The POULTON Web: Canadian 1881 Census


Abode: 109, Brockville House, Ontario Family No: 99 Page: 19
NameRelationshipSexAgeBirthplace ReligionNationalityOccupationMarital Status
Uriah Goldthorp M38 EnglandPresbyterianEnglishBlacksmithM
Julia Goldthorp F21 QuebecPresbyterianEnglish M
Mariah Tripp F20 QuebecPresbyterianEnglish  
William Tripp M13 QuebecPresbyterianEnglish  
Fred Goldthorp M9 OntarioPresbyterianEnglish  
Harry Goldthorp M7 OntarioPresbyterianEnglish  
Lillian Goldthorp F5 OntarioPresbyterianEnglish  
Alvira Goldthorp F3 OntarioPresbyterianEnglish  
Clara Goldthorp F1 OntarioPresbyterianEnglish  

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Correct as at 22nd July 2017