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Abode: 69, The Marsh, Grimsby, Lincolnshire Piece: 3091 Folio: 12 Page: 114 Schedule: 16
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Alfred DanforthHead50 MarriedShips CarpenterGrimsby, Lincolnshire
Jemima DanforthWife50 Married Horncastle
Edith DanforthDaughter23 Single Grimsby, Lincolnshire
Gertrude DanforthDaughter22 Single Grimsby, Lincolnshire
Gladys DanforthDaughter5    Grimsby, Lincolnshire
Jim DanforthSon6m   Grimsby, Lincolnshire
John NewbittBoarder50 SingleBlacksmith's StrikerHull, Lincolnshire
Abode: 197, King Edward Street, Grimsby, Lincolnshire Piece: 3091 Folio: 17 Page: 26 Schedule: 179
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Sarah StephensonWife45 Married Grimsby, Lincolnshire
Ted StephensonSon25 SingleGeneral LabourerGrimsby, Lincolnshire
Nellie StephensonDaughter22 Single Grimsby, Lincolnshire
Harold StephensonSon5   Grimsby, Lincolnshire
Abode: 8, Royal Main Buildings, Grimsby, Lincolnshire Piece: 3091 Folio: 20 Page: 214 Schedule: 32
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Alfred DanforthHead22 MarriedDockside LabourerGrimsby, Lincolnshire
Maude DanforthWife21 Married Boston, Lincolnshire
Abode: 33, Rendel Street, Grimsby, Great Grimsby, Lincolnshire Piece: 3091 Folio: 108 Page: 13 Schedule: 71
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Jack BainesHead27 MarriedLabourer in Timber YardGrimsby, Lincolnshire
Emily E BainesWife25 Married Grimsby, Lincolnshire
Ethel E BainesDaughter3   Grimsby, Lincolnshire
William BainesSon2   Grimsby, Lincolnshire
Jack BainesSon5m   Grimsby, Lincolnshire
Rose StanforthSisLaw13   Grimsby, Lincolnshire
Maud Eugene CooperBoarder20 Single Grimsby, Lincolnshire
Abode: Ings Lane, Kirton in Lindsey, Glanford Brigg, Lincolnshire Piece: 3101 Folio: 27 Page: 28 Schedule: 178
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Abraham SilverwoodHead47 MarriedMercantile ClerkLangsett, Barnsley, Yorkshire
Alice SilverwoodWife42 Married Ward Green, Barnsley, Yorkshire
Edith E SilverwoodDaughter20 SingleDressmakerWickenby, Lincolnshire
Florence SilverwoodDaughter17 SingleMinistreys at a Board SchoolKirton in Lindsey
Mabel SilverwoodDaughter15  Ministreys at a Board SchoolKirton in Lindsey
Leonard SilverwoodSon10  ScholarKirton in Lindsey
Ida SilverwoodDaughter8  ScholarKirton in Lindsey
Hedley SilverwoodSon4  ScholarKirton in Lindsey
Wilfred SilverwoodSon3   Kirton in Lindsey
Abode: 16, Mill Lane, Glanford Brigg, Lincolnshire Piece: 3102 Folio: 62 Page: 28 Schedule: 181
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
William SempersHead28MarriedMillers RepresentativeMablethorpe
Annie SempersWife28Married Roxby
Ethel SempersDaughter1  Brigg
Jessie SempersDaughter4m   Brigg
Bessie SempersDaughter18Single Mablethorpe
Abode: Steetley Shop, Whitwell, Clown, Derbyshire Piece: 3129 Folio: 27 Page: 58 Schedule: 41
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Robert SibbringHead36MarriedColliery Lamp Cleaner & GrocerBrancliffe, Yorkshire
Bertha SibbringWife35Married New Whittington
George H SibbringSon13  Steetley
Winifred SibbringDaughter11  Steetley
Alice E SibbringDaughter10  Steetley
Aubrey C SibbringSon8  Steetley
Arnold R SibbringSon6  Steetley
Cyril J SibbringSon4   Steetley
Leonard W SibbringSon5m  Steetley
Abode: 127, Bathurst, Scarcliffe, Chesterfield, Derbyshire Piece: 3133 Folio: 91 Page: 13 Schedule: 63
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Benjamin SmithHead65 MarriedHaulage Engine DriverCroydenbrook, Cheshire
Elizabeth SmithWife71 Married  Barnsley, Yorkshire
Abode: Nottingham Road, Eastwood, Mansfield, Derbyshire Piece: 3144 Folio: 110 Page: 61 Schedule: 340
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
George HurstHead58 MarriedConfectioner ShopkeeperRedditch, Worcester
Rebecca HurstWife39 Married Thurgoland, Yorkshire
Victor HurstSon14  Coal Miner Pony DriverEast Bierley
Mary Ann HurstDaughter2   Stainland
George HurstSon1m   Eastwood
Abode: Pretoria Cottages, Nuttall, Basford, Nottinghamshire Piece: 3155 Folio: 60 Page: 8 Schedule: 45
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Samuel StarrHead47MarriedColliery Under ManagerNuttall
Charlotte StarrWife47Married Cinderfell
Beatrice L StarrDaughter19Single Bullwell
George StarrSon17SingleCoal Miner LabourerBullwell
Lottie StarrDaughter14   Bullwell
Marie G StarrDaughter12  Bullwell
Elsie M StarrDaughter5  Nuttall
Abode: St Albans Road, Arnold, Rushcliffe, Nottinghamshire Piece: 3158 Folio: 140 Page: 43 Schedule: 260
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Herbert John IronsideHead40 MarriedLaundry Engine DriverRotherham, Yorkshire
Annie IronsideWife38 Married  Chapeltown, Yorkshire
Ellen IronsideDaughter11    Sheffield, Yorkshire
Lily IronsideDaughter10    Hamersworth
Amy IronsideDaughter8    Woodhouse Mill
Eveline E IronsideDaughter6    Woodhouse Mill
Rose A IronsideDaughter4    Theston, Derbyshire
Lewis E Ironside Son2    Arnold, Nottinghamshire
Herbert C Ironside Son2m    Arnold, Nottinghamshire
Abode: Tererlong Street Avenue, Arnold, Rushcliffe, Notts Piece: 3158 Folio: 146 Page: 55 Schedule: 327
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
William MarriottHead40 MarriedFramework KnitterArnold, Nottinghamshire
Sarah MarriottWife38 Married Arnold, Nottinghamshire
Thomas MarriottSon19 SingleFramework KnitterArnold, Nottinghamshire
Henry MarriottSon17 SingleFramework KnitterArnold, Nottinghamshire
Wilfred MarriotSon15  Pivotting Machine MinderArnold, Nottinghamshire
Percy E MarriottSon13  HardenerArnold, Nottinghamshire
Roland MarriotSon3   Arnold, Nottinghamshire
Abode: 31, Newdigate Street, Normanton, Derbyshire Piece: 3206 Folio: 72 Page: 45 Schedule: 281
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Alfred W MortimerHead43MarriedSergeant Permanent Staff 3rd RegimentSterling, Scotland
Caroline MortimerWife40Married Colchester, Essex
Marian MortimerDaughter19SingleMachinist Fancy DraperyAldershot, Hampshire
Alexander MortimerSon18SingleMoulder Iron FoundryPortland, Dorset
Frederick MortimerSon16 Moulder Iron FoundryBattersea, Surrey
Louisa MortimerSon11   Colchester, Essex
Joseph MortimerSon9  Colchester, Essex
Arthur MortimerSon7  Normanton, Derbyshire
Raymond MortimerSon4  Normanton, Derbyshire
Arthur MortimerSon2  Normanton, Derbyshire
Abode: Taffs Yard, Sandiacre, Derbyshire Piece: 3208 Folio: 114 Page: 25 Schedule: 145
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Job SpendloveHead48MarriedFitters LabourerBelper, Derbyshire
Ruth SpendloveWife48Married Belper, Derbyshire
Ernest SpendloveSon27SingleCoal DealerBelper, Derbyshire
Job SpendloveSon21SingleIron Foundry LabourerBelper, Derbyshire
Winnifred SpendloveDaughter18Single Belper, Derbyshire
Agabas A SpendloveSon15  Belper, Derbyshire
Thomas SpendloveSon11   Sandiacre, Derbyshire
Sarah H SpendloveDaughter8  Sandiacre, Derbyshire
Carris M SpendloveDaughter4  Sandiacre, Derbyshire
Abode: 58, Wilson Street, Derby, Derbyshire Piece: 3218 Folio: 88 Page: 5 Schedule: 27
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Alfred E AinsworthHead46MarriedCivil EngineerDerby, Derbyshire
Eliza J AinsworthWife38Married Derby, Derbyshire
Alfred R AinsworthSon13  Derby, Derbyshire
Frank J AinsworthSon10  Derby, Derbyshire
Mary W H AinsworthDaughter9  Derby, Derbyshire
Norah H AinsworthDaughter5  Derby, Derbyshire
Emma MallisonServant24Single General Servant DomesticElsecar, Yorkshire
Abode: The Lodge, Derby Road, Belper, Derbyshire Piece: 3228 Folio: 54 Page: 25 Schedule: 167
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Emma MorleyHead61 WidowLaundressBelper, Derbyshire
William O HarrisonBoarder27 SingleRailway ClerkRenishaw
Abode: North Keys, Ashbourne, Derbyshire Piece: 3236 Folio: 22 Page: 36 Schedule: 246
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Herbert BuntingBoarder20 SingleBakers JourneymanCranford, Derbyshire
Abode: Smiths Cottage, Derby Road, Sturston, Ashbourne, Derbyshire Piece: 3237 Folio: 29 Page: 2 Schedule: 6
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Joseph WardHead41MarriedBricklayers LabourerAshbourne, Derbyshire
Mary Ann WardWife37Married Mayfield, Staffordshire
Frances Amelia WardDaughter18 SingleCardboard Box MakerClifton, Derbyshire
Elizabeth WardDaughter14  Corset Maker MachinistAshbourne, Derbyshire
Elizabeth WardDau14 Corset Maker MachinistAshbourne, Derbyshire
Wilfrid Thomas WardSon12  Ashbourne, Derbyshire
Henretta WardDau10  Ashbourne, Derbyshire
Alice May WardDau7  Ashbourne, Derbyshire
Gertrude L WardDau4  Ashbourne, Derbyshire
Herbert O WardSon2  Ashbourne, Derbyshire
Frederick J WardSon11m  Ashbourne, Derbyshire
Abode: White Bank Avenue, Hasland, Chesterfield, Derbyshire Piece: 3246 Folio: 94 Page: 4 Schedule: 15
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Jacob PearceHead49WidowColliery ManagerLiscard, Cornwall
Abraham PearceSon22SingleColliery ForemanSwillington, Yorkshire
Joseph W PearceSon20SingleColliery LabourerDarfield, Yorkshire
Barabara PearceDaughter14  DomesticDarfield, Yorkshire
Hammond PearceSon11  Darfield, Yorkshire
Priscilla PearceDaughter10  Chesterfield, Derbyshire
Beatrice PearceDaughter8  Chesterfield, Derbyshire
Abode: Brim Common, Brimington, Chesterfield, Derbyshire Piece: 3251 Folio: 150 Page: 24 Schedule: 170
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
John Thos CalowHead32 MarriedJoiner & BuilderBrimington, Derbyshire
Frances CalowWife29 Married Worbsro Dale, Yorkshire
Annie CalowDaughter3   Brimington, Derbyshire
Elsie CalowDaughter1w   Brimington, Derbyshire
Abode: 195, Sheffield Road, Whittington, Derbyshire Piece: 3253 Folio: 102 Page: 131 Schedule: 24
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
James C RoxbyHead62 MarriedEngine FitterWakefield, Yorkshire
Isabella RoxbyWife57 Married Barnsley, Yorkshire
Abode: Hallowes, Unstone, Dronfield, Derbyshire Piece: 3260 Folio: 84 Page: 21 Schedule: 129
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Bertram Silverwood Servant18 SingleHorseman on FarmDronfield
Abode: Bullclose, Unstone, Dronfield, Derbyshire Piece: 3260 Folio: 84 Page: 22 Schedule: 132
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Albert Taylor Head38 MarriedFarmerSheffield, Yorkshire
Elizabeth Taylor Wife47 Married  Dronfield
May Thomson AdptDau14    Hull, Lincolnshire
Henry Oldham Servant22 SingleHead Horseman FarmCoal Aston
William H Mather Servant18 SingleStockman on FarmDronfield
Elizabeth Mather Servant21 SingleHousemaid DomesticDronfield
Abode: 1, Machins Yard, Dronfield, Derbyshire Piece: 3261 Folio: 14 Page: 20 Schedule: 148
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
George H Herrington Head30 MarriedMalleable Iron MoulderDronfield
Anna E Herrington Wife20 Married  Sheffield, Yorkshire
Lilley HerringtonDaughter6    Dronfield
Ernest Herrington Son2    Dronfield
Abode: 13, Hallowes Lane, Dronfield, Derbyshire Piece: 3261 Folio: 24 Page: 2 Schedule: 12
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Joseph SilverwoodHead38 MarriedCoal HewerDronfield
Alice SilverwoodWife35 Married  Dronfield
Walter Silverwood Son16  Brass FounderDronfield
Thomas Silverwood Son14  Core Maker Brass FoundryDronfield
William Silverwood Son9    Dronfield
Arthur Silverwood Son5    Dronfield
Edith SilverwoodDaughter1    Dronfield
Abode: 6, Salisbury Road, Dronfield, Derbyshire, Derbyshire Piece: 3261 Folio: 27 Page: 7 Schedule: 49
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Abraham HopkinsonHead54 MarriedBuilders CarterHasland, Derbyshire
Martha HopkinsonWife45 Married  Dronfield
Clara HopkinsonDaughter12    Dronfield
Abode: 8, Hilltop Road, Dronfield, Derbyshire Piece: 3261 Folio: 28 Page: 9 Schedule: 61
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Job SilverwoodHead70Widow Agricultural LabourerMidhope
Abode: 19, Hilltop Road, Dronfield, Derbyshire Piece: 3261 Folio: 28 Page: 10 Schedule: 71
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Harriet MatherHead42 Married  Dronfield
James Mather Husband44 MarriedEdge Tool MakerDronfield
James E Mather Son15  Edge Tool MakerDronfield
Carl Mather Son10    Dronfield
Minnie MatherDaughter5    Barlow, Derbyshire
Abode: 25, Hill Top Road, Dronfield, Derbyshire Piece: 3261 Folio: 29 Page: 11 Schedule: 75
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
John Crookes Head46 MarriedCoal HewerDronfield
Sarah Crookes Wife44 Married  Rotherham, Yorkshire
Richard W Crookes Son25 SingleCoal HewerDronfield
Arthur Crookes Son17 SingleCoal FillerWorthington, Lancashire
Frank Crookes Son16 Brass TurnerWorthington, Lancashire
Nellie CrookesDaughter13    Worthington, Lancashire
George Crookes Son12    Worthington, Lancashire
John Crookes Son10    Worthington, Lancashire
Ruth CrookesDaughter8    Worthington, Lancashire
Lilly CrookesDaughter8    Worthington, Lancashire
Roland Crookes Son3    Dronfield
Rhoda CrookesDaughter1    Dronfield
Abode: 8, Wilson Street, Dronfield, Chesterfield, Derbyshire Piece: 3261 Folio: 38 Page: 30 Schedule: 200
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Mary StanforthHead55 Widow Dronfield, Derbyshire
Sarah A StanforthDaughter25 Single Dronfield, Derbyshire
Samuel StanforthSon24 SingleGrocers AssistantDronfield, Derbyshire
Frederick StanforthSon21 SingleColliery LabourerDronfield, Derbyshire
Frank StanforthSon13  Iron Foundry CarterDronfield, Derbyshire
Albert StanforthSon11   Dronfield, Derbyshire
Stanley StanforthSon9   Dronfield, Derbyshire
Abode: Holmley Lane, Dronfield, Derbyshire Piece: 3261 Folio: 68 Page: 9 Schedule: 561
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Frank D BookerHead25 MarriedFarmerHolmesfield
Jane BookerWife20Married Barton
Percy E BookerSon1m   Dronfield
Abode: Staffordshire Row, Matlock Bath, Derbyshire Piece: 3267 Folio: 69 Page: 3 Schedule: 16
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Herbert BuntingHead51 MarriedCarpenterMatlock Bath, Derbyshire
Lavinia BuntingWife41 Married Sheffield, Yorkshire
Albert BuntingSon17 SingleWheelwright ApprenticeCromford, Derbyshire
William BuntingSon15  Millhand SpinningCromford, Derbyshire
Nellie BuntingDaughter11   Cromford, Derbyshire
Agnes Mary BuntingDaughter7   Cromford, Derbyshire
Abode: 1, Oakland Cottages, Fairfield, Derbyshire Piece: 3269 Folio: 20 Page: 32 Schedule: 195
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Charles F FrancisHead26 MarriedRailway Carriage InspectorWolverhampton, Staffordshire
Emma FrancisWife26 Married Walsall, Staffordshire
Florence FrancisDaughter5   Walsall, Staffordshire
Tilly FrancisDaughter3   Walsall, Staffordshire
Charles H FrancisSon2   Walsall, Staffordshire
Frank TownsendBrother17SingleRailway Carriage CleanerWalsall, Staffordshire
Abode: 51, Chester Road, Hazelgrove Cum Bramhall, Altringham, Cheshire Piece: 3303 Folio: 92 Page: 16 Schedule: 105
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Edward HuckleHead25 MarriedRailway Engine DriverManchester, Lancashire
Ann Elizth HuckleWife28 Married Winwick, Lancashire
Leonard HuckleSon1   Hazelgrove, Cheshire
Hannah L ClareMotLaw59Widow Orford, Lancashire
Abode: 13, Dryburgolt, Kirkdale, Liverpool, Lancashire Piece: 3467 Folio: 44 Page: 25 Schedule: 117
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Thomas BlakemoreHead37MarriedStoke on SteamshipLiverpool, Lancashire
Eleanor BlakemoreWife37Married Liverpool, Lancashire
Thomas BlakemoreSon19SingleStoke on SteamshipLiverpool, Lancashire
Sarah A BlakemoreDaughter18Single Liverpool, Lancashire
David BlakemoreSon14 Telephone AttendantLiverpool, Lancashire
William BlakemoreSon13  Liverpool, Lancashire
Elizabeth BlakemoreDaughter8  Liverpool, Lancashire
Harriett BlakemoreDaughter5  Liverpool, Lancashire
Margaret BlakemoreDaughter1   Liverpool, Lancashire
David LambertFatLaw67 Ships WatchmanMidlothian (Edinburgh), Scotland
Abode: 13, Janet Street, West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire Piece: 3494 Folio: 153 Page: 23 Schedule: 146
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Geo Hall FrancisHead36MarriedEngineeers Store KeeperLiverpool, Lancashire
Mary E FrancisWife35Married Garston, Lancashire
Alice FrancisDaughter9  Liverpool, Lancashire
George FrancisSon7  Liverpool, Lancashire
Harry FrancisSon6  Liverpool, Lancashire
Emily FrancisDaughter2   Liverpool, Lancashire
Mary FrancisDaughter1  Liverpool, Lancashire
Abode: 3, Park Road, Widnes, Lancashire Piece: 3514 Folio: 23 Page: 37 Schedule: 237
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Joseph HewsonHead41MarriedForeman Fitter & TurnerSt Helens, Lancashire
Ann HewsonWife38Married St Helens, Lancashire
Sarah HewsonDaughter19 Single Widnes, Lancashire
Annie HewsonDaughter16  Widnes, Lancashire
Ivy HewsonDaughter13  Widnes, Lancashire
Jessie HewsonDaughter9  Widnes, Lancashire
Abode: 14, Halsall Street, Southport, Lancashire Piece: 3537 Folio: 119 Page: 180 Schedule: 29
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Lewis W SmithHead27Married ElectricianShelley, Yorkshire
Beatrice E SmithWife26Married  Southport
Grace SmithMother74Widow  Shelley, Yorkshire
Abode: 43, Southbank Road, Southport, Lancashire Piece: 3537 Folio: 195 Page: 135 Schedule: 19
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Harry SmithBoarder36 SingleChemical Property MasterShelley, Yorkshire
Abode: 171, Bolton Road, Elton, Bury, Lancashire Piece: 3636 Folio: 42 Page: 35 Schedule: 202
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Joseph SilverwoodHead46 MarriedPhysician & SurgeonShelley, Yorkshire
Amy SilverwoodWife41 Married  Manchester, Lancashire
Abode: 6, Watson Street, South Manchester, Lancashire Piece: 3685 Folio: 144 Page: 154 Schedule: 29
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Alfred FarnellHead44 SingleHouse PainterLeeds, Yorkshire
Emily Farnell Sister28SinglePaper MakerManchester, Lancashire
James H FarnellNephew10  Bradford, Yorkshire
Abode: 47, Albert Road, Levenshulme, Stretford, Lancashire Piece: 3691 Folio: 171 Page: 26 Schedule: 196
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Thomas W ThomasonHead60WidowBaptist MinisterSwansea, Glamorganshire
Ernest W F ThomasonSon24SingleCommercial TravellerNewtown, Montgomery
Ernest SilverwoodSonLaw32Married Cotton Yarn SalesmanShelley, Yorkshire
Alice F SilverwoodWife30Married  Newtown, Montgomery
Dorothy SilverwoodGrndDau4   Manchester, Lancashire
Alice SilverwoodGrndDau2   Manchester, Lancashire
Abode: 80, Sowerby Square, Moss Side, Chorlton, Lancashire Piece: 3709 Folio: 134 Page: 52 Schedule: 268
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Jon Charlesworth HammertonHead44 MarriedCashier (Leather Merchant)Chapeltown, Yorkshire
Emma HammertonWife42 Married Manchester, Lancashire
Eveline HammertonDaughter14   Moss Side, Manchester
Constance HammertonDaughter12   Moss Side, Manchester
Arthur HammertonSon10   Moss Side, Manchester
Winifred HammertonDaughter8   Moss Side, Manchester
Frank HammertonSon5   Moss Side, Manchester
Abode: 52, Edward Street, Broughton, Salford, Lancashire Piece: 3724 Folio: 71 Page: 34 Schedule: 216
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Jonathan HammertonHead67 MarriedPattern Maker Iron WorksChapeltown, Yorkshire
Caroline HammertonWife70 Married  Doncaster, Yorkshire
Eliza  HammertonDaughter37 Single  Salford
Arthur Hammerton Son35 SingleMercantile ClerkSalford
Alice HammertonDaughter30 Single  Salford
Abode: 14, Rylett Street, Broughton, Salford, Lancashire Piece: 3724 Folio: 90 Page: 27 Schedule: 173
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
George Ed HammertonHead40 MarriedCommercial ClerkElsecar, Barnsley, Yorkshire
Sarah E HammertonWife40 Married  Radcliffe, Lancashire
Edith HammertonDaughter10    Broughton, Lancashire
George Hammerton Son4    Broughton, Lancashire
Rupert Hammerton Son2    Broughton, Lancashire
Abode: 60, Gloucester Street, Salford, Lancashire Piece: 3737 Folio: 33 Page: 2 Schedule: 11
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Robert MellorHead24 MarriedStationary Engine TenterPendleton, Lancashire
Maud MellorWife24 Married Salford, Lancashire
Leah MellorSister12   Salford, Lancashire
Maud MellorDaughter1   Salford, Lancashire
Joseph B MellorSon2m   Salford, Lancashire
Abode: 1, Wesley Street, Failsworth, Lancashire Piece: 3773 Folio: 16 Page: 24 Schedule: 154
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Clara BaileyServant18 SingleDomestic ServantHoyland Nether, Yorkshire
Abode: Slack Road, Blackley, Manchester, Lancashire Piece: 3777 Folio: 39 Page: 118 Schedule: 17
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Jesse A RamsdenHead36 MarriedPostmanBlackley, Lancashire
Lilly RamsdenWife25 Married St Helens, Lancashire
Squire RamsdenSon3   Blackley, Lancashire
Jesse A RamsdenSon2   Blackley, Lancashire
Victoria H RamsdenDaughter10m   Blackley, Lancashire
Abode: 29, Crab Lane, Blackley, Manchester, Lancashire Piece: 3777 Folio: 107 Page: 14 Schedule: 93
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
James CromptonHead45 MarriedJoinerBlackley, Lancashire
Ada L CromptonWife42 Married Blackley, Lancashire
Clarence W Crompton Son15  LabourerMorton
James R Crompton Son12    Morton
Louis E Crompton Son8   Blackley, Lancashire
Abode: 130, Crab Lane, Blackley, Manchester, Lancashire Piece: 3777 Folio: 111 Page: 21 Schedule: 145
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Thomas E RamsdenHead42 MarriedJobbing GardenerHulme
Eliza E RamsdenWife39 Married  Crumpsall
Annie O RamsdenDaughter18 SingleCotton WeaverBlackley, Lancashire
George W Ramsden Son10   Blackley, Lancashire
Abode: 2, Barrow Street, Prestwich, Lancashire Piece: 3778 Folio: 11 Page: 14 Schedule: 93
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Samuel BradburyHead27 SingleAccountants ClerkPrestwich, Lancashire
Sarah BradburySister25 SisterAssistant School MistressPrestwich, Lancashire
Abode: 22, Birch Street, Mossley, Ashton under Lyne, Lancashire Piece: 3782 Folio: 15 Page: 22 Schedule: 161
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Joseph SilverwoodHead60 MarriedCotton CarderHolmfirth, Yorkshire
Mary SilverwoodWife60 Married Mossley, Lancashire
Abode: 35, Church Street, Ashton Under Lyne, Lancashire Piece: 3784 Folio: 23 Page: 237 Schedule: 37
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
John Henry LloydHead40 MarriedHorse Tramcar ConductorAbergele Denbigh, Wales
Florence LloydWife39 Married  Headingley, Yorkshire
Florence Ada LloydDaughter17 SingleDry Cleaner O PGorton
James Henry Lloyd Son16 SingleButcherArdwick
Ellen Maria LloydDaughter14  Sweet PackerArdwick
Mary LloydDaughter9    Openshaw
Arthur Edward Lloyd Son7    Openshaw
Mary FarnellMotLaw63 Widow Liverpool, Lancashire
Abode: 60, Brook Street, Ashton under Lyne, Lancashire Piece: 3785 Folio: 106 Page: 29 Schedule: 198
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Margaret A RileyHead41 Widow Croft, Lancashire
George H RileySon20 SingleRailway LayerEarlstown, Lancashire
Mary E RileyDaughter18 SingleShop AssistantEarlstown, Lancashire
Charles W RileySon16  General LabourerEarlstown, Lancashire
Annie RileyHead14  TailoressEarlstown, Lancashire
Ernest RileySon12   Earlstown, Lancashire
Nellie RileyDaughter10   Earlstown, Lancashire
Nora RileyDaughter8   Earlstown, Lancashire
Joseph RileySon5   Earlstown, Lancashire
Emily RileyDaughter3   Earlstown, Lancashire
Charles CloughBrother49 SingleBlacksmithCroft, Lancashire
Abode: 199, Oldham Road, Waterloo, Lancaster, Lancashire Piece: 3799 Folio: 31 Page: 336 Schedule: 53
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
David FarnellHead70 WidowPacker for Manufacturing ?Leeds, Yorkshire
Emma FarnellSister75 Single Leeds, Yorkshire

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