgewater March 190930Wortley9c180
3556Luke Collier March 190963Barnsley9c161
8850Walter Danby March 19090Leeds9b369
2261Mary Ann Pickering March 190968Sheffield9c378
8602William Popplewell March 190955Wakefield9c3
3175Sarah Collier June 190962Barnsley9c146
9159Albert Shepard June 19090Barnsley9c142
4799James Silverwood June 190970Wortley9c165
6024Mary Elizabeth Denton September 19099Hemsworth9c80
6689Charles Hammerton September 190954Wakefield9c1
2342Isabella Hammerton September 190982Barnsley9c139
8162Sarah Ann Hey September 190975Huddersfield9a186
4613Emily Hammerton December 190962Dartford2a348
8645Jane Hey December 190947Huddersfield9a190
9439Esther Hinchcliff December 190940Rotherham9c365
7990Mary Louisa Senior December 190946Dewsbury9b403
5165Harriet Silverwood December 190963Dewsbury9b378
8750Margaret Barrington March 19106Wigan8c62
1318Thomas Mellor March 191082Barnsley9c142
4759Ellen Silverwood March 191080Huddersfield9a197
5138Hannah Silverwood March 191077Wortley9c170
8254Wright Berry June 191064Huddersfield9a176
182William Jessop June 191045Barnsley9c110
6958Lucy Kerfoot June 191038Prestwich8d201
9160Seth Shepard June 19100Barnsley9c145
4874Isaac Silverwood June 191055Nottingham7b229
6346Ruth Wilcock June 19101Barnsley9c112
227Louisa Jessop September 191024Barnsley9c109
5246Sarah Silverwood September 191046Huddersfield9a166
7341Martha Commerskey December 191021Wakefield9c1
6625Thomas Hey December 191078Huddersfield9a235
2465Arthur Hammerton March 191120Barnsley9c185
6754Theresa Hammerton March 191161Hemsworth9c110
6315George Neville March 191146Barnsley9c168
6862Joseph Silverwood March 191139Barnsley9c153
9156Jane A Spendlove March 19110Barnsley9c179
3823Matilda Vowles March 191154Bristol6a112
7230Florence E Crooks June 191112Barnsley9c162
3397Edith A Danforth June 19118Easington10a245
8933Edna Denton September 19110Hemsworth9c251
8932George Denton September 19111Hemsworth9c252
2383Henry Hammerton September 191158Sheffield9c735
1364Ann Jones September 191153Barnsley9c401
4903Ben Wrigley September 191167Saddleworth9a305
5215Barbara Brooks March 191231Sheffield9c804
8271Mary Holyoak March 191293Northleach6a578
9307Lauretta S Saville March 19120Sheffield9c774
5062Rebecca Silverwood March 191276Huddersfield9a399
2693Ben Winder March 191266Barnsley9c275
4764Emma Hoyle December 191271Huddersfield9a343
6431William Kershaw December 191283Leigh8c325
5256Charles Beardsell March 191369Dewsbury9b834
5057Sarah Silverwood March 191378Barnsley9c344
1314Charles E Armitage June 191345Pontefract9c139
1431Jonathan Hammerton June 191379Salford8d78
4867Esther Hinchcliff September 191372Penistone9c341
5170Ann Silverwood March 191484Penistone9c384
4888Martha Silverwood March 191474Huddersfield9a359
5017William H Silverwood March 191435Huddersfield9a371
539Wlliam Danforth June 191475Barnsley9c312
8001James E Gerrard September 191454Leigh8c350
1592Oswald Mellor September 191431Sheffield9c613
5276Hannah Silverwood September 191469Ashton8d625
4898Minerva Wrigley September 191463Ashton8d624
5411Ernest Silverwood December 191440Carlisle10b725
5740Harriet Silverwood December 191439Leeds9b518
8234Thomas Taylor December 191456Huddersfield9a348
8249Allen Ramsden March 191567Huddersfield9a459
4860Job Silverwood March 191584Chesterfield7b112
5105Amy Silverwood September 191556Bucklow8a207
5335George Silverwood September 191544Penistone9c363
4928Mary A Silverwood September 191557Penistone9c351
8756Lily J Barrington December 19150Leigh8c310
4890George Silverwood March 191670Huddersfield9a382
2258Elizabeth Hawley June 191684Sheffield9c633
0641Charlotte Jessop June 191677Penistone9c330
3772Eliza Scrivens June 191681Westbury S.6a323
4734Sidney Silverwood June 191692Penistone9c322
9415Laurence Wainwright June 19160Barnsley9c279
2503John T Calow December 191648Chesterfield7b8
8935Olive Denton December 19161Hemsworth9c203
5245Ann Silverwood December 191673Huddersfield9a386
5341Charlotte Silverwood December 191670N. Bierley9b40
5018James Scott March 191772Huddersfield9a423
4846George Silverwood June 191787Penistone9c354
176Richard Poulton December 191761Leigh8c238
3541Minnie Winder March 191844Barnsley9c330
2348Mary A Hellewell June 191872Hemsworth9c207
5587Esther Silverwood June 191844Leeds9b545
5070Lavinia Silverwood June 191857Leeds9b413
7796Margaret Goldthorpe December 191828Barnsley9c498
6172Lilian Ironside December 191827Basford7b545
1088Eva E Newman December 191832Sturminster, Dorset5a480
590Lily Pooley December 191834Doncaster9c1943
3824Violet L Vowles December 191832Bristol6a365
9416Doris Wainwright December 19180Barnsley9c538
8902Ann Goward March 191969Wakefield9c2
4374Matilda Hammerton March 191972Wakefield9c19
2407Theodore F Harrison March 191939Pontefract9c221
0640John Jessop March 191977Penistone9c564
5022Hugh Kilner March 191971Huddersfield9a544
4767Joseph Silverwood June 191976Barnsley9c282
7797Nellie Goldthorpe September 19195Barnsley9c202
4936William Blacker December 191969Penistone9c292
7799Fred Goldthorpe December 19190Barnsley9c498
7665Olive Drabble March 192010Cockermouth10b813
5580Clara Turner March 192031Chesterfield7b924
7635Abraham H Turner March 19200Chesterfield7b926
1950Margaret Worthington March 192058Wigan8c118
9417John Wainwright September 19200Barnsley9c178
8903Ann E Goward December 192049Wakefield9c2
7519Margaret Holroyd December 192065Halifax9a507
7636Clarence H Turner December 19200Chesterfield7b776
4906Abraham Silverwood March 192169Glanford B.7a799
5099Nace K Smith March 192149Huddersfield9a346
3733Eliza Vowles March 192184Bristol6a209
4862Benjamin Silverwood June 192186Ashton8d576
5014Hugh Silverwood June 192133Wandsworth1d624
4949James Goward September 192157Wakefield9c1
8275Charles Holyoak September 192176Northleach6a393
1583Leah Newman December 192177Sturminster, Dorset5a221
1937William Worthington March 192266Wigan8c127
5063William W Silverwood September 192568Wakefield9c51
4897Herbert Silverwood June 193485Ashton8d845
628Albert Edward J Danforth June 195076Sheffield2d153
813Alexander James Danforth June 195064Sheffield2d195
22Herbert White March 197561Barnsley3185
153Douglas Arthur Shelton April 198565Barnsley3293
2822John William G Hayes October 198566Barnsley3159
268Ivy Reader February 198784Sheffield31323
1095Bertha Turner July 198776Barnsley3206
815Edith Ellen Troop September 198890Barnsley348
946John Charles Jessop November 198860Doncaster3420
1107John Camplin April 198955Halifax4893
2556Sarah Greaves April 198976Barnsley320
2975Phyllis Rose Hamilton January 199077Colchester92671
6Frank Poulton January 199162Barnsley3156
1535Ronald Wilkinson April 199174Barnsley316
1096Robert Melville Danforth November 199177Barnsley3271
32Derek White November 199156Barnsley372
2764George William F Hamilton August 199282Tower Hamlets14952
3001Amelia Joyce Armitage December 199254Pontefract51065
1111Hannah Danforth January 199480Barnsleyc15b160
1888Joseph Worthington February 199574Durham Easternde9c91
1112Clive Danforth November 199563Barnsleyb20b45
2821Mary Hayes December 199568Barnsleya22b19
1528Nellie Snowden November 199681Barnsleya24b140
773Beatrice Annie Houchin October 199776Barnsleyb25b238
552John William Jessop May 199877Barnsleyb27b218
1634Roy Lord June 199970Halifaxb20c141
382John Albert Everitt July 199979Pontefracta31d79
1497Ellen Jones July 1999107Cheltenhamb56d192
553May Betton Jessop March 200080Barnsleyb31b123
263Debbie England July 200036Barnsleya34b189
1966Gilbert Samuel R Worthington July 200178Sefton North62b193
1115John William Danforth September 200154Barnsleya37b245
347Christopher Giblin December 200153Rochdalea56a13
2818William Holland May 200282Barnsleya40b73
20David Mark Greenwood August 200226Yorka44b127
1138Bessie Copestake November 200270Barnsleya41b85
250Peter Mellor October 200367Barnsleyc41b283

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