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Abode: Thorncliffe, Emley, Yorkshire Piece: 3417 Folio: 40 Page: 7 Schedule: 39
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Thomas SilverwoodHead26 MarriedCollector of Poor Rates & Ag LabEmley, Yorkshire
Lavinia SilverwoodWife27 Married Emley, Yorkshire
Thomas Silverwood Son3m   Emley, Yorkshire
Abode: Warburton, Emley, Yorkshire Piece: 3417 Folio: 43 Page: 14 Schedule: 74
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
James SilverwoodHead20 MarriedAg LabEmley, Yorkshire
Betty SilverwoodWife19 Married Emley, Yorkshire
Abode: Warburton, Emley, Yorkshire Piece: 3417 Folio: 44 Page: 15 Schedule: 84
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Charles SilverwoodHead55Widow Ag LabEmley, Yorkshire
Abode: Warburton, Emley, Yorkshire Piece: 3417 Folio: 44 Page: 15 Schedule: 85
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
John ScargillHead30 MarriedAg LabEmley, Yorkshire
Jane ScargillWife28 Married Emley, Yorkshire
William ScargillSon4   Emley, Yorkshire
Henry ScargillSon2   Emley, Yorkshire
Abode: Upper Lane, Emley, Yorkshire Piece: 3417 Folio: 47 Page: 21 Schedule: 118
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
William SwallowHead31 MarriedCoal MinerEmley, Yorkshire
Mary SwallowWife24 Married Emley, Yorkshire
William SwallowSon5  ScholarEmley, Yorkshire
Thomas S SwallowSon1   Emley, Yorkshire
Abode: Upper Lane, Emley, Wakefield, Yorkshire Piece: 3417 Folio: 48 Page: 23 Schedule: 131
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
George PopplewellHead44 MarriedLand DrainerEmley, Yorkshire
Barbara PopplewellWife35 Married Emley, Yorkshire
John PopplewellSon9  ScholarEmley, Yorkshire
William PopplewellSon7  ScholarEmley, Yorkshire
John PopplewellSon9   Emley, Yorkshire
Abode: Emley Village, Emley, Wakefield, Yorkshire Piece: 3417 Folio: 50 Page: 27 Schedule: 163
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Joseph DysonHead26 MarriedCloggerShelley, Yorkshire
Hannah DysonWife28 Married Almondbury, Yorkshire
William K DysonSon10  ScholarEmley, Yorkshire
John DysonSon5  ScholarEmley, Yorkshire
Julia DysonDaughter3   Emley, Yorkshire
Sarah A DysonDaughter11m   Emley, Yorkshire
Thomas WalshawApprentice19 UnmarriedCloggers AppEmley, Yorkshire
Abode: Thorncliff, Emley, Yorkshire Piece: 3417 Folio: 53 Page: 33 Schedule: 195
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Ann BedfordHead51Widow House KeeperEmley, Yorkshire
Sarah A Bedford Daughter21Unmarried Worsted Power Loom WeaverEmley, Yorkshire
Thomas W Bedford Son17Unmarried Worsted Factory WorkerEmley, Yorkshire
Abode: 177, Flockton, Wakefield, Yorkshire Piece: 3417 Folio: 76 Page: 13 Schedule: 73
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Joseph LodgeHead34 MarriedCoal MinerGrange Moor, Yorkshire
Elizabeth LodgeWife32 Married Flockton, Yorkshire
Tryphena LodgeDaughter2   Flockton, Yorkshire
Ann LodgeDaughter3m   Flockton, Yorkshire
Abode: Overton, Shitlington, Dewsbury, Yorkshire Piece: 3417 Folio: 113 Page: 14 Schedule: 79
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Thomas SeniorHead21 MarriedColliery LabourerSilkstone, Yorkshire
Margaret SeniorWife35 Married Darton, Yorkshire
Thomas HedleyWifeSon15  Coal MinerMethley, Yorkshire
William HedleyWifeSon11   Thornhill, Yorkshire
Margery HedleyWifeDau8  Child at HomeThornhill, Yorkshire
Noah HedleyWifeSon6  ScholarFlockton, Yorkshire
Johnathan Senior Son7m   Flockton, Yorkshire
Abode: Saville Street, Wakefield, Yorkshire Piece: 3422 Folio: 56 Page: 40 Schedule: 28
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
John C Roxby Head56 MarriedJourneyman BakerLeven, Yks
Mary Roxby Wife51 Married Wakefield, Yorkshire
James C Roxby Son22Unmarried Engine FitterWakefield, Yorkshire
Abode: Hope Street, Wakefield, Yorkshire Piece: 3422 Folio: 68 Page: 15 Schedule: 71
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
John HemingwayHead37 MarriedWool SorterWakefield, Yorkshire
Jane HemingwayWife37 Married Wakefield, Yorkshire
Anne Elizth HemingwayDaughter12  ScholarWakefield, Yorkshire
William HemingwaySon8  ScholarWakefield, Yorkshire
David HemingwaySon6  ScholarWakefield, Yorkshire
Henry HemingwaySon4  ScholarWakefield, Yorkshire
Mary HemingwayDaughter2   Wakefield, Yorkshire
Abode: Crystal Place, Primrose Hill, Wakefield, Yorkshire Piece: 3426 Folio: 68 Page: 29 Schedule: 150
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Hannah BlackerWife34 MarriedRailway Guards WifeCawthorne, Yorkshire
Arthur Blacker Son5  ScholarDenby Dale, Yorkshire
Anne Blacker Daughter9m   Sowerby Bridge
Abode: Brotherton, Pontefract, Yorkshire Piece: 3434 Folio: 14 Page: 21 Schedule: 139
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
David JollieffHead37 MarriedWool SorterBrotherton, Yorkshire
Sarah JollieffWife36 Married Armthorpe, Yorkshire
Sarah Ann JollieffDaughter12  Brotherton, Yorkshire
John JollieffSon9  Brotherton, Yorkshire
Mark JollieffSon8  Brotherton, Yorkshire
Charlotte Ann JollieffDaughter6   Brotherton, Yorkshire
Thomas JollieffSon4  Brotherton, Yorkshire
Matthew JollieffSon2  Brotherton, Yorkshire
Abode: Lancaster Road, Brierley, Hemsworth, Yorkshire Piece: 3440 Folio: 58 Page: 10 Schedule: 53
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
John HoylandHead67MarriedGentlemanBrierley, Yorkshire
Mary HoylandWife69Married Sheffield, Yorkshire
Mary SheltonServant23UnmarriedGeneral ServantHemsworth, Yorkshire
Mary ScarahServant20Unmarried General ServantHemsworth, Yorkshire
Abode: Menagerie Cottage, Nostel Priory, Nostel, Wakefield, Yorkshire Piece: 3440 Folio: 97 Page: 2 Schedule: 6
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
John DukesHead42 MarriedHead GardenerSwine, Lincolnshire
Elizabeth DukesWife36 Married Worsbrough, Yorkshire
William DukesSon9  ScholarSicklinghall, Yorkshire
John DukesSon6  ScholarNewton Ryme, Yorkshire
Hannah DukesDaughter2   Stillingflat, Yorkshire
Abode: Foulby, Wakefield, Yorkshire Piece: 3440 Folio: 99 Page: 4 Schedule: 14
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
David BrookHead26 MarriedTailor & Woollen DraperHemsworth, Yorkshire
Eliza BrookWife25 Married Hemsworth, Yorkshire
Emma Brook Daughter3   Hemsworth, Yorkshire
Catherine BrookDaughter1   Foulby, Yorkshire
Edward Schorah Servant17  Ap TailorHemsworth, Yorkshire
Joseph CopleyServant15  Ap TailorWrenthorpe
Abode: Hemsworth, Yorkshire Piece: 3440 Folio: 124 Page: 11 Schedule: 56
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Charlotte Schorah Head57Unmarried SeamstressHemsworth, Yorkshire
Elizabeth Schorah Niece12  ScholarHemsworth, Yorkshire
Martha Schorah Niece12  ScholarHemsworth, Yorkshire
Henry Schorah Nephew9  ScholarHemsworth, Yorkshire
Abode: Archbishop Holgate Hospital, Hemsworth, Yorkshire Piece: 3440 Folio: 125 Page: 14 Schedule: 70
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Thomas SchorahHead59  Brother of Archbishop Holgate HospitalHemsworth, Yorkshire
Elizabeth SchorahWife54   Worsbrough, Yorkshire
Abode: Old Grolick Mill, Main Street, Houghton Magna, Yorkshire Piece: 3441 Folio: 26 Page: 2 Schedule: 12
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
John PearsonHead33 MarriedVictuallerMillhouse
Elizabeth PearsonWife32 Married Worsbro Dale
Anne PearsonDaughter8   Gt Houghton
Maria PearsonDaughter6   Gt Houghton
Kate PearsonDaughter2   Gt Houghton
Jane PearsonDaughter5m   Gt Houghton
William PearsonBrother44 MarriedLabourerMillhouse
Sarah NettletonServant14  General ServantWombwell, Yorkshire
Abode: South Ward, Higher Cudworth, Barnsley, Yorkshire Piece: 3442 Folio: 14 Page: 23 Schedule: 130
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
William HargreavesHead57 MarriedCordwainerCudworth
Ann HargreavesWife54 Married Carlton, Yorkshire
Geo HargreavesSon18Unmarried CordwainerCudworth
Ann HargreavesDaughter16  ScholarCudworth
Mary HargreavesDaughter12  ScholarCudworth
Selina Glossop 3   Barugh
Abode: Greenside, Darton, Barnsley, Yorkshire Piece: 3442 Folio: 70 Page: 35 Schedule: 185
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
George ChappellHead39 MarriedNail MakerMapplewell, Yorkshire
Clementina ChappellWife38 Married Mapplewell, Yorkshire
George F LedgerSon14  Nail MakerMapplewell, Yorkshire
Joseph ChappellSon12  ScholarMapplewell, Yorkshire
Emma ChappellDaughter3   Mapplewell, Yorkshire
fred ChappellSon1   Mapplewell, Yorkshire
Eliza ChappellDaughter1m   Mapplewell, Yorkshire
Elice BoysVisitor17Unmarried Monk Bretton, Yorkshire
Abode: Woolley Edge, Darton, Barnsley, Yorkshire Piece: 3442 Folio: 117 Page: 13 Schedule: 71
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
James MillerHead39 MarriedStone DelverKnottingley, Yorkshire
Ann MillerWife38 Married Woolley Edge, Yorkshire
Emma E MillerDaughter12  ScholarWoolley Edge, Yorkshire
Fred MillerSon1  ScholarWoolley Edge, Yorkshire
Abode: Greggs Row, Hunningley Lane, Ardsley, Barnsley, Yorkshire Piece: 3443 Folio: 20 Page: 32 Schedule: 198
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Thos PriestleyHead33 MarriedEngineman DriverWorsbrough Dale, Yorkshire
Mary Ann PriestleyWife25 Married Worsbrough Dale, Yorkshire
Elizth PriestleyDaughter5   Worsbrough Dale, Yorkshire
Henry PriestleySon4   Worsbrough Dale, Yorkshire
Maria PriestleyDaughter2   Worsbrough Dale, Yorkshire
Abode: Ardsley, Barnsley, Yorkshire Piece: 3443 Folio: 33 Page: 12 Schedule: 88
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Thomas HellewellHead62 MarriedAg LabChappletown, Yorkshire
Elizabeth HellewellWife59 Married Grimethorpe, Yorkshire
Henry HellewellSon25 UnmarriedCoal Miner LabArdsley, Yorkshire
John HellewellSon20 UnmarriedCoal Miner LabArdsley, Yorkshire
Sam HellewellSon18 UnmarriedCoal Miner LabArdsley, Yorkshire
Elizabeth A HellewellDaughter15  ScholarArdsley, Yorkshire
Abode: 14, Back Queen Street, Barnsley, Yorkshire Piece: 3444 Folio: 49 Page: 41 Schedule: 224
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
William HalmshawHead41 MarriedTallor ChandlerSouth Elmsall, Yorkshire
Jane HalmsahwWife38 Married Church Fenton, Yorkshire
John Edwrd HalmshawSon15  Railway ClerkBarnsley, Yorkshire
Sarah A HalmshawDaughter11  ScholarBarnsley, Yorkshire
Edwin HalmshawSon9  ScholarBarnsley, Yorkshire
Mary J HalmshawDaughter6  ScholarBarnsley, Yorkshire
Eliza SpinkVisitor11  ScholarSouth Elmsall, Yorkshire
William GatesLodger35 UnmarriedLeather SellerWakefield, Yorkshire
Abode: 19, Westgate, Barnsley, Yorkshire Piece: 3444 Folio: 79 Page: 11 Schedule: 58
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Sarah ShawHead42Widow Linen WinderBarnsley, Yorkshire
Thomas Shaw Son20Unmarried Coal MinerBarnsley, Yorkshire
James Shaw Son15  SlaterBarnsley, Yorkshire
John Shaw Son10  ScholarBarnsley, Yorkshire
Abode: 10, Court 5, Westgate, Barnsley, Yorkshire Piece: 3444 Folio: 81 Page: 16 Schedule: 92
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Benjamin SmithHead25 MarriedLabourer at Coal MineCroydon Brook, Cheshire
Elizabeth SmithWife32 Married Barnsley, Yorkshire
Thomas Oxtaby FatLaw68Widow JoinerBuxton, Derbyshire
Abode: 7, North Pavement, Barnsley, Yorkshire Piece: 3444 Folio: 87 Page: 27 Schedule: 158
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Thomas HammertonHead62 MarriedTailorWombwell, Yorkshire
Mary HammertonWife63 Married Barnsley, Yorkshire
John Hammerton Lodger25 MarriedCourierBarnsley, Yorkshire
Harriet Hammerton Lodger25 Married Oldham, Lancashire
Martha Ann Hammerton Daughter2  ScholarBarnsley, Yorkshire
Abode: 1, School Street, Barnsley, Yorkshire Piece: 3444 Folio: 89 Page: 31 Schedule: 178
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
George OxterbyHead46 MarriedTailorBarnsley, Yorkshire
Jane OxterbyWife40 Married Bethnal Harrison
William OxterbyBrother35Unmarried TailorBarnsley, Yorkshire
Mary Ann Oxterby Daughter17Unmarried  Barnsley, Yorkshire
Harry Oxterby Son8  ScholarBarnsley, Yorkshire
George Driver Nephew13  ScholarBarnsley, Yorkshire
Abode: 6, School Street, Barnsley, Yorkshire Piece: 3444 Folio: 89 Page: 32 Schedule: 185
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
John DysonHead39 MarriedCalendererBarnsley, Yorkshire
Elizabeth DysonWife36 Married Barnsley, Yorkshire
George Dyson Son18Unmarried Incapable of WorkBarnsley, Yorkshire
Charles Dyson Son15  Wire DrawerBarnsley, Yorkshire
Henry Dyson Son13  RoperBarnsley, Yorkshire
Sarah Dyson Daughter8  ScholarBarnsley, Yorkshire
Mary A Dyson Daughter5  ScholarBarnsley, Yorkshire
Emma Dyson Daughter3   Barnsley, Yorkshire
William Dyson Son8m   Barnsley, Yorkshire
Abode: 30, Prospect Street, Barnsley, Yorkshire Piece: 3445 Folio: 10 Page: 13 Schedule: 82
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
George MarshallHead29 MarriedDrapers AssistantWorsbrough Common, Yorkshire
Sarah MarshallWife27 Married Chapeltown, Yorkshire
Alicia Marshall Daughter2   Barnsley, Yorkshire
Clara MarshallDaughter1m   Barnsley, Yorkshire
Abode: Green Foot, Barnsley, Yorkshire Piece: 3445 Folio: 42 Page: 21 Schedule: 108
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
James MethleyHead50MarriedCarrierWath, Yorkshire
Elizabeth MethleyWife47Married Thorp, Yorkshire
John MethleySon17UnmarriedPupil TeacherBarnsley, Yorkshire
Mary A MethleyDaughter14 General ServantBarnsley, Yorkshire
Margaret MethleyDaughter9 ScholarBarnsley, Yorkshire
Jane MethleyDaughter6  ScholarBarnsley, Yorkshire
Abode: The Coach and Horses Hotel, Market Hill, Barnsley, Yorkshire Piece: 3445 Folio: 53 Page: 1 Schedule: 1
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Sarah Hammerton Servant16Unmarried General ServantWorsbrough, Yorkshire
Abode: 28, Castlereagh Street, Barnsley, Yorkshire Piece: 3445 Folio: 88 Page: 34 Schedule: 230
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Joseph HammertonHead33 MarriedTailor (Journeyman)Barnsley, Yorkshire
Ann HammertonWife38 Married Barnsley, Yorkshire
Thomas Hammerton StepSon16Unmarried Wire DrawerBarnsley, Yorkshire
Henry Hammerton Son7  ScholarBarnsley, Yorkshire
Mary E Hammerton Daughter3  ScholarBarnsley, Yorkshire
Frederick Hammerton Son5m   Barnsley, Yorkshire
Abode: 3 Court 2, New Street, Barnsley, Yorkshire Piece: 3446 Folio 4 Page: 2 Schedule: 10
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
David Mathers Head29 MarriedCoal MinerBarnsley, Yorkshire
Sarah Mathers Wife28 Married Barnsley, Yorkshire
Alice Mathers Daughter2   Barnsley, Yorkshire
Ann Oxtoby Boarder38 MarriedHand Loom Linen WinderBarnsley, Yorkshire
Abode: 5, Court 3, New Street, Barnsley, Yorkshire Piece: 3446 Folio: 9 Page: 11 Schedule: 65
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Feargus Sykes Lodger21Unmarried Coal MinerDodworth, Yorkshire
Abode: 9, George Street, Barnsley, Yorkshire Piece: 3446 Folio: 18 Page: 30 Schedule: 195
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Benjamin JohnsonHead39 MarriedPower Loom Linen DresserArdsley, Yorkshire
Ann JohnsonWife35 Married Barnsley, Yorkshire
Joseph Johnson Son10  Errand BoyBarnsley, Yorkshire
John W Johnson Son8  ScholarBarnsley, Yorkshire
Augustine Johnson Daughter4  ScholarBarnsley, Yorkshire
Mary Johnson Daughter2   Barnsley, Yorkshire
Eleanor Johnson Daughter3m   Barnsley, Yorkshire
Abode: 9, Silver Street, Barnsley, Yorkshire Piece: 3446 Folio: 28 Page: 50 Schedule: 325
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Thomas HammertonHead48MarriedCoal MinerBarnsley, Yorkshire
Hannah HammertonWife44Married Barnsley, Yorkshire
John HammertonSon18Unmarried Coal MinerBarnsley, Yorkshire
William Hammerton Son9 ScholarBarnsley, Yorkshire
Jane HammertonDaughter45   Barnsley, Yorkshire
Abode: Racecommon Road, Barnsley, Yorkshire Piece: 3446 Folio: 49 Page: 34 Schedule: 168
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
John Bowskill Head44 MarriedLabourerSilverdale, Lancashire
Ann Selina Bowskill Wife36 MarriedLinen WeaverBarnsley, Yorkshire
Dinah Bowskill Daughter18Unmarried Linen WeaverBarnsley, Yorkshire
Ann Bowskill Daughter14   Barnsley, Yorkshire
Thomas Bowskill Son12  Linen BorerBarnsley, Yorkshire
Elizabeth Bowskill Daughter9   Barnsley, Yorkshire
Louisa Bowskill Daughter7   Barnsley, Yorkshire
George E Bowskill Son11m   Barnsley, Yorkshire
John W BowskillGrndSon1m   Unknown
Abode: 17, Slack Hills, Barnsley, Yorkshire Piece: 3446 Folio: 91 Page: 28 Schedule: 145
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Sarah CrosslandHead33 WidowLodging House KeeperSheffield, Yorkshire
Harriett CrosslandDaughter14   Barnsley, Yorkshire
Ann CrosslandDaughter2   Barnsley, Yorkshire
James CrosslandSon4m   Barnsley, Yorkshire
George CrosslandSon4m   Barnsley, Yorkshire
John BrewsterBoarder22 UnmarriedCoal MinerUnknown
John StanleyBoarder26 UnmarriedCoal MinerUnknown
Martin StanleyBoarder22 UnmarriedCoal MinerUnknown
Abode: 24, Baker Street, Barnsley, Yorkshire Piece: 3447 Folio: 134 Page: 19 Schedule: 109
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
James BarrattHead33 MarriedShoe MakerMayo, Ireland
Catherine BarrattWife30 Married Mayo, Ireland
William Barratt Son8  ScholarLane, Salford, Manchester
Mary Ann Barratt Daughter6  ScholarSheffield, Yorkshire
John Barratt Son4  Lane, Salford, Manchester, Lancashire
Catherine Barratt Daughter1  Sheffield, Yorkshire
Abode: 93, New Street, Barnsley, Yorkshire Piece: 3447 Folio: 26 Page: 6 Schedule: 42
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
David MollardHead34 MarriedSmall Ware DealerMarton, Yorkshire
Isabella MollardWife33 Married Hull, Yorkshire
Mary Jane MollardDaughter7   Hummanby, Yorkshire
James H MollardSon3   Marsden, Yorkshire
George E MollardSon1   Knottingley, Yorkshire

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