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Abode: 19, Willow Street, Kirkstall, Leeds, Yorkshire Piece: 27059 Reg district No: 500 Institution: 6 Image: 120 Schedule: 60
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCD OccupationIndustryWhere Born
Joshua PeatHead49 Married     BricklayerBuilderNew Worth
Matilda PeatWife50 Married27752 No Occupation Barnsley, Yorkshire
Anne PeatDaughter23 Married     Not at House Kirkstall, Yorkshire
Lillan PeatDaughter20 Single     Waste Paper Worker Kirkstall, Yorkshire
Floria PeatDaughter18 Single     Boot RivetterHy Walker & SonKirkstall, Yorkshire
William PeatSon15       Tanners Errand BoyStancliffeKirkstall, Yorkshire
Harold PeatSon13         Kirkstall, Yorkshire
Abode: 17, Haddon Avenue, Leeds, Yorkshire Piece: 27063 Reg district No: 500 Institution: 10 Image: 1909 Schedule: 59
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCD OccupationIndustryWhere Born
Albert DanleyHead38 Married     Labourer Leeds, Yorkshire
Emily DanleyWife41 Married14220   Leeds, Yorkshire
John William DanleySon13       Errand Boy Leeds, Yorkshire
Ivy DanleyDaughter11         Leeds, Yorkshire
Margaret TaylorMotLaw65 Widow       Leeds, Yorkshire
Abode: 9, Thornville Avenue, Kirkstall, Leeds, Yorkshire Piece: 27069 Reg district No: 500 Institution: 16 Image: 408 Schedule: 204
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCD OccupationIndustryWhere Born
Albert SilverwoodHead45 Married     Public Lamplighter Kimberworth, Yorkshire
Mary Ann SilverwoodWife44 Married23523   Leeds, Yorkshire
Joshua SilverwoodSon17 Single       Leeds, Yorkshire
Ivy SilverwoodDaughter9       School Leeds, Yorkshire
Abode: 2, Cutler Street, Leeds, Yorkshire Piece: 27098 Reg district No: 500 Institution: 7 Image: 432 Schedule: 216
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCD OccupationIndustryWhere Born
Tom JaggerHead54 Married     PublicanLicense VictuallerLow Moor, Yorkshire
Emily JaggerWife44 Married24990   Barnsley, Yorkshire
Marian JaggerDaughter19 Single       Leeds, Yorkshire
Edith JaggerDaughter16 Single     Florist AssistantFlower ShopLeeds, Yorkshire
Emily JaggerDaughter12 Single     School Leeds, Yorkshire
Tommy JaggerSon8 Single       Leeds, Yorkshire
Arthur JaggerSon7 Single       Leeds, Yorkshire
Alice JaggerDaughter3 Single       Leeds, Yorkshire
Joseph William JaggerSon23 Single     Butcher Leeds, Yorkshire
Abode: 4, Parnaby Mount, Hunslet, Leeds, Yorkshire Piece: 27128 Reg district No: 501 Institution: 11 Image: 412 Schedule: 206
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCDOccupationIndustryWhere Born
John Prince SilverwoodHead28 Married     Railway Engine StokerRailway CompanyCarlisle, Cumberland
Lucy SilverwoodWife29 Married5000   Leeds, Yorkshire
Ada MayerSisLaw32 Single     PresserWholesale ClothierLeeds, Yorkshire
Abode: 13, Audlin Street, Hunslet, Leeds, Yorkshire Piece: 27144 Reg district No: 501 Institution: 28 Image: 412 Schedule: 296
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCDOccupationIndustryWhere Born
George WarringtonHead51 Married     French PainterPiano TradeLeeds, Yorkshire
Mary Anna WarringtonWife50 Married29871   Leeds, Yorkshire
Arthur WarringtonSon19 Single     PrinterPrinters ShopLeeds, Yorkshire
Allan WarringtonSon9       School Leeds, Yorkshire
Nellie WarringtonDaughter8       School Leeds, Yorkshire
Abode: 12, Galway Terrace, Hunslet, Leeds, Yorkshire Piece: 27147 Reg district No: 501 Institution: 30 Image: 720 Schedule: 381
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCDOccupationIndustryWhere Born
Mary Hannah SilverwoodHead61 Widow441376   Leeds, Yorkshire
Ada SilverwoodDaughter22 Single     Printers Assistant Carlisle, Cumberland
Lily SilverwoodDaughter19 Single     Book Sewer Carlisle, Cumberland
Abode: 2, Beverley Mount , Hunslet, Leeds, Yorkshire Piece: 27157 Reg district No: 501 Institution: 40 Image: 558 Schedule: 282
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCDOccupationIndustryWhere Born
Harry SilverwoodHead36 Married     Letterpress PrinterMachine MinderLeeds, Yorkshire
Ada SilverwoodWife37 Married9110   Leeds, Yorkshire
Leslie SilverwoodSon4         Leeds, Yorkshire
Abode: Old Hall Farm Osmondthorpe Lane, Hunslet, Yorkshire Piece: 27162 Reg district No: 501 Institution: 45 Image: 126 Schedule: 63
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCDOccupationIndustryWhere Born
Thomas WarwickHead50 Married     BlacksmithLoco Depot Bly Co.Gainford, Durham
Ethel WarwickWife44 Married26421   Coundon, Durham
Louisa WarwickDaughter24 Single     MachinistPrinting WorksStapleton, Yorkshire
Frank WarwickSon15       ApprenticeMotor WorksLeeds, Yorkshire
Harry WarwickSon14       SchoolSchoolLeeds, Yorkshire
Thomas Henry WarwickSon11       SchoolSchoolLeeds, Yorkshire
Abode: 70, Cross Flatts Place, Beeston, Leeds, Yorkshire Piece: 27181 Reg district No: 502 Institution: 5 Image: 256 Schedule: 128
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCDOccupationIndustryWhere Born
George SmithHead48 Married     Bricklayer North Thoresby, Lincolnshire
Emma SmithWife45 Married21541   Thurlstone, Yorkshire
Annie SmithDaughter19 Single     Bookkeeper Leeds, Yorkshire
Nellie SmithDaughter18 Single     Shop Assistant Leeds, Yorkshire
George SmithSon16 Single     Insurance Clerk Leeds, Yorkshire
Vida SmithDaughter14 Single     Book Labling Leeds, Yorkshire
Abode: 6, Hawthorn Street, Holbeck, Leeds, Yorkshire Piece: 27187 Reg district No: 502 Institution: 11 Image: 562 Schedule: 281
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCDOccupationIndustryWhere Born
William BentleyHead26Married     Plumber Yorkshire
Annie BentleyWife29 Married1000  Yorkshire
Arthur SilverwoodStepson6         Yorkshire
Abode: 13, Willoughby Row, Holbeck, Leeds, Yorkshire Piece: 27191 Reg district No: 502 Institution: 15 Image: 424 Schedule: 212
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCDOccupationIndustryWhere Born
Herbert SilverwoodHead24 Married     House Painter   Carlisle
Elizabeth SilverwoodWife22 Married<1 1 1 0     Carlisle
Clarence SilverwoodSon1m         Leeds
William Redginald Moore Stepson 5         Carlisle
William Steven Moore FatLaw 55 W         Railway Engine Driver   Westmoreland Kendal
Helena Woods Moore SisLaw 15 Single     PackerPrinting WorksCarlisle
Abode: 23, Annie Terrace, Holbeck, Leeds, Yorkshire Piece: 27197 Reg district No: 502 Institution: 21 Image: 488 Schedule: 244
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCDOccupationIndustryWhere Born
Fred SilverwoodHead34 Married     Engine StokerRailway CoCarlisle
Harriet Ann SilverwoodWife34 Married13422  Holbeck
Harry SilverwoodSon12 Single       Holbeck
Elsie SilverwoodDaughter4 Single       Holbeck
Abode: 12, Bouling Place, Marshall Street, Holbeck, Leeds, Yorkshire Piece: 27203 Reg district No: 502 Institution: 27 Image: 554 Schedule: 277
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCD OccupationIndustryWhere Born
Walter Edgar PridmoreHead24Married     Mechanic (Engineering) Leeds, Yorkshire
Amy PridmoreWife26Married       Leeds, Yorkshire
Ernest PridmoreSon2m        Leeds, Yorkshire
Abode: Harepark, Liversedge, Dewsbury, Yorkshire Piece: 27208 Reg district No: 503 Institution: 16 Image: 856 Schedule: 427
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCDOccupationIndustryWhere Born
Nathan F LileyHead58 Married     Currier Labourer Currier Liversedge
Mary Ann LileyWife56 Married33 3 3 0     Dodworth
Sarah LileyDaughter23 Single     Weaver Sheff Factory Liversedge
Abode: 1, Scarths Buildings, Bruntcliffe, Morley, Dewsbury, Yorkshire Piece: 27209 Reg district No: 503 Institution: 1 Image: 152 Schedule: 76
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCDOccupationIndustryWhere Born
John William SilverwoodHead24 Married     Coal Miner Hewer Below Morley, Yorkshire
Mary SilverwoodWife22 Married3211  Brighouse
Albert SilverwoodSon2         Bruntcliffe
Abode: 33, East Park Street, Morley, Dewsbury, Yorkshire Piece: 27211 Reg district No: 503 Institution: 3 Image: 334 Schedule: 167
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCD OccupationIndustryWhere Born
Walker HeeleyHead28Married     Coal Miner Morley, Yorkshire
Alice Ann HeeleyWife25Married 1000  Emley, Yorkshire
Abode: 4, Florence Terrace, Morley, Dewsbury, Yorkshire Piece: 27218 Reg district No: 503 Institution: 10 Image: 384 Schedule: 192
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCDOccupationIndustryWhere Born
Herbert HodgsonHead33 Married     Quarry Scrapper LabouringAt Mill TemporarilyMorley, Yorkshire
Ellen HodgsonWife32 Married11321  Castleford
Alice Jane HodgsonDaughter10         Morley, Yorkshire
Joseph HodgsonSon6       School Morley, Yorkshire
Doris HodgsonDaughter2         Morley
Sarah Hodgson Sister 27 Single     Weaver Cloth Manufacturer Sheffield
Abode: 47, Zoar Street, Morley, Dewsbury, Yorkshire Piece: 27221 Reg district No: 503 Institution: 13 Image: 72 Schedule: 36
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCDOccupationIndustryWhere Born
Abraham AutyHead50 Married     Coal Miner Hewer   Emley, Yorkshire
Tryphene AutyWife51 Married28 10 5 5     Grange Moor
Agnes AutyDaughter18 Single     Safety Lamp Works   Ossett
Jacob AutySon14       Safety Lamp Works   Clayton West, Yorkshire
Elizabeth Hannah AutyDaughter10       School Emley, Yorkshire
Abode: 22, Horsfall Street, New Road, Morley, Dewsbury, Yorkshire Piece: 27226 Reg district No: 503 Institution: 18 Image: 362 Schedule: 181
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCDOccupationIndustryWhere Born
Bingley HammertonHead27 Married     Scourer Woollen Manufacturer Darton
Eleanor Leake HammertonWife27 Married2 1 1 0 Weaver Woollen Manufacturer Gildersome
Alice HammertonDaughter1         Gildersome
Abode: 14, Horsfall Street, Morley, Dewsbury, Yorkshire Piece: 27226 Reg district No: 503 Institution: 18 Image: 370 Schedule: 185
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCDOccupationIndustryWhere Born
Emmanuel DeanHead38 Married     Miller Scourer (Foreman) Mfctr of Fancy Worsted Morley, Yorkshire
Mary DeanWife37 Married15110   Castleford
Ivy DeanDaughter15       Weaver Of Fancy Worsted Morley, Yorkshire
Mary Ellen HinchliffeVisitor16       Weaver (Woollen)Out of EmploymentMorley, Yorkshire
Harrison HinchliffeVisitor7         Morley, Yorkshire
Abode: 8, Blakeridge Lane, Batley, Dewsbury, Yorkshire Piece: 27245 Reg district No: 503 Institution: 19 Image: 12 Schedule: 6
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCDOccupationIndustryWhere Born
John Edward SilverwoodHead28 Married     Coal Miner Worsbro Dale, Yorkshire
Rose Ann SilverwoodWife28 Married4000 Cloth Weaver Batley, Yorkshire
Abode: 11, Sandyfield Terrace, Bradford Road, Batley, Yorkshire Piece: 27245 Reg district No: 503 Institution: 19 Image: 388 Schedule: 194
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCDOccupationIndustryWhere Born
Mr James LeonardHead41 Married     Coal Miner Leeds, Yorkshire
Elizabeth LeonardWife39 Married18862   Barnsley, Yorkshire
Beatrice LeonardDaughter16 Single     Cloth Weaver Morley, Yorkshire
Albert LeonardSon13       Cloth Spinner Morley, Yorkshire
Hilda LeonardDaughter11         Morley, Yorkshire
Sarah LeonardDaughter7         Morley, Yorkshire
William LeonardSon4         Batley, Yorkshire
Annie LeonardDaughter2         Batley, Yorkshire
Abode: 77, High Street, Heckmondwike, Dewsbury, Yorkshire Piece: 27268 Reg district No: 503 Institution: 06 Image: 838 Schedule: 419
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCDOccupationIndustryWhere Born
May RobertsServant18 Single     Domestic Servant General Darfield, Yorkshire
Abode: Hare Park, Liversedge, Dewsbury, Yorkshire Piece: 27278 Reg district No: 503 Institution: 16 Image: 862 Schedule: 430
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCDOccupationIndustryWhere Born
John LileyHead32 Married     Currier (Leather) Heckmondwike
Lydia Ann LileyWife36 Married9330   Liversedge
Alice Matilda LileyDaughter8       School Liversedge
Edith LileyDaughter7       School Liversedge
Joseph Nathan LileySon4         Liversedge
Abode: North Street. Lower Hopton, Mirfield, Dewsbury, Yorkshire Piece: 27283 Reg district No: 503 Institution: 4 Image: 662 Schedule: 331
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCD OccupationIndustryWhere Born
Albert ChadwickHead49Married     Foreman In Engine Waste Mill Leeds, Yorkshire
Emma ChadwickWife47Married 26110  Mirfield, Yorkshire
Mabel ChadwickDaughter20Single     Teacher Elementary School Mirfield, Yorkshire
Abode: 3, Westleigh Road, Ravensthorpe, Dewsbury, Yorkshire Piece: 27290 Reg district No: 503 Institution: 11 Image: 650 Schedule: 325
NameRelationshipAgeConditionNYMTCCSLCDOccupationIndustryWhere Born
James BeardsellHead43 Married     Draper And Clothier Ravensthorpe
Mary BeardsellWife43 Married18330  Soothill
Martha Ann BeardsellDaughter17 Single     Shop Assistant   Ravensthorpe
Hilda BeardsellDaughter16 Single         Ravensthorpe
Evelyn BeardsellDaughter8       School Ravensthorpe
Abode: 33, Calder Terrace, Ravensthorpe, Dewsbury, Yorkshire Piece: 27292 Reg district No: 503 Institution: 13 Image: 592 Schedule: 297
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCDOccupationIndustryWhere Born
Charles BeardsellHead68 Widow36440 Clothier & Outfitter Wooldale, Holmfirth
Ada BeardsellDaughter42 Single     Drapers Assistant Ravensthorpe
Lily BeardsellDaughter28 Single     Drapers Assistant Mirfield
Abode: 39, Myrlin House, Staincliffe Road, Dewsbury, Yorkshire Piece: 27304 Reg district No: 503 Institution: 11 Image: 254 Schedule: 127
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCDOccupationIndustryWhere Born
Ada BentleyHead48 Single     Dress Maker Dewsbury, Yorkshire
Josepy AutyNephew20 Single     WarperCloth MillDewsbury, Yorkshire
Abode: 7, Commercial Road, Dewsbury, Yorkshire Piece: 27314 Reg district No: 503 Institution: 21 Image: 476 Schedule: 238
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCDOccupationIndustryWhere Born
John SaundersHead38 Married     Van Driver Caston, Norfolk
Lavinia SaundersWife33 Married13330   Dewsbury, Yorkshire
Eva SaundersDaughter12       School Dewsbury, Yorkshire
Harold SaundersSon10       School Dewsbury, Yorkshire
Annie SaundersDaughter6       School Dewsbury, Yorkshire
Abode: 8, Carlton Road, Dewsbury, Yorkshire Piece: 27315 Reg district No: 503 Institution: 22 Image: 18 Schedule: 9
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCD OccupationIndustryWhere Born
George WaringHead71Married     Grocer (Retired) Dewsbury, York
Theresa WaringWife60Married 40523Housekeeper Howden, Yorkshire
Ethel WaringDaughter21Single     Dress Maker Mablehead, Moss
Minnie BlackerVisitor22Single     Dress Maker Cawthorne, York
George DawsonVisitor56Widow     Commercial Traveller Gravesend, Kent
Albert HarbonVisitor34Married     Actor Lambeth, Surrey
Sheriff SavilleVisitor37Married     Actor Dover, Kent
Abode: 2, Grace Leather Lane, Soothill, Dewsbury, Yorkshire Piece: 27320 Reg district No: 503 Institution: 1 Image: 392 Schedule: 196
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCDOccupationIndustryWhere Born
James Clarkson StubleyHead35 Married     Brass Worker Batley, Yorkshire
Frances Louisa StubleyWife38 Married10110   Shelley, Yorkshire
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCDOccupationIndustryWhere Born
Abode: 177, Soothill Lane, Batley, Dewsbury, Yorkshire Piece: 27320 Reg district No: 503 Institution: 1 Image: 476 Schedule: 238
NameRelationshipAgeCondition NYMTCCSLCDOccupationIndustryWhere Born
Ellen LeadbeaterHead38 Single     Dressmaker Wakefield, Yorkshire
Maria LeadbeaterSister19 Single       Batley, Yorkshire
John LeadbeaterBrother24 Single     Pointholder (Shunting Dept)Railway CompanyBatley, Yorkshire

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