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NoHusbandNoWifeEvent DistrictVolPage
4826George Fretwell 6631Milly Hinchcliffe December 1837Ecclesfield22133
10071Thomas Hammerton 10079Ann Campion March 1838Coventry16318
2827Frederick Shaw 2209Sarah Oxterby June 1838Ecclesfield2285
6971Giles Eastwood 4693Mary Wortley June 1838Huddersfield22217
4779Joseph Silverwood 5023Sarah Blacker June 1838Ecclesfield22152
4730Charles Silverwood 4892Minerva Ratcliffe December 1838Huddersfield22262
4711John Sykes 6621Rose Gill March 1839Huddersfield22208
10070Stephen Hammerton 10078Ellen Kimberley June 1839Coventry16394
10023Stephen Hammerton 12025Elizabeth Clare June 1839Coventry16394
5029Samuel Berry 4780Elizabeth Silverwood June 1839Huddersfield22219
2345Joseph Jackson 2233Sarah Hammerton December 1839Ecclesfield22107
4800John Goldthorp 4697Mary Silverwood December 1839Huddersfield22248
1460William Mallison 1767Elizabeth Dampforte June 1840Rotherham22329
5019John Kilner 4778Martha Silverwood March 1841Wakefield22419
4726Benjamin Silverwood 4866Annis Morton March 1841Wortley22453
2205George Hammerton 2296Sarah Gelder June 1841Ecclesfield22113
4804Joseph Kaye 4699Grace Silverwood June 1841Huddersfield22240
2220Stephen Hammerton 2310Elizabeth Dyson June 1841Pontefract22303
6607George Senior 12050Sarah Ann Batley September 1841Ecclesfield22102
2219John Hammerton 2306Elizabeth Greaves September 1841Sheffield22435
10573James Miller 4857Ann Priestley December 1841Ecclesfield22123
4914David Marshe 4732Harriet Silverwood December 1841Wortley22566
4729Timothy Silverwood 4736Mary Ann Moxon March 1842Huddersfield22150
4673George Silverwood 4766Martha Holden September 1842Huddersfield22181
2208George Oxterby 2646Jane Driver June 1843Ecclesfield2278
2210John Oxteby 2610Ann Widdop June 1843Ecclesfield2292
10074John Hammerton 10093Charlotte Edwards December 1843Coventry16538
10014John Hammerton 10146Hannah Cotton December 1843Meriden16567
6606Benjamin Senior 6660Mary Bedford December 1843Ecclesfield22130
4934John Blacker 4740Ann Silverwood December 1843Wakefield22569
6985Elijah Farnell 12073Mary Carter December 1843Leeds23434
4057John Dyson 4056Elizabeth Hammerton June 1844Ecclesfield2278
5119George Laycock 4829Ellen Silverwood June 1844Ecclesfield2281
4733Asa Silverwood 4922Martha Haigh June 1844Huddersfield22216
8576Sidney Batley 4707Elizabeth Gill June 1844Huddersfield22221
1439Moses Armitage 1483Sarah Ann Galloway December 1844Ecclesfield22114
2044Joseph Hammerton 2230Abigail Hoyle December 1844Ecclesfield22123
5034Isaac Archer 4781Ann Silverwood December 1844Wakefield22644
10562Joseph Holling 6713Elizabeth Smith March 1845Ecclesfield2283
592Henry Cryer 10030Mary Hammerton June 1845Rugby16471
5072John Moxon 4793Ellen Silverwood June 1845Wakefield22529
2188John Hammerton 2608Ann Lee September 1845Dewsbury2241
6780Sidney Smith 4708Grace Gill December 1845Huddersfield22299
6655John Dale 4749Sarah Ann Dyson December 1845Bradford23277
1977Henry Backhouse 1976Eliza Farnell December 1845Leeds23429
4782John Silverwood 5038Maria Methley March 1846Wortley22571
2338Henry Eyre 2223Elizabeth Hamerton December 1846Sheffield22515
6651George Cattle 4752Elizabeth Dyson December 1846Bradford23209
1830William Ramsden 1824Hannah Farnell December 1846Leeds23442
12054John Harrison 1809Mary Haywood June 1847Sheffield22499
1764George Danford 1768Ann Hudson June 1847Wakefield22553
10018George Hammerton 10042Elizabeth Soare September 1847Rugby16537
1308Joseph Armitage 1309Matilda Danforth September 1847Ecclesfield2295
4783Charles Silverwood 5046Sarah Senior September 1847Wakefield22546
4750Henry Dyson 12040Ann Field December 1847Ecclesfield22129
6617Thomas Grason 6931Elisabeth Jackman December 1847Wakefield22627
2222Joseph Hamilton 2329Isabella Addison December 1847Newcastle Upon Tyne25383
12043George Chappell 3172Clementina Ledger June 1848Ecclesfield22121
4831Abraham Silverwood 5135Elizabeth Godley December 1848Hayfield19612
2221William Hammerton 2323Martha Harrison December 1848Ecclesfield22136
4830Thomas Silverwood 5127Ann Matthewman December 1848Ecclesfield22148
5048James Clegg 4785Mary Silverwood December 1848Wakefield22623
5077Daniel Auty 4794Hannah Silverwood March 1849Wakefield22503
1359William Mellor 1361Hannah Kay June 1849Ecclesfield22107
6607George Senior 12053Sarah Kay June 1849Ecclesfield22115
4641Joseph Silverwood 4648Jane Oldham Haigh June 1849Huddersfield22272
4598William Hammerton 12031Mary Holmes September 1849Spilsby14777
6656John Batty 2193Elizabeth Hammerton September 1849Huddersfield22255
4790John Lodge 4784Hannah Silverwood December 1849Wakefield22719
3217Banjamin Johnson 3218Ann Owens March 1850Ecclesfield22134
4734Sidney Silverwood 4925Rhoda Moxon June 1850Wortley22667
4731Isaac Silverwood 4905Mary Senior September 1850Wortley22673
2239John Dukes 2234Elisabeth Hammerton December 1850Barnsley2227
4701Henry Silverwood 4814Hannah Bedford December 1850Huddersfield22348
4842William Marsden 4840Mary Silverwood March 1851Wortley22626
4753Thomas Dyson 6650Elizabeth Hill March 1851Bradford23275
2734William Hammerton 2744Emma Hibbert December 1851Sheffield22623
2198James Hammerton 6687Ann Clegg December 1851Wakefield22762
6606Benjamin Senior 11974Elizabeth Beaumont December 1851Wortley22823
2263Dan Hawley 2258Elizabeth English December 1851Barnsley221125
2195John Hammerton 2681Mary Jackson Matthewman March 1852Huddersfield9a269
5048Robert Goward 4785Sarah Silverwood March 1852Wakefield9c4
559Thomas Dunforth 2665Sarah Tordoff March 1852Barnsley9c106
4832William Silverwood 5138Hannah Dyson March 1852Barnsley9c116
10033George Hammerton 12057Lucy Lucas Phillips June 1852Rugby6d539
1928James Barritt 2203Catharine Collins June 1852Salford8d29
4715James Sykes 11298Ellen Taylor June 1852Huddersfield9a385
2362William Myers 2236Martha Hammerton June 1852Barnsley9c146
867Nathaniel Ledger 868Ann Haywood June 1852Sheffield9c224
2250John Pearson 2242Elizabeth Hammerton September 1852Barnsley9c159
10073William Hammerton 10086Jane Jeffery December 1852Tunbridge2a624
10027Charles Hammerton 12064Rosa Ann Caldicott December 1852Coventry6d565
4714Henry Sykes 9429Elizabeth Haigh December 1852Huddersfield9a399
5145Edward Laycock 4833Maria Silverwood December 1852Wortley9c215
1826David Farnell 1839Ann Ames March 1853Leeds9b439
2252Joseph Hammerton 2381Ann Senior March 1853Barnsley9c125
6733George Blacker 1388Hannah Danforth March 1853Wortley9c171
10028Henry Hammerton 11273Mary Arch June 1853Meriden6d356
10020Thomas Hammerton 11271Ann Maria Poole June 1853Coventry6d475
4860Job Silverwood 5190Ann Stevenson June 1853Sheffield9c306
2358Richard Moss 2235Hannah Hammerton September 1853Barnsley9c171
9665Edwin Hall Parkin 1766Mary Ann Danforth December 1853Dewsbury9b662
561George Danford 2660Harriet Holmes December 1853Sheffield9c298
1765John Danforth 781Julia Robinson March 1854Wortley9c176
4962William Dyson 4746Martha Silverwood June 1854Wakefield9c5
5150Benjamin Woodhead 4834Hannah Silverwood June 1854Wortley9c187
3216George Marshall 1432Sarah Hammerton June 1854Wortley9c203
2291Thomas Priestley 2284Mary Ann Hammerton September 1854Barnsley9c153
5124Charles Brownhill 4829Ellen Laycock December 1854Huddersfield9a387
4786Benjamin Silverwood 5057Sarah Armitage December 1854Wakefield9c7
1360Jonathan Mellor 1366Jane Atkinson December 1854Barnsley9c183
6777Joel Brownhill 4835Elizabeth Silverwood December 1854Wortley9c230
2792Joseph Brookbank 2739Edith Hammerton December 1854Sheffield9c311
6946Joseph Crosland 4788Harriet Silverwood March 1855Wortley9c161
4810Jabez Booth 4699Grace Kay June 1855Dewsbury9b537
2368William Skinner 2237Emma Hammerton June 1855Barnsley9c148
1431Jonathan Charles Hammerton 873Tominea Caroline Carr June 1855Wortley9c193
10035Edward Hammerton 12119Martha Neck September 1855Colchester4a297
4967William Swallow 4747Mary Silverwood September 1855Wakefield9c9
2214Benjamin Smith 2213Elizabeth Bell September 1855Barnsley9c149
4881Joseph Webster 7055Elizabeth Jackwood September 1855Wortley9c201
4745Thomas Silverwood 4951Lavinia Grason December 1855Wakefield9c2
6293Michael Gawthorp 2226Mary Hammerton December 1855Barnsley9c178
4787Matthew Silverwood 5062Rebecca Wilkinson December 1855Wortley9c213
6662John Silverwood Rayner 6734Sarah Ann Ives December 1855Wortley9c230
1318Thomas Mellor 1319Elizabeth Hammerton December 1855Wortley9c249
2663Samuel Holmes 2662Charlotte White December 1855Rotherham9c581
1469William Haigh 1462Isabella Danford December 1855Rotherham9c585
4597Joseph Hammerton 4607Ann Mableston March 1856Spilsby7a742
10285Peter Garforth 10284Frances Hamerton June 1856Settle9a21
10023Stephen Hammerton 12029Emma Elkington September 1856Kings Norton6c595
5086John Scargill 4797Jane Silverwood September 1856Wakefield9c6
6978Joseph Bradbury 6981Ellen Wortley December 1856Huddersfield9a380
4836Joseph Silverwood 5157Mary Sells March 1857Barnsley9c155
7836David Brooks 2270Eliza Sch__Ah June 1857Hemsworth9c115
323Henry Thickitt 771Fanny Wake June 1857Sheffield9c296
10144Joseph Thomas Tomlin 10075Jane Hammerton September 1857Meriden6d377
1827James Farnell 1982Mary Milner September 1857Manchester8d201
2253John Hammerton 2387Harriet Buckley September 1857Barnsley9c139
4862Benjamin Silverwood 4864Mary Ann Beever September 1857Wortley9c205
5175George Hinchliff 4848Jane Silverwood September 1857Wortley9c206
2225George Hammerton 2342Isabella Harrison March 1858Barnsley9c137
6196Jonas Senior 6203Mary Linton March 1858Sheffield9c282
6644William Horton 11782Mary Ann Haigh September 1858Wakefield9c9
2264Joseph Hawley 2260Sarah English December 1858Barnsley9c199
5030Thomas Silverwood 5408Hannah Matilda Clarke March 1859Barnsley9c137
2735Charles Hammerton 2783Mary Ann Needham December 1859Manchester8d617
6198Thomas Senior 7988Margaret Heeley December 1859Wakefield9c78
391William Austin 538Sarah Jane Danforth December 1859Barnsley9c205
7104Job Revell 6972Maria Eastwood March 1860Huddersfield9a402
4798William Silverwood 5090Margaret Waldie March 1860Pontefract9c7
4846George Silverwood 5170Ann Shaw March 1860Wortley9c192
5311Robert Wood 4913Mary Silverwood June 1860Barnsley9c142
4762William Silverwood 4990Frances Tordoffe June 1860Sheffield9c478
4799James Silverwood 5092Betty Lawton December 1860Wakefield9c9
2292Thomas Myers 2286Rebecca Hammerton December 1860Barnsley9c191
5200Thomas Hinchcliff 4867Esther Silverwood March 1861Wakefield9c4
5398Joseph Hallas 5024Jane Silverwood March 1861Barnsley9c163
1983Frederick William Taylor 1828Annie Elizabeth Farnell June 1861Leeds9b368
563William Danford 1821Selina See June 1861Sheffield9c335
4998George Hoyle 4764Emma Silverwood Sep  1861Huddersfield9a363
4554William Farham 4549Mary Jane Hunt Sep  1861Doncaster9c615
539William Danforth 524Elizabeth Ellen Greenwood December 1861Barnsley9c217
6982William Wortley 7079Eliza Jackson March 1862Huddersfield9a265
6822John Woodhead 5031Ann Berry March 1862Huddersfield9a361
4750Henry Dyson 12099Elizabeth Galloway June 1862Darlington10a22
10037Thomas Moy Hammerton 11770Lydia Denham September 1862Islington1b461
2247Robert Hammerton 3414Mary Ann Wall September 1862Sheffield9c432
10279Chisnall Hamerton 10287Bertha Griesbach September 1862Pocklington9d12
4987Andrew Peel 4761Harriet Silverwood December 1862Huddersfield9a391
6158Joe Albert Pickering 2261Mary Ann English December 1862Sheffield9c323
4963Alfred Scoott 4746Martha Dyson March 1863Wakefield9c11
2285Daniel Hammerston 2392Ann Hollingworth March 1863Barnsley9c179
4863Joseph Silverwood 5197Ann Wilson June 1863Castleford9c131
6632John Fretwell 12090Martha Wadsworth June 1863Wortley9c227
6983Joe Wortley 7095Sarah Ann Holden September 1863Huddersfield9a373
6984Ben Wortley 7084Mary Senior December 1863Huddersfield9a401
5117Benjamin Silverwood 5500Mary Rushforth December 1863Wortley9c251
4886Joseph Silverwood 5245Ann Horsfall March 1864Huddersfield9a309
4760Henry Silverwood 4765Martha Senior September 1864Sheffield9c492
5488Thomas Dodgson 5073Ellen Silverwood Moxon December 1864Wakefield9c16
967Fergus Sykes 1484Mary Elizabeth Armitage December 1864Barnsley9c239
2831William Oates 2647Mary Ann Oxtarby March 1865Barnsley9c177
5184Allen Wilkinson 4850Sarah Ann Silverwood March 1865Wortley9c220
11281Joseph Hall 2598Elizabeth Rachel Hammerton June 1865Boston7a690
541Daniel Danforth 624Mary Brealey June 1865Barnsley9c189
4930William Silverwood 5331Sarah Fawcett June 1865Wortley9c251
2812Henry Smith 2743Mary Hammerton June 1865Sheffield9c334
2695Charles Foster 2595Sarah White September 1865Rotherham9c621
5256Charles Beardsell 4889Mary Silverwood December 1865Huddersfield9a527
2282Joseph Hammerton 2290Lydia Green March 1866Wolverhampton6b588
4935Thomas S Blacker 7060Sarah Turton March 1866Wortley9c248
2741Henry Hammerton 2799Harriet Holmes March 1866Sheffield9c406
10286John Stansfeld 10284Frances Garforth June 1866Settle9a23
5261Frank Hampshaw 4891Hannah Silverwood June 1866Huddersfield9a442
10304John North 3174Ellen Mallison June 1866Dewsbury9b750
2468Sam Helliwell 2348Mary A Jackson June 1866Barnsley9c186
4869Timothy Silverwood 5209Harriet Helliwell June 1866Wortley9c229
5039George Silverwood 5409Mary H Prince September 1866Holbeck9b426
6661John H Senior 11976Elizabeth Beaumont September 1866Dewsbury9b808
6769Samuel Wood 2209Sarah Shaw September 1866Barnsley9c161
2191Henry Hammerton 6754Teresa Fisher September 1866Barnsley9c208
7326John Leadbeater 6648Elizabeth Moxon March 1867Dewsbury9b683
5438Joseph Bevers 5047Hannah Silverwood March 1867Barnsley9c174
4604Jonas Hammerton 4613Emily Rumley June 1867Spilsby7a1124
4767Joseph Silverwood 5004Jane Green June 1867Wortley9c265
5006George Marples 4769Harriet Silverwood June 1867Sheffield9c561
3556Luke Collier 3175Sarah Mallison June 1867Rotherham9c680
1990William Brook 1829Mary Louisa Farnell September 1867Kirkstall9b355
8031Joseph Goody 2260Sarah Hawley September 1867Barnsley9c203
4551George Hunt 4558Louisa Chadwick September 1867Doncaster9c741
1464Samuel Mallison 1480Martha Lazenby December 1867Barnsley9c215
4841Benjamin Silverwood 5167Mary Kay December 1867Wortley9c272
5021Ben Kilner 6740Sarah Goddard March 1868Huddersfield9a359
7277Albert Heywood 5049 Alice Clegg March 1868Wakefield9c7
1006George Dunforth 1012Ann Harrison September 1868Caistor7a996
5266Walter Radcliffe 4895Ann Silverwood September 1868Saddleworth9a320
4870Sidney Silverwood 4877Sarah Ann Senior December 1868Huddersfield9a556
5323John Stanley 4924Jane Silverwood March 1869Wortley9c235
2401John Harrison 2289Frances Hammerton June 1869Hunslet9b354
5316Joe Crossley 4923Ann Silverwood June 1869Wortley9c229
4855Ben Beever 4854Hannah Silverwood June 1869Wortley9c230
10023Stephen Hammerton 12030Charlotte Mary Thomson December 1869Manchester8d214
2742James Hammerton 2801Ellen Warren December 1869Sheffield9c548

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