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Abode: 82, Hayes Road, Whoberley, Hayes, Bromley, Kent Piece: 207 Reg district No: 42 Institution: 32 Image: 414 Schedule: 207
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCD OccupationIndustryWhere Born
Ernest HammertonHead41Married      Manufacturer Coach Carriage and Motor Car Laces Trimmings and Upholstering Broad Goods Finges Cords Gimps etc Sydenham, Kent
Clara Florance HammertonWife42Married 15220  Coventry, Warwickshire
Herbert Mary HammertonSon7        Hayes, Kent
Mary Ellen BeadleServant26Single     General Servant Domestic Bickley, Kent
Abode: 24, Ashley Place, Hanover Square, London Piece: 488 Reg district No: 5 Institution: 23 Image: 436 Schedule: 217
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCD OccupationIndustryWhere Born
Rosa M HammertonHead57Single       Wick, Warwick
Isabella PeacockServant48Single     Domestic Servant Norwood, Surrey
Abode: 11, Frederick Street, St John Wood, St Marylebone, London I2 Piece: 579 Reg district No: 7 Institution: 2 Image: 428 Schedule: 214
NameRelationshipAgeConditionNYMTCCSLCD OccupationIndustryWhere Born
John WhittenHead35Married     Fish Mongers Assistant London
Florence WhittenWife34Married11651   London
Alfred WhittenSon8        London
James WhittenSon6        London
Florence WhittenDaughter4        London
Elizabeth WhittenDaughter3        London
Ellen WhittenDaughter1        London
Abode: 22, Wells Buildings, Oral Place, Hampstead, London Piece: 598 Reg district No: 8 Institution: 8 Image: 242 Schedule: 120
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCD OccupationIndustryWhere Born
Thomas William StevensonHead25 Married     Bricklayers Labourer Hampstead, London
Maud Annie StevensonWife24 Married3220 laundress Childs Hill, London
Maud Lily StevensonDaughter2         Hampstead, London
Arthur Thomas StevensonSon10m         Hampstead, London
Abode: 6e, Morgan Mansions, Holloway Road, Islington, London Piece: 868 Reg district No: 10 Institution: 27 Image: 72 Schedule: 36
NameRelationshipAgeConditionNYMTCCSLCD OccupationIndustryWhere Born
Charles James HammertonHead62 Married     Electroplater in all metals Coventry, Warwickshire
Jennie HammertonWife64 Married37642   Windsor, Surrey
Dorothy HammertonGrndDau8      School Brixton, London
Abode: 66, Amhurst Road, Hackney, London Piece: 1082 Reg district No: 11 Institution: 9 Image: 360 Schedule: 180
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCD OccupationIndustryWhere Born
Samuel Henry PiperHead62 Married     Shoe Maker Kensington, London
Helen PiperWife63 Married30514 Boarding Housekeeper Lincoln, Lincolnshire
Abode: DGorsewood Lodge, Hook Heath, Woking, Guildford, Surrey Piece: 3040 Reg district No: 33 Institution: 13 Image: 302 Schedule: 143
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCD OccupationIndustryWhere Born
David James AdamsHead25 Married     Chauffeur (Domestic) Warwick, Warwickshire
Lucy AdamsWife28 Married2110   Leamington, Warwickshire
Alfred John StainesBoarder32 Single     Gardener (Domestic) Little Gransden, Cambridgeshire
Frank AdamsSon1         Woking, Surrey
Abode: 96, Tweedy Road, Bromley, Kent Piece: 3631 Reg district No: 42 Institution: 2 Image: 72 Schedule: 35
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCD OccupationIndustryWhere Born
Thomas May HammertonHead82 Married     Retired Manufacturer Wolston, Warwickshire
Lydia HammertonWife78 Married48761   Kingsland, London
Ada HammertonDaughter44 Single       Sydenham, Kent
Constance Maude HammertonDaughter35 Single       Sydenham, Kent
Hilda Margaret StevensServant19 Single     General Servant Guestling, Surrey
Abode: 11, Lownds Avenue, Bromley, Bromley, Kent Piece: 3641 Reg district No: 42 Institution: 12 Image: 242 Schedule: 117
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCD OccupationIndustryWhere Born
Lydia BlackHead48Widow  33 Private Means Peckham, Surrey
Ronald Watson BlackSon17Single     Drapers Apprentice Sydenham, Kent
Irene Muriel BlackDaughter12      School Norwood, Kent
Abode: 16, Bedford Road, East Hill, Dartford, Kent Piece: 3775 Reg district No: 43 Institution: 13 Image: 448 Schedule: 221
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCD OccupationIndustryWhere Born
Herbert IvesHead35Married     Blacksmith Dartford, Kent
Selina IvesWife36Married 1000  Dartford, Kent
Abode: 7, Lower Fant Road, Maidstone, Kent Piece: 4157 Reg district No: 51 Institution: 30 Image: 567 Schedule: 3
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCD OccupationIndustryWhere Born
Albert MarleyHead54 Widow     Tunber Werelite Assistant Maidstone, Kent
Elizabeth SueezumCousin56 Widow     Housekeeper Gravesend, Kent
Albert Owen MarleySon24 Single     Builder Joiner Maidstone, Kent
Kate HughesServant17 Single     Servant Aylesford, Kent
Abode: The Farm House, Tower Hill, Horsham, Sussex Piece: 05259 Reg district No: 081 Institution: 13 Image: 056 Schedule: 027
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCD OccupationIndustryWhere Born
Marianne HammertonHead55Single       Punithorpe, Warwickshire
Edith HeatleyVisitor35Widow       Durham City, Durham
Fanny Elizabeth TebbehServant42Single     Ladymaid Domestic Cirencester, Gloucestershire
Sarah ClarkeServant66Widow     Cook Cricklade, Wiltshire
Caroline AbbeyServant45Single     Housemaid Lambeth, Surrey
Abode: 6, The Royal Arcade, Boscombe, Bournemouth, Hampshire Piece: 5852 Reg district No: 95 Institution: 21 Image: 474 Schedule: 237
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCD OccupationIndustryWhere Born
Alice Elizabeth MosleyHead50 Married18220 Millener Newcastle, Staffordshire
Arthur Roy MosleySon16       School Boscombe, Hampshire
Daisy Florence MarleyAssistant26 Single     Milliner Maidstone, Kent
Abode: 59, High Street, Itchen, South Stoneham, Hampshire Piece: 6037 Reg district No: 100 Institution: 15 Image: 418 Schedule: 210
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCD OccupationIndustryWhere Born
William Henry DilleyHead41 Married     School Master Camptyon, Bedfordshire
Hester Elizabeth DilleyWife31 Married7110   Scholes, Yorkshire
Norah DilleyDaughter4         Sholing, Hampshire
Abode: 56, Park Hall Road, East Finchley ,Finchley, Barnslet, Middlesex Piece: 7183 Reg district No: 131 Institution: 25 Image: 276 Schedule: 137
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCD OccupationIndustryWhere Born
Joseph Henry WinderHead35 Married     Teacher Of Shorthand Worsbrough, Yorkshire
Amelia Peak Elizabeth WinderWife29 Married8220   Rangoon, Resident, Burma
Ben Bernet WinderSon7         Hornsey, London
Constance Laura WinderDaughter1         Hornsey, London
Clementina SamuelMotLaw65 Widow       Madras, Resident, India
Henry Walter CowlingBoarder17 Single     Export Merchant's Clerk Rangoon, Resident, Burma
Abode: 170, Angel Road, Edmonton, Middlesex Piece: 7354 Reg district No: 132 Institution: 4 Image: 558 Schedule: 280
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCD OccupationIndustryWhere Born
Walter MarleyBoarder22 Single     Engineer Maidstone, Kent
Cecil MarleyBoarder18 Single     Engineer Maidstone, Kent
Abode: 151, High Street, Cheshunt, Edmonton, Middlesex Piece: 7459 Reg district No: 132 Institution: 9 Image: 322 Schedule: 160
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCD OccupationIndustryWhere Born
William GameHead29 Married     Carman at Nursery Hertford, Hertfordshire
G Maud GameWife24 Married8321   Epping, Essex
Herbert JagoBroLaw18 Single     Groom Epping, Essex
Ellem R M GameDaughter2         Cheshunt, Middlesex
Ada V E GameDaughter14m         Cheshunt, Middlesex
Abode: 7, Channelsea Road Stratford East, West Ham, Essex Piece: 9350 Reg district No: 1 Institution: 9 Image: 188 Schedule: 181
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCD OccupationIndustryWhere Born
Albert BowshallHead38 Married     Laburer General West Ham, Essex
Eliza E BowshallWife33 Married11220   Old Ford, London
William BowshallFather70 Widow       West Ham, Essex
Emily R BowshallDaughter7         West Ham, Essex
Albert BowshallSon5         West Ham, Essex
Abode: 1, First Avenue, Plaistow, West Ham, Essex Piece: 9432 Reg district No: 214 Institution: 22 Image: 430 Schedule: 214
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCD OccupationIndustryWhere Born
Violet HillBoarder33 Widow     Charwoman Great Grimsby, Lincolnshire
Robert HillBoarder13       Scholar Great Grimsby, Lincolnshire
Benjamin HillBoarder10       Scholar Brixton, London
Nellie HillBoarder8       Scholar Plaistow, Essex
Abode: 21, Vineyard Street, Colchester, Essex Piece: 10292 Reg district No: 198 Institution: 59 Image: 118 Schedule: 59
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCD OccupationIndustryWhere Born
Frank HamiltonHead61 Married     Labourer Sheffield, Yorkshire
Kaziah HamiltonWife54 Married331192 Sewing Machinist Colchester, Essex
Alfred HamiltonSon32 Single     Tailor Presser Hounslow, Middlesex
Claude HamiltonSon21 Single     Shop Porter Tailor Colchester, Essex
Maude HamiltonDaughter15       House Work Colchester, Essex
Arthur HamiltonSon13         Colchester, Essex
Abode: 21, Vineyard Street, Colchester, Essex Piece: 10295 Reg district No: 198 Institution: 11 Image: 432 Schedule: 216
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCD OccupationIndustryWhere Born
William Francis HamiltonHead25 Married     General Labourer Colchester, Essex
Susannah Ethel HamiltonWife24 Married2110   Colchester, Essex
George William HamiltonSon1         Colchester, Essex
Abode: 17, Maidenburgh Street, Colchester, Essex Piece: 10312 Reg district No: 198 Institution: 7 Image: 282 Schedule: 138
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCD OccupationIndustryWhere Born
Henneth SalterHead23 Married     Tailors Presser Hackney, London
Daisy Agnes SalterWife18 Married1110   Colchester, St Botolphs
Daisy Alice SalterDaughter1         Colchester, St Nicholas
Abode: Laurel Cottage, Stanway, Chelmsford, Essex Piece: 10341 Reg district No: 199 Institution: 5 Image: 316 Schedule: 156
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCD OccupationIndustryWhere Born
John Elkanah FisherHead49 Married     Painter Glazier & Paperhanger West Mersea, Essex
Ada FisherWife38 Married13642   Lexden, Essex
Charles Frederick FisherSon20 Single     House Painter Stanway, Essex
Frances Ada FisherDaughter12       School Stanway, Essex
Lilian May FisherDaughter        Dead   
Constance Mabel FisherDaughter8       School Stanway, Essex
William George FisherSon        Dead  
John Elkanah FisherSon5       School Stanway, Essex
Stanley James FisherSon10w         Stanway, Essex
Abode: London Road, Stanway, Chelmsford, Essex Piece: 10341 Reg district No: 199 Institution: 5 Image: 334 Schedule: 165
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCD OccupationIndustryWhere Born
Henry BuckHead55 Married     Bricklayer Fordham
Emma BuckWife54 Married32981   Marks Tey, Essex
Arthur BuckSon31 Single     Navy G E Railway Aldham, Essex
Horace Alfred BuckSon29 Single     Bricklayer Aldham, Essex
Frederick Berter BuckSon26 Single     Bricklayer Lexden, Essex
Stanley Frank BuckSon20 Single     Apprentice To Plumber Stanway, Essex
Floss Gertrude BuckDaughter13       School Stanway, Essex
Abode: Collets, Wormingford, Lexden, Essex Piece: 10363 Reg district No: 199 Institution: 15 Image: 136 Schedule: 68
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCD OccupationIndustryWhere Born
Bertram Robert MayorHead35 Married4000 Poultry Farmer Frating, Essex
Elizabeth HumeServant20 Single     Servant Wormington, Essex
Frederick LittlewoodServant15       Worker on Poultry Farm Horbury Junction, Yorkshire
Abode: Crownhill Hutments, Crownhill, RSO, Plympton St Mary and Egg Buckland, Devon Piece: 12938 Reg district No: 275 Institution: 23 Image: 49 Schedule: 15
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCD OccupationIndustryWhere Born
Louis MortimerSoldier21 Single     Lance Corporal St Botolphs, Essex
Abode: 6, Coulsons Terrace, Penzance, Cornwall Piece: 14077 Reg district No: 300 Institution: 21 Image: 854 Schedule: 423
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCD OccupationIndustryWhere Born
Susan Annie SpearWife49Married 24761  Collington, Derbyshire
William SpearSon21Single     Mining Student Bessdeal, Spain
Evelyn Annie SpearDaughter17Single     School Bessdeal, Spain
Cecil Nora SpearDaughter15Single     School Bessdeal, Spain
Hilda SpearDaughter13      School Bessdeal, Spain
Reginald SpearSon10      School Bessdeal, Spain
Abode: 20, Barker Street, Atcham, Shrewsbury, Shropshire Piece: 16090 Reg district No: 349 Institution: 2 Image: 596 Schedule: 295
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCD OccupationIndustryWhere Born
Frederick TaylorHead38 Married     Tent Maker Birkenhead
Mary Annie TaylorWife33 Married161192   Shrewsbury, Salop
Sarah Annie TaylorDaughter15 Single     ApprenticeTent MakingShrewsbury, Salop
Kate Florence TaylorDaughter13       School Shrewsbury, Salop
Cissie TaylorDaughter10       School Shrewsbury, Salop
Frederick TaylorSon8         Shrewsbury, Salop
George TaylorSon7         Shrewsbury, Salop
Gertrude TaylorDaughter5         Shrewsbury, Salop
Arthur TaylorSon3         Shrewsbury, Salop
Charles TaylorSon9m         Shrewsbury, Salop
Francis TaylorDaughter9m         Shrewsbury, Salop
Charles PavisBoarder26 Single     Carpenter LabourerBuilderShrewsbury, Salop
Abode: Wellington College, Wellington, London Piece: 16305 Reg district No: 355 Institution: 17 Image: 24 Schedule: 1
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCD OccupationIndustryWhere Born
Jonas HammertonMaster35 Single     School Master Darfield, Yorkshire
Abode: 3, High Street, Goldenhill, Wolstanton, Staffordshire Piece: 16468 Reg district No: 360 Institution: 12 Image: 12 Schedule: 6
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCD OccupationIndustryWhere Born
Alexander RamsayHead42 Married     Grocers Manager Kinettler, Forfar, Scotland
Clara RamsayWife53 Married15000   Maidstone, Kent
May KnowlesServant16       Servant Kidsgrove, Staffordshire
Abode: Alma Cottage, Bushbury Lane, Bushbury, Cannock, Staffordshire Piece: 16930 Reg district No: 1 Institution: 16 Image: 368 Schedule: 184
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCD OccupationIndustryWhere Born
Fred Rooke HammertonHead33 Married     Engine FitterValve SetterWolverhampton, Staffordshire
Clara Louisa HammertonWife35 Married9110   Wolverhampton, Staffordshire
Gladys May HammertonDaughter8         Wolverhampton, Staffordshire
Abode: 53, Fawdry Street, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire Piece: 17013 Reg district No: 4 Institution: 4 Image: 369 Schedule: 185
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCD OccupationIndustryWhere Born
Annie HammertonHead44 Single       Wolverhampton, Staffordshire
Amy HammertonSister42 Single     Private Means Wolverhampton, Staffordshire
Ethel HammertonSister31 Single     Private Means Wolverhampton, Staffordshire
Abode: 64, Sherwood Street, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire Piece: 17021 Reg district No: 4 Institution: 12 Image: 369 Schedule: 185
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCD OccupationIndustryWhere Born
Charles Henry HammertonHead36 Married     Railway Clerk Wolverhampton, Staffordshire
Annie HammertonWife33 Married3000   St Pancras, London
Abode: 14, Chapel Street, Walsall, Staffordshire Piece: 17198 Reg district No: 370 Institution: 11 Image: 538 Schedule: 269
NameRelationshipAgeConditionNYMTCCSLCD OccupationIndustryWhere Born
Henry HammertonHead63 Married     Bricklayer Coventry. Warwickshire
Emley HammertonWife56 Married37880   Ashley, Staffordshire
George HammertonSon21 Single     Builders Carter Walsall, Staffordshire
Walter HammertonSon14       Fitters Assistant Walsall, Staffordshire
Kate WalkerBoarder22Single     Stitcher Walsall, Staffordshire
Abode: Isolation Hospital, Fillongley, Meriden, Warwickshire Piece: 18418 Reg district No: 386 Institution: 17 Image: 19 Schedule: 1
NameRelationshipAgeConditionNYMTCCSLCD OccupationIndustryWhere Born
Charles HammertonInmate70 Single     Formerly Farm Labourer Willenhall, Warwickshire
Abode: 51, Watling Street, Dordon, Polesworth, Atherstone, Warwickshire Piece: 18439 Reg district No: 387 Institution: 21 Image: 53 Schedule: 26
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCD OccupationIndustryWhere Born
Herbert Stokes HarrisonHead29 Married     Colliery Clerk Remishaw, Eckington, Derbyshire
Lottie Elizabeth HarrisonWife24 Married1      Bulwell, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
Abode: 81, All Saints Street, West Bromwich, Warwickshire Piece: 17319 Reg district No: 371 Institution: 79 Image: 158 Schedule: 79
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCD OccupationIndustryWhere Born
George TallettHead28Married     Coal MinerHamsteadKingswinford. Staffordshire
Florance TallettWife27Married6330   West Bromich, Staffordshire
John George TallettSon5        West Bromich, Staffordshire
Florance TallettDaughter3         Hamstead, Staffordshire
Joseph TallettSon1        West Bromich, Staffordshire
Abode: 4, Park Road, Coventry, Warwickshire Piece: 18519 Reg district No: 390 Institution: 09 Image: 262 Schedule: 131
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCD OccupationIndustryWhere Born
Henry Edward HammertonHead50Married     Dyer Coventry, Warwickshire
Edith HammertonWife44Married 20440  Coventry, Warwickshire
Gilbert HammertonSon17Single     Bank Clerk Coventry, Warwickshire
Mark HammertonSon14        Coventry, Warwickshire
Edith Margaret HammertonDaughter11        Coventry, Warwickshire
Flora Emily WallenServant25Single     General Servant (Domestic) Locality Unknown, England
Abode: 10, Mayfield Road, Coventry, Warwickshire Piece: 18525 Reg district No: 390 Institution: 15 Image: 321 Schedule: 163
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCD OccupationIndustryWhere Born
John GanleyHead29 Married     TurnerMotor MfgCoventry, Warwickshire
Florence GanleyWife27 Married8330   London
Frederick GanleySon8         Coventry, Warwickshire
Doris GanleyDaughter6         Coventry, Warwickshire
Herbert GanleySon3         Coventry, Warwickshire
Harry BracebridgeCousin17 Single     Nickel PlaterNeedle FactoryCoventry, Warwickshire
Abode: 13, Howard Street, Coventry, Warwickshire Piece: 18579 Reg district No: 390 Institution: 41 Image: 264 Schedule: 132
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCD OccupationIndustryWhere Born
John Reginald HammertonBoarder26 Single     Drilling EngineerDaimler Motor CoRugby, Warwickshire
Abode: 33, Pennington Street, Rugby, Warwickshire Piece: 18597 Reg district No: 391 Institution: 12 Image: 433 Schedule: 216
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCD OccupationIndustryWhere Born
Mary Ann HammertonHead56 Married34642 Mouthly Nurse Hearthiau, Ireland
Ethel Mary HammertonDaughter28 Single     Domestic Services Rugby, Warwickshire
Abode: 12, West Street, Rugby, Warwickshire Piece: 18598 Reg district No: 391 Institution: 12 Image: 68 Schedule: 34
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCD OccupationIndustryWhere Born
Walser HammertonBoarder64 Married     Groom Farnborough, Warwickshire
Abode: 2, Lawrence Sheriffe Street, Rugby, Warwickshire Piece: 18599 Reg district No: 391 Institution: 14 Image: 108 Schedule: 53
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCD OccupationIndustryWhere Born
Ada Eliza Jane MeadowsServant18 Single     General Servant Old Bilton, Warwickshire
Abode: 31, Stockfield Road, Acocks Green, Yardley, Solihull, Warwickshire Piece: 18660 Reg district No: 392 Institution: 22 Image: 26 Schedule: 13
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCD OccupationIndustryWhere Born
Alfred AdamsHead47 Married     ConfectionerPastry Works;Warwick, Warwickshire
Emily AdamsWife46 Married25880   Ryton on Dunsmore, Warwickshire
Alfred AdamsSon22 Single     Railway PorterG.W. RailwayWarwick, Warwickshire
Frank AdamsSon21 Single     Bread DeliverBakingWarwick, Warwickshire
Hilda AdamsDaughter18 Single     Servant (Domestic) Warwick, Warwickshire
Victor AdamsSon16 Single     Grocers BoyGrocerWarwick, Warwickshire
Albert AdamsSon11       School Boy Warwick, Warwickshire
Percy AdamsBoarder23 Single     Railway PorterG.W. RailwayYeovill, Somerset
Ernest PickeringBoarder22 Single     Railway PorterG.W. RailwayWarwick, Warwickshire

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