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Abode: 381, Ormskill Road, Pemberton, Lancashire Piece: 3779 Folio: 84 Page: 2 Schedule: 8
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
William WorthingtonHead27 MarriedCoal MinerPemberton, Lancashire
Mary Ann WorthingtonWife26 MarriedCotton weaverPemberton, Lancashire
James WorthingtonSon7  ScholarWellington, Durham
Abode: 50, Nook, Pemberton, Lancashire Piece: 3780 Folio: 31 Page: 1 Schedule: 2
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Moses WorthingtonHead35 MarriedCoal MinerShevington, Lancashire
Ellen WorthingtonWife26 MarriedCotton weaverPemberton, Lancashire
Peter WorthingtonSon6   Pemberton, Lancashire
Abraham WorthingtonSon5   Pemberton, Lancashire
Ester Ann WorthingtonDaughter1   Pemberton, Lancashire
Esther A AtherstoneMotLaw68 Hand Loom Cotton WeaverOrrell
Abode: 508, Ormskirk Road, Pemberton, Lancashire Piece: 3780 Folio: 49 Page: 37 Schedule: 188
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Abraham WorthingtonHead30 MarriedCoal MinerOrrell
Mary J WorthingtonWife26 Married Somerset
William WorthingtonSon7  ScholarStandish, Lancashire
George WorthingtonSon4  ScholarWigan, Lancashire
Annie WorthingtonDaughter1   Pemberton, Lancashire
Abode: 493, Ormskirk Road, Pemberton, Lancashire Piece: 3780 Folio: 74 Page: 31 Schedule: 185
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Peter WorthingtonHead35 MarriedLabourer in Coal MinerPemberton, Lancashire
Sarah WorthingtonWife40 MarriedWifeCastleden, Durham
Margaret WorthingtonDaughter16 UnmarriedRoving Carrier In Cotton MillCastleden, Durham
Mary WorthingtonDaughter12  Sweeper In Cotton MillCastleden, Durham
Jane WorthingtonDaughter10  ScholarCastleden, Durham
William WorthingtonSon3   Castleden, Durham
Thomas WorthingtonSon1   Pemberton, Lancashire
Abode: Fleet Street, Orrell, Wigan, Lancashire Piece: 3781 Folio: 65 Page: 16 Schedule: 76
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Joseph BurrowsHead29 MarriedCoal MinerBillinge, Lancashire
Sarah BurrowsWife28 Married Slidgeby, Staffordshire
Rachael BurrowsDaughter5  ScholarPemberton, Lancashire
James BurrowsSon2   Pemberton, Lancashire
Mary Ann BurrowsDaughter11m   Orrell, Lancashire
Henry BurrowsFather70 MarriedPauperSt Helens, Lancashire
Margaret BurrowsMother77 MarriedPauperWindle, Lancashire
Abode: Billinge Road, Pemberton, Lancashire Piece: 3784 Folio: 41 Page: 3 Schedule: 11
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Robert (Jnr) GoreHead22MarriedHing MakerAshton, Lancashire
Mary GoreWife22 Married Ashton, Lancashire
Richard GoreSon1  Ashton, Lancashire
Abode: 10, Mather Lane, Bedford, Lancashire Piece: 3804 Folio: 5 Page: 3 Schedule: 11
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
John GerrardHead47MarriedBookkeeperWest Leigh
Elizabeth GerrardWife43MarriedSilk WeaverBedford
James Edwin GerrardSon20Unmarried JoinerBedford
Annie GerrardDaughter17UnmarriedSilk WeaverBedford
Margaret GerrardDaughter13 Silk WeaverBedford
Margaret RichardsonAunt69UnmarriedFancy WeaverBedford
Abode: White Horse Inn, Elliot Street, Tyldesley, Lancashire Piece: 3810 Folio: 88 Page: 6 Schedule: 28
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Thomas RyderHead25 MarriedBeer SellerTyldesley, Lancashire
Ann RyderWife21 MarriedBeer Sellers WifeTyldesley, Lancashire
Abode: 58, Manchester Road, Tyldesley, Lancashire Piece: 3811 Folio: 77 Page: 8 Schedule: 30
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Peter RatcliffeHead33 MarriedCoal MinerBedford
Elizabeth RatcliffeWife31 Married Standish, Lancashire
Annie Ratcliffe Daughter4   Tyldesley, Lancashire
Kate Kershaw Visitor30 MarriedDress MakerBedford
Abode: 14, Woking Street, Tyldesley, Lancashire Piece: 3811 Folio: 113 Page: 20 Schedule: 103
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
William KershawHead52 MarriedCloggerStandish, Lancashire
Sarah KershawWife50 Married Tyldesley, Lancashire
John Kershaw Son25Unmarried Grocers ShopmanTyldesley, Lancashire
James Kershaw Son16  Cotton SpinnerTyldesley, Lancashire
Sarah Kershaw Daughter14  ScholarTyldesley, Lancashire
Abode: 90, Elliot Street, Tyldesley, Lancashire Piece: 3811 Folio: 118 Page: 29 Schedule: 181
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
James KershawHead60Widow Boot Maker employing 4 men & 1 boyStandish, Lancashire
Ann Kershaw Daughter21Unmarried  Tyldesley, Lancashire
Alfred S LoweNephew18Unmarried Medical StudentLeigh, Lancashire
Abode: 1, Church Street, Tyldesley, Lancashire Piece: 3811 Folio: 415 Page: 26 Schedule: 152
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
John GroundsHead30 MarriedSchool MasterWarrington, Lancashire
Elizabeth GroundsWife23 Married Tyldesley, Lancashire
Mary GroundsDaughter1   Tyldesley, Lancashire
Harold GroundsDaughter1m   Tyldesley, Lancashire
Abode: 190, Hall Lane, Farnworth, Lancashire Piece: 3813 Folio: 100 Page: 12 Schedule: 54
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
William WorthingtonHead30 MarriedBlack SmithKearsley, Lancashire
Ellen WorthingtonWife31 Married Kearsley, Lancashire
Annie WorthingtonDaughter5   Gt Lever
Abode: No 2, Tynes Bank, Little Hulton, Hulton, Lancashire Piece: 3818 Folio: 38 Page: 32 Schedule: 154
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Henry HeylinHead49MarriedColliery CarpenterPenrith, Cumberland
Jane HeylinWife42Married Manchester, Lancashire
Eliza HeylinDaughter23UnmarriedCotton WinderWigan, Lancashire
Henrietta HeylinDaughter21UnmarriedCotton WinderWigan, Lancashire
William A HeylinSon20UnmarriedStone Mason (Coal Miner)Worsley, Lancashire
Alfred B HeylinSon17UnmarriedCoal Miner (Cotton Winder)Worsley, Lancashire
Frances HeylinDaughter14 Cotton WinderWorsley, Lancashire
Alexander HeylinSon12 ScholarSwinton, Lancashire
Henry HeylinSon10 ScholarSwinton, Lancashire
Squire HeylinSon8 ScholarWorsley, Lancashire
Adelina HeylinDaughter5  ScholarWorsley, Lancashire
Abode: 4, Bridgman Street, Great Bolton, Lancashire Piece: 3842 Folio: 60 Page: 4 Schedule: 17
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Ebnezer BarkerHead29MarriedarriedGrocerRochdale, Lancashire
Elizabeth J. BarkerWife29Marriedarried Manchester, Lancashire
William H. BarkerSon4   Bolton, Lancashire
Bertha BarkerDaughter2 ScholarBolton, Lancashire
Charles W. BarkerSon3m  Bolton, Lancashire
Sarah WilliamsonServant28UnmarriednMarriedarriedGeneral ServBridgenorf, Shropshire
Abode: 3, Brackley Terrace, Great Lever, Lancashire Piece: 3848 Folio: 106 Page: 58 Schedule: 283
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
George WorthingtonHead56 MarriedManager Chemical WorksStandish, Lancashire
Nancy WorthingtonWife54 Married Farnworth
Mary Alice WorthingtonDaughter17 UnmarriedNo OccupationKearsley, Lancashire
George WorthingtonSon13  ScholarGreat Lever, Lancashire
Abode: 10, Salford Street, Bury, Lancashire Piece: 3865 Folio: 80 Page: 42 Schedule: 217
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Robert InghamHead52MarriedFinisher Woollen MillHeap, Lancashire
Elizabeth InghamWife53Married Heywood, Lancashire
Harriet A InghamDaughter24UnmarriedQuilter WoollenHeap, Lancashire
Jane E InghamDaughter22UnmarriedVelvet WeaverHeap, Lancashire
Richard InghamSon20UnmarriedFinisher WoollenHeap, Lancashire
Frances InghamDaughter18UnmarriedVelvet WeaverHeap, Lancashire
Emma InghamDaughter18 UnmarriedVelvet WeaverHeap, Lancashire
Robert G InghamSon15 Dresser Iron Works (Appr)Heap, Lancashire
Mary A InghamDaughter12 Velvet WeaverHeap, Lancashire
Elizabeth InghamDaughter10 ScholarHeap, Lancashire
Abode: 28, Aqueduct Street, Manchester, Lancashire Piece: 3994 Folio: 15 Page: 23 Schedule: 124
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
John Parr Head53 MarriedOverlooker Cotton MillScotland
Maria Parr Wife46 MarriedHouseWifeMiddlewich, Cheshire
John ParrSon21Unmarried Railway CarterManchester, Lancashire
Elizabeth J Parr Daughter22Unmarried Tin Plate Works AsstManchester, Lancashire
Thomas ParrSon17Unmarried Callow WinderManchester, Lancashire
Edwin J ParrSon15  Office Boy RailwayManchester, Lancashire
Annie M Parr Daughter13  ScholarManchester, Lancashire
Albert ParrSon10  ScholarManchester, Lancashire
Sarah E Parr Daughter7  ScholarManchester, Lancashire
William H ParrSon5  ScholarManchester, Lancashire
Abode: 9, Gill Street, Habergham Eaves, Burnley, Lancashire Piece: 4152 Folio: 22 Page: 38 Schedule: 216
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
John FairbrotherHead39 MarriedPaper MakerHeath Charnock, Lancashire
Mary Ann FairbrotherWife42 MarriedHousewifeOver Darwen, Lancashire
Joseph FairbrotherSon16  Back Tenter (C Printer)Over Darwen, Lancashire
Mary E FairbrotherDaughter14  Cotton WeaverOver Darwen, Lancashire
Martha J FairbrotherDaughter11  ScholarOver Darwen, Lancashire
Thomas FairbrotherSon9  ScholarOver Darwen, Lancashire
Sarah Ann FairbrotherDaughter5  ScholarOver Darwen, Lancashire
Abode: 5, Arundel Street, Habergham Eaves, Lancashire Piece: 4154 Folio: 9 Page: 11 Schedule: 57
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
George FarrimondHead40 MarriedCoal MinerShevington, Lancashire
Ellen FarrimondWife40 Married Wigan, Lancashire
Mary FarrimondDaughter14  Cotton WeaverStandish, Lancashire
James FarrimondSon12  Coal MinerCoxhoe, Durham
Hannah FarrimondDaughter10  Cotton WeaverPemberton, Lancashire
Thomas FarrimondSon7  ScholarPemberton, Lancashire
Isaiah FarrimondSon5  ScholarPemberton, Lancashire
Esther FarrimondDaughter2   Burnley, Lancashire
Abode: 18, Lyon Lanes, Chorley, Lancashire Piece: 4221 Folio: 23 Page: 39 Schedule: 167
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Thomas FairbrotherHead70 MarriedLabourer on HighwaysRivington, Lancashire
Mary FairbrotherWife60 MarriedHousekeeperElon, Durham
Martha FairbrotherDaughter22 UnmarriedCotton WeaverChorley, Lancashire
Sarah Ann FairbrotherDaughter26 UnmarriedCotton WeaverChorley, Lancashire
Mary Jane FairbrotherDaughter22 UnmarriedCotton WeaverChorley, Lancashire
Sarah Ann FairbrotherGrndDau6  ScholarHeath Charnock, Lancashire
Abode: 1, Percy Street, Chorley, Lancashire Piece: 4221 Folio: 23 Page: 39 Schedule: 168
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
James FairbrotherHead37 MarriedCotton WeaverHeath Charnock, Lancashire
Elizabeth FairbrotherWife40 MarriedCotton WeaverChorley, Lancashire
Mary Jane FairbrotherDaughter8  ScholarChorley, Lancashire
Elizabeth FairbrotherDaughter7  ScholarChorley, Lancashire
Sarah Alice FairbrotherDaughter5  ScholarChorley, Lancashire
George Henry FairbrotherSon3  ScholarChorley, Lancashire
Mary Jane EdgerleyMotLaw80 WidowFormerly a WeaverCharnock, Lancashire
Abode: Coppull Lane, Coppull, Lancashire Piece: 4221 Folio: 78 Page: 37 Schedule: 161
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Elizabeth FranceHead50 WidowFarm Servant AgDudley, Staffordshire
William AinscoughSon29 UnmarriedCoal MinerCoppull, Lancashire
Jane FranceDaughter20 UnmarriedCloth Stitcher Calico Print WorksCoppull, Lancashire
Matilda FranceDaughter13  Cloth Stitcher Calico Print WorksCoppull, Lancashire
Abram FranceSon24 UnmarriedCoal MinerCoppull, Lancashire
Abode: Starbeck Albert Terrace, Bilton Cum Harrogate, Yorkshire Piece: 4325 Folio: 50 Page: 11 Schedule: 18
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Isaac EllisHead41 MarriedGardener (Domestic)Leeds, Yorkshire
Jane EllisWife49 Married Leeds, Yorkshire
Mary Jane EllisDaughter26   Rotherham, Yorkshire
Arthur EllisSon13  ScholarAldbro, Yorkshire
William EllisSon10  ScholarAldbro, Yorkshire
Abode: Denmark Street, Sandal Magna, Wakefield, Yorkshire Piece: 4571 Folio: 172 Page: 44 Schedule: 222
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
James MatherHead48MarriedCoal MinerEcclestone, Lancashire
Mary Ann MatherWife41Married Stalybridge, Lancashire
Danial MatherSon19UnmarriedCoal MinerPark Road, Lancashire
Abraham MatherSon17UnmarriedCoal MinerSt Helens, Lancashire
Ellen MatherDaughter16 Woolen SpinnerSt Helens, Lancashire
James MatherSon12 ScholarSt Helens, Lancashire
John MatherSon10 ScholarSt Helens, Lancashire
Ann Jane MatherDaughter4   Rotherham, Yorkshire
Samuel MatherSon4  Ardsley, Lancashire
Mary Elth MatherDaughter3m  Sandal, Lancashire
Abode: 4, Taylor Yard, Marketplace, Pontefract, Yorkshire Piece: 4589 Folio: 73 Page: 22 Schedule: 94
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Roundell RussellHead38MarriedBus DriverMenston, Yks
Mary RussellWife36Married Elvington, Yks
Lily J RusselDaughter7 ScholarPontefract, Yorkshire
Roundell RussellSon4  ScholarPontefract, Yorkshire
Maud M RussellDaughter1  Pontefract, Yorkshire
Abode: 28, Greenfoot Lane, Barnsley, Yorkshire Piece: 4601 Folio: 97 Page: 29 Schedule: 149
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
John HewittHead41WidowEngineman (Flourmill)Darton, Yorkshire
Lily HewittDaughter15Unmarried Housekeeper (Dom)Barnsley, Yorkshire
Edwin HewittSon13 ScholarRoyston, Yorkshire
Arthur HewittSon11 ScholarRoyston, Yorkshire
Abode: 4 Court 2, Albert Street West, Barnsley, Yorkshire Piece: 4601 Folio: 120 Page: 19 Schedule: 99
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Martha WhiteHead58Widow Cawthorne, Yorkshire
Ann WhiteDaughter20Unmarried Barnsley, Yorkshire
George WhiteSon18 UnmarriedGrocers AssistantBarnsley, Yorkshire
Abode: 6, Blucher Street, Barnsley, Yorkshire Piece: 4601 Folio: 137 Page: 53 Schedule: 303
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Thomas EllisLodger24 MarriedCoal MinerBarnsley, Yorkshire
Alice EllisLodger's Wife20 Married Barnsley, Yorkshire
Abode: 10, Somerset Street, Barnsley, Yorkshire Piece: 4602 Folio: 60 Page: 18 Schedule: 105
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Thomas CawleyHead38 MarriedLinen WeaverBarnsley, Yorkshire
Hannah CawleyWife40 Married Barnsley, Yorkshire
Henry CawleySon9  ScholarBarnsley, Yorkshire
George CawleySon4   Barnsley, Yorkshire
Alice CawleyDaughter7m   Barnsley, Yorkshire
Harriet DickinsonMotLaw63 WidowFormerly WinderBarnsley, Yorkshire
Abode: 19, St. Johns Terrace, Barnsley, Yorkshire Piece: 4604 Folio: 26 Page: 45 Schedule: 238
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
James EllisHead21 MarriedCoal MinerLeeds, Yorkshire
Ann EllisWife19 Married Barnsley, Yorkshire
Emma AshurstSisLaw8 ScholarBarnsley, Yorkshire
George KitchenLodger29MarriedCoal MinerWombwell, Yorkshire
Abode: 36, Copper Street, Barnsley, Yorkshire Piece: 4604 Folio: 56 Page: 32 Schedule: 154
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Hinsley AltassBoarder33WidowCoal MinerHillam
John H AltassSon11  ScholarBarnsley, Yorkshire
Abode: 58, Copper Street, Barnsley, Yorkshire Piece: 4604 Folio: 57 Page: 34 Schedule: 167
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
George BattyHead34 MarriedBobbin MakerMiddlesborough
Alice BattyWife31 Married Barnsley, Yorkshire
William BattySon10   Barnsley, Yorkshire
Annie BattyDaughter8   Barnsley, Yorkshire
Mary BattyDaughter4   Barnsley, Yorkshire
Esther BattyDaughter2   Barnsley, Yorkshire
Sarah BattyDaughter8m   Barnsley, Yorkshire
Henry CawlerBoarder64Widow Hand Loom WeaverBarnsley, Yorkshire
Mary E MirfieldBoarder25UnmarriedDomestic ServantBarnsley, Yorkshire
Abode: 23, Copper Street, Barnsley, Yorkshire Piece: 4604 Folio: 60 Page: 39 Schedule: 190
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Caroline GoldingHead61WidowGrocerStainbrough, Yorkshire
William StatheSonLaw26MarriedCoal MinerMort cave
Sarah StatheDaughter36MarriedCotton WeaverHoyle Mill, Yorkshire
John SilverwoodGrndSon14 Glass Works LabourerSmithies, Yorkshire
Eliz SilverwoodGrndDau12 ScholarSmithies, Yorkshire
Joseph SilverwoodGrndSon9  ScholarSmithies, Yorkshire
Arthur SilverwoodGrndSon7 ScholarBarnsley, Yorkshire
William StatheGrndSon6 ScholarBarnsley, Yorkshire
Ann StatheGrndDau2  Barnsley, Yorkshire
Clara StatheGrndDau4m  Barnsley, Yorkshire
Abode: 74, New Street, Barnsley, Yorkshire Piece: 4604 Folio: 81 Page: 6 Schedule: 31
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
James EllisHead51 MarriedBoiler MakerLeeds, Yorkshire
Elizabeth EllisWife47 Married Worksop, Nottinghamshire
John EllisSon19Unmarried Coal MinerLeeds, Yorkshire
Harry EllisSon16  Moulder in Iron FoundryManchester, Lancashire
Alfred EllisSon13  Labourer at Glass WorksBarnsley, Yorkshire
Abode: Worsbrough, Barnsley, Yorkshire Piece: 4609 Folio: 10 Page: 16 Schedule: ??
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Sarah BrailsfordHead81Widow  Ardsley, Yorkshire
William BrailsfordSon46 MarriedCoal MinerWorsbrough Common, Yorkshire
Margaret BrailsfordDauLaw50 Married Barnsley, Yorkshire
Abode: 19, Dunks Buildings, Worsbrough, Barnsley, Yorkshire Piece: 4609 Folio: 12 Page: 19 Schedule: 105
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Henry BrailsfordHead41 MarriedCoal MinerWorsbrough Common, Yorkshire
Elizabeth BrailsfordWife36 Married Barnsley, Yorkshire
Mary BrailsfordDaughter16Unmarried Factory Operative (Linen)Barnsley, Yorkshire
Ann BrailsfordDaughter14  Factory Operative (Linen)Worsbrough Common, Yorkshire
Alice BrailsfordDaughter12  ScholarWorsbrough Common, Yorkshire
Martha BrailsfordDaughter11  ScholarWorsbrough Common, Yorkshire
Ellen BrailsfordDaughter8  ScholarWorsbrough Common, Yorkshire
Elizabeth BrailsfordDaughter5  ScholarWorsbrough Common, Yorkshire
Abode: 2, Mill Gate, Rotherham, Yorkshire Piece: 4671 Folio: 61 Page: 9 Schedule: 47
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Isaac PadgettHead43MarriedGrocerFerry, Lincolnshire
Elizabeth PadgettWife50Married Rotherham, Yorkshire
Charles PadgettStepSon20 Labourer Iron WorksRotherham, Yorkshire
Benjamin PadgettSon15 Labourer Iron Works Errand BoyRotherham, Yorkshire
Elizabeth PadgettDaughter9 ScholarRotherham, Yorkshire
William PadgettSon6  ScholarRotherham, Yorkshire
Abode: 3, Langholm Terrace, Kirkleatham, Guisborough, North Riding Yorkshire Piece: 4843 Folio: 68 Page: 13 Schedule: 63
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
James SidwellHead35MarriedLabour In Iron WorksCoventry, Warwickshire
Sophia SidwellWife46Married Netterton, Worcestershire
George TuckerSon24UnmarriedClerk in Iron WorksTipton, Staffordshire
Samuel TuckerSon19UnmarriedLabour in Iron WorksTipton, Staffordshire
Elizabeth CookNiece15  ScholarTipton, Staffordshire
Mira TuckerDaughter15 Dress MakerTipton, Staffordshire
Harriet ParsonsMotLaw67WidowFormerly Dress MakerCodney Park, Staffordshire
Abode: West Roddymoor, Crook & Billy Row, Durham Piece: 4928 Folio: 41 Page: 2 Schedule: 6
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Spence FarrimondHead43 MarriedCoal MinerStandish, Lancashire
Margaret FarrimondWife39 Married Pemberton, Lancashire
Enoch FarrimondSon18 UnmarriedCoal MinerPemberton, Lancashire
Levi FarrimondSon16 UnmarriedCoal MinerRainford
Stephen FarrimondSon14  Coal MinerPimbo Lane
Josiah FarrimondSon12  ScholarWigan, Lancashire
Ruth FarrimondDaughter6  ScholarRainford
Maria FarrimondDaughter3   Crook, Durham
John CadwallenderBoarder49 UnmarriedCoal MinerCrook, Durham
Abode: Billy Row, Crook & Billy Row, Durham Piece: 4928 Folio: 59 Page: 37 Schedule: 167
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Robert SimpsonHead21 MarriedCoal MinerWillington, Durham
Elizabeth SimpsonWife20 Married Spennymoor, Durham
Richard SimpsonSon3   Castle Eden, durham
John SimpsonSon1   Lanchester, Durham
Abode: 18, Margaret Street, Brandon & Byshottles, Durham Piece: 4952 Folio: 6 Page: 5 Schedule: 23
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Anthony CalvertHead52MarriedCoal MinerWait, Durham
Elizabeth CalvertWife53Married Mosley, Durham
William CalvertSon18UnmarriedDriver & Coal MinerCoxhoe, Durham
Ralph CalvertSon15 ScholarCoxhoe, Durham
John CalvertSon9  Coxhoe, Durham
Anthony WorthingtonGrndSon4   Coxhoe, Durham
Isabell CalvertDaughter20Unmarried Coxhoe, Durham
Abode: Humble Lane, Wingate, Easington, Durham Piece: 4970 Folio: 32 Page: 22 Schedule: 133
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Richard BentonHead39 MarriedCollierStandish, Lancashire
Elizabeth BentonWife40 Married Wigan, Lancashire
Thomas BentonSon22 UnmarriedMinerBrandon, Durham
John BentonSon19 Unmarried Flan Bridge, Durham
Margaret BentonDaughter16   Yorkshire
Elizabeth BentonDaughter14  ScholarSt Helens, Durham
Henry BentonSon8  ScholarWingate, Durham
Peter BentonSon4   Padlington, Lancashire
Abode: 9, North Railway Street, New Herrington, Houghton Le Spring, Durham Piece: 4974 Folio: 59 Page: 44 Schedule: 190
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Joseph MarshHead26MarriedCoal MinerCassop, Durham
Isabella MarshWife26Married Hewworth, Northumberland
Elizabeth MarshDaughter6 ScholarHardley, Durham
Joseph L MarshSon3  West Herrington, Durham
Thomas MarshSon1   West Herrington, Durham

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