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Abode: Imperial House, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire Piece: 2464 Folio: 56 Page: 30 Schedule: 127
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
John HolyoakeHead28Married Confectioner (Baker)Cirencester, Gloucestershire
Alice HolyoakeWife29Married  Cold Aston, Gloucestershire
Arthur HolyoakeSon6   Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Bertie HolyoakeSon5   Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Sidney HolyoakeSon4   Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Margaret HolyoakeDaughter3   Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Dorothy HolyoakeDaughter9m   Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Abode: 28, Gt Norwood St, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire Piece: 2464 Folio: 152 Page: 31 Schedule: 174
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
William J HolysakeHead43 MarriedHay & Corn DealerCoomb End, Gloucestershire
Ellen HolysakeWife37 Married Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Edith HolysakeDaughter18 Single Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Ellen HolysakeDaughter14   Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
William J HolysakeSon10   Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Mary M HolysakeDaughter8   Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Dorothy G HolysakeDaughter5   Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Henry C HolysakeSon3   Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Charlie HolysakeSon2   Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Abode: 5, Warrens Road, Kings Norton, Northfield, Worcestershire Piece: 2805 Folio: 13 Page: 18 Schedule: 93
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Selina BugbyWife31 Married Birmingham, Warwickshire
Selina N BugbyDaughter10   Birmingham, Warwickshire
William J BugbySon9   Birmingham, Warwickshire
Hilda BugbyDaughter8   Birmingham, Warwickshire
Elsie C BugbyDaughter6   Birmingham, Warwickshire
Thomas A BugbyDaughter4   Birmingham, Warwickshire
Leah HarrisServant20SingleServant DomesticDroitwich, Worcestershire
Abode: 48, Hay Green, Northfield, Kings Norton, Worcestershire Piece: 2809 Folio: 26 Page: 8 Schedule: 57
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Richard AllenHead26MarriedBricklayerTregony, Cornwall
Bessie AllenWife24Married Bedminster, Gloucestershire
Beatrice M AllenDaughter3  Barry, Glamorgan, Wales
Jasper AllenSon1   Bowmbrook, Worcestershire
Unnamed AllenDaughter11d  Selly Oak, Worcestershire
Beatrice M AllenSister14  Tregony, Cornwall
Abode: Work House, Northfield, Worcestershire Piece: 2809 Folio: 184 Page: 16 Schedule: 1
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
William J BugbyHead37 InmateGeneral LabourerSimister Newton, Dorset
Abode: 95, Albion Street, Birmingham, Warwickshire Piece: 2824 Folio: 58 Page: 14 Schedule: 69
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Charles TapperHead33 MarriedCoffe House KeeperSturminster Newton, Dorset
Elizabeth TapperWife30 Married Monmouth, Wales
Mabel TapperDaughter8   B´ham, Warwickshire
Rhoda MillwardServant31 SingleAssistantShrewsbury, Shropshire
Kate NewmanServant19 SingleAssistantSturminster Newton, Dorset
Abode: 66, Hyde Road, Birmingham, Warwickshire Piece: 2825 Folio: 34 Page: 12 Schedule: 77
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Emily EborneHead50 Married Birmingham, Warwickshire
Thomas H EborneSon24 SingleMachine Tool TurnerBirmingham, Warwickshire
Minnie G EborneDaughter22 SingleBedstead WrapperBirmingham, Warwickshire
Florence E EborneDaughter21 SingleJewellers Warehouse GirlBirmingham, Warwickshire
Albert E EborneSon19 SingleMachine Screw TurnerBirmingham, Warwickshire
Nellie EborneDaughter16  Jewellers Warehouse GirlBirmingham, Warwickshire
Elsie EborneDaughter14  Jewellers Warehouse GirlBirmingham, Warwickshire
Leonard EborneSon11   Birmingham, Warwickshire
Abode: 60, Osler Street, Birmingham, Warwickshire Piece: 2825 Folio: 60 Page: 19 Schedule: 114
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Lizzie TopperHead45 WidowGrocer ShopkeeperBirmingham, Warwickshire
Lizzie TopperDaughter19   Birmingham, Warwickshire
Mary RobertsMother86Widow Herefordshire
Lizzie CuffNiece11  Birmingham, Warwickshire
Harry RobertsNephew44MarriedBrass FounderBirmingham, Warwickshire
Jas Henry RobertsNephew22SingleWhitedrawer, German SilverBirmingham, Warwickshire
Abode: Birmingham, Warwickshire Piece: 2825 Folio: 87 Page: 30 Schedule: 196
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Alfred NewmanHead36 Married Sturminster Newton, Dorset
Wlena NewmanWife30 Married Birmingham, Warwickshire
Harold NewmanSon2   Birmingham, Warwickshire
Reginald NewmanSon11m   Birmingham, Warwickshire
Abode: 28, Rann Street, Birmingham, Warwickshire Piece: 2829 Folio: 97 Page: 15 Schedule: 101
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Herbert HughesHead44 MarriedForeman (Corporation Health Dept)Coleford, Gloucestershire
Matilda HughesWife46 Married Sturminster Newton, Dorset
Marty HughesDaughter20 SingleTailoressBirmingham, Warwickshire
Love HughesDaughter20 SingleTailoressBirmingham, Warwickshire
Hubert W HughesSon18 SingleGrocers Shop AssistantBirmingham, Warwickshire
Abode: 5, Alston Street, Birmingham, Warwickshire Piece: 2829 Folio: 100 Page: 21 Schedule: 139
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Emily TapperHead58 SingleCook DomesticSturminster Newton, Dorset
Ellen TapperSister54 SingleMachinist DomesticSturminster Newton, Dorset
Abode: 125, Tindal Street, Birmingham, Warwickshire Piece: 2829 Folio: 148 Page: 28 Schedule: 191
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
William TapperHead29 MarriedWarehouseman Steel TubeSherminster Newton, Dorset
Nellie TapperWife29 Married  Birmingham, Warwickshire
Abode: 5, Latimer Street, Birmingham, Warwickshire Piece: 2832 Folio: 150 Page: 7 Schedule: 41
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Harriet ScrivensHead59    Worcestershire
George Scrivens Son13    Birmingham, Warwickshire
Florence ScrivensDaughter15  Coat Maker (Stay)Birmingham, Warwickshire
Leah ScrivensDaughter22 SingleCycle Nickel PlaterBirmingham, Warwickshire
John EvansSonLaw25 SingleGroom & CoachmanBirmingham, Warwickshire
Louisa EvansDaughter25 Single Birmingham, Warwickshire
Louisa EvansGrndDau5m   Birmingham, Warwickshire
Abode: 18, Chequers Walk, Birmingham, Warwickshire Piece: 2833 Folio: 109 Page: 45 Schedule: 275
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Thomas ScrivensHead66 MarriedIron Plate WorkerGloster
Harriett ScrivensWife56 Married Birmingham, Warwickshire
John ScrivensSon24 SingleIron Plate Makers ClerkBirmingham, Warwickshire
Hetty ScrivensDaughter22 SinglePen Manufacturers WarehousewomanBirmingham, Warwickshire
Ada ScrivensDaughter18 SingleMidwifeBirmingham, Warwickshire
Samuel ScrivensSon16 SingleGold JewellerBirmingham, Warwickshire
Walter ScrivensSon13  Port Office BoyBirmingham, Warwickshire
Abode: 45, Gold Cottages, Birmingham, Warwickshire Piece: 2833 Folio: 110 Page: 45 Schedule: 276
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
William SmithHead34 MarriedHospital PorterTipton, Staffordshire
Harriet SmithWife39 Married Birmingham, Warwickshire
Walter SmithNephew7  Northleach, Gloucestershire
William RobertsBoarder17SingleGold JewellerBirmingham, Warwickshire
Abode: 12, Commercial Street, Birmingham Piece: 2833 Folio: 133 Page: 36 Schedule: 230
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
George GouldHead36 MarriedLabourer at Saw MillBirmingham, Warwickshire
Elizabeth GouldWife32 Married Birmingham, Warwickshire
May GouldDaughter12   Birmingham, Warwickshire
Maude GouldDaughter10   Birmingham, Warwickshire
Ethel GouldDaughter9   Birmingham, Warwickshire
George GouldSon8   Birmingham, Warwickshire
Arthur RickettsBoarder20SingleGeneral LabourerBirmingham, Warwickshire
Anne HolmesBoarder21SingleCharwomanBirmingham, Warwickshire
Abode: 31, Bishopgate Street, Birmingham, Warwickshire Piece: 2834 Folio: 64 Page: 19 Schedule: 93
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Richard BrownHead60 MarriedCoffeeshop KeeperFalsworth, Lancashire
Louie BrownWife60 Married Sturminster Newton, Dorset
Abode: Blue Coat School, Birmingham, Warwickshire Piece: 2838 Folio: 167 Page: 9 Schedule: 1
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Rosalind NashInmate11   Birmingham, Warwickshire
Abode: 26, Court 1 House, New John Street, Birmingham, Warwickshire Piece: 2843 Folio: 13 Page: 17 Schedule: 105
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Anne HicksHead23 Married Birmingham, Warwickshire
Richard CarrollBroLaw20 SinglePorter CellarBirmingham, Warwickshire
Frank CarrollBroLaw18 SinglePorter BottlerBirmingham, Warwickshire
Harry HicksBrother20 SingleBrass PolisherAston
Rose HicksSister11   Birmingham, Warwickshire
Abode: 40, Bull Street, Market Hall, Birmingham, Warwickshire Piece: 2845 Folio: 134 Page: 6 Schedule: 38
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Harry PalmerHead44 MarriedHosierBirmingham, Warwickshire
Harriet Ann PalmerWife39 Married Manchester, Lancashire
Mabel Lilian PalmerDaughter17 Single Birmingham, Warwickshire
Sidney Harry PalmerSon15   Birmingham, Warwickshire
Howard PalmerSon12   Birmingham, Warwickshire
Abode: 11, Branston Street, Birmingham, Warwickshire Piece: 2846 Folio: 82 Page: 11 Schedule: 77
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
William T ScrivensHead37 MarriedIron Plate WorkerBirmingham, Warwickshire
Florence ScrivensWife36 Married Birmingham, Warwickshire
Thomas ScrivensSon16  Gold JewellerBirmingham, Warwickshire
Walter ScrivensSon15  Gold JewellerBirmingham, Warwickshire
Harry ScrivensSon13  HomeBirmingham, Warwickshire
Marion ScrivensDaughter8  School BoyBirmingham, Warwickshire
Joseph ScrivensSon2   Birmingham, Warwickshire
Abode: 31, Brookfield Terrace, Brookfields Road, Birmingham, Warwickshire Piece: 2848 Folio: 81 Page: 31 Schedule: 208
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Samson StaitHead51MarriedCarpenterBirmingham, Warwickshire
Mary StaitWife48Married Wolverley, Worcesterkshire
Mary J StaitDaughter16SingleDressmakerWalsall, Staffordshire
Alice StaitDaughter20 SingleWarehouse GirlBurntwood, Staffordshire
Albert W StaitSon17SingleJeweller ApprenticeBurntwood, Staffordshire
Ruth StaitDaughter16 Warehouse GirlBurntwood, Staffordshire
Leonard J StaitSon13 Errand BoyBirmingham, Warwickshire
Frederick W StaitSon11  Birmingham, Warwickshire
Clifford D StaitSon6  Birmingham, Warwickshire
Abode: no 2, Back 102, Willis Street, Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire Piece: 2870 Folio: 90 Page: 1 Schedule: 4
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Harry A BullHead46MarriedRailway Goods PorterMount Bures, Essex
Annie M BullWife40Married N Wales, Montgomery
Frederick J BullSon11  Birmingham, Warwickshire
Gilbert H BullSon10  Birmingham, Warwickshire
George BullSon9  Birmingham, Warwickshire
Annie BullDaughter7   Birmingham, Warwickshire
Abode: 222, Burbury Street, Aston Manor, Birmingham, Warwickshire Piece: 2881 Folio: 160 Page: 23 Schedule: 152
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Samuel GilbertHead42MarriedGold & Silver ChaserBirmingham, Warwickshire
Ann GilbertWife44Married Bewdley, Worcestershire
Elsie GilbertDaughter14 Wholesale Jewellers AssistantBirmingham, Warwickshire
Leonard GilbertSon12  Birmingham, Warwickshire
Lilian GilbertDaughter10  Birmingham, Warwickshire
Leslie GilbertSon9   Birmingham, Warwickshire
Sidney GilbertSon8  Birmingham, Warwickshire
Abode: 82, Carpenters Road, Aston Manor, Birmingham, Warwickshire Piece: 2882 Folio: 9 Page: 10 Schedule: 64
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Albert BrinkworthHead27MarriedCompositor PrintBirmingham, Warwickshire
Selina BrinkworthWife29Married Birmingham, Warwickshire
Arthur BrinkworthSon6  Birmingham, Warwickshire
Elsie BrinkworthDaughter4   Birmingham, Warwickshire
Nathaniel BrinkworthBrother24  Birmingham, Warwickshire
Joseph GilbertVisitor22  Birmingham, Warwickshire
Abode: 170, Wilton, Aston Manor, Birmingham, Warwickshire Piece: 2882 Folio: 159 Page: 39 Schedule: 220
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Robert S MortonHead44MarriedGold Gem FitterLondon
Sarah A MortonWife42Married Birmingham, Warwickshire
Robert W MortonSone10  Aston, Warwickshire
Gertrude MortonDaughter16 Warehouse girl (Brass Works)Handsworth, Warwickshire
Lilian MortonDaughter14  Handsworth, Warwickshire
Nellie MortonDaughter12   Handsworth, Warwickshire
Abode: 39, Victoria Road, Aston Manor, Birmingham, Warwickshire Piece: 2884 Folio: 84 Page: 23 Schedule: 165
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Henry E DyerHead54MarriedCook (Resteraunt)Bristol, Gloucestershire
Julia DyerWife54Married Birmingham, Warwickshire
Henry DyerSon16  House Painter & DecoratorBirmingham, Warwickshire
Hilda DyerDaughter12  Birmingham, Warwickshire
Abode: 10, Grove Road, Nuneaton, Warwickshire Piece: 2901 Folio: 180 Page: 50 Schedule: 289
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Tom HaddockHead31 MarriedBrick LayerGloucester
Emily HaddockWife35 Married Gloucester
Tom R HaddockSon9   Gloucester
Emily HaddockDaughter3   Yorks
William HaddockSon4   Gloucester
Bernard HaddockSon1   Warwickshire
Abode: 31, Drake Street, St Mary, Wigford, Lincoln, Lincolnshire Piece: 3062 Folio: 31 Page: 54 Schedule: 374
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Richard WhiteHead28 MarriedClerk & Schoolmaster Warder Prison ServicePortland, Dorset
Harriette WhiteWife27 Married Greenbottom, Gloucestershire
Eunice WhiteDaughter1   Newcastle, Northamptonshire
Abode: Mattersey Thorpe, Woodhouse, East Retford, Nottinghamshire Piece: 3117 Folio: 47 Page: 20 Schedule: 168
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
George BowerHead53MarriedSmall FarmerMattersey, Nottinghamshire
Jane BowerWife40Married Luddington, Nottinghamshire
Hannah BowerDaughter13  Mattersey, Nottinghamshire
Kathleen BowerDaughter11  Mattersey, Nottinghamshire
Horace BowerSon11  Mattersey, Nottinghamshire
Albert BowerSon6   Mattersey, Nottinghamshire
Abode: 110, Awsorth Road, Ilkeston, Basford, Derbyshire Piece: 3150 Folio: 74 Page: 31 Schedule: 181
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Noah MountainHead67 MarriedLabourer on Pit BankEmley, Yorkshire
Harriet MountainWife59 Married Huddersfield, Yorkshire
Abode: 59, Deptford Street, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Piece: 3191 Folio: 91 Page: 17 Schedule: 105
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Thomas ConnorHead43Married Colliery Lamp RepairerNot Known, Not Known
Alice ConnorWife42Married  Stan Cross, Yorkshire
Emily ConnorDaughter17Single Backhand Dressing RoomsStan Cross, Yorkshire
Kate ConnorDaughter15  Backhand Dressing RoomsSmithus, Yorkshire
Clara ConnorDaughter12   Newstead, Nottinghamshire
Alice ConnorDaughter10   Newstead, Nottinghamshire
Harriett ConnorDaughter8   Newstead, Nottinghamshire
Tom ConnorSon6   Newstead, Nottinghamshire
Clarence ConnorSon4   Newstead, Nottinghamshire
Annie ConnorDaughter2   Newstead, Nottinghamshire
Fred ConnorSon8m   Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
Abode: 11, South Terrace, Chesterfield, Derbyshire Piece: 3247 Folio: 92 Page: 39 Schedule: 202
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Nathan JubbHead25 MarriedRailway ClerkWorsbrough, Yorkshire
Ethel F JubbWife20 Married Monk Bretton, Yorkshire
Abode: 10, Mill Lane, Upholland, Lancashire Piece: 3569 Folio: 18 Page: 28 Schedule: 155
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Arthur BeebyHead37 MarriedLabourer in Brick YardElland, Yorkshire
Jane BeebyWife26 Married Upholland, Lancashire
Mary BeebyDaughter1m   Upholland, Lancashire
Abode: 2, Barrow Street, Prestwich, Lancashire Piece: 3778 Folio: 11 Page: 14 Schedule: 93
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Samuel BradburyHead27 SingleAccountants ClerkPrestwich, Lancashire
Sarah BradburySister25 SisterAssistant School MistressPrestwich, Lancashire
Abode: 34, Newtown Street, Prestwich, Manchester, Lancashire Piece: 3784 Folio: 23 Page: 237 Schedule: 37
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
John LockettHead65 MarriedYarn SalesmanMiddlewich, Cheshire
Ann LockettWife62 Married Hemsworth, Yorkshire
Minnie LockettDaughter35 SingleDress MakerPrestwich, Lancashire
Sarah A LockettDaughter33 Single Prestwich, Lancashire
Fanny LockettDaughter31 SingleTamburgh at BleachworksPrestwich, Lancashire
Lucy LockettDaughter28 SingleSchool TeacherPrestwich, Lancashire
William LockettSon23 SingleBoard SalesmanPrestwich, Lancashire
Abode: 76, Horsedge Street, Oldham, Lancashire Piece: 3814 Folio: 67 Page: 42 Schedule: 311
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Annie JacksonHead32WidowElementary School TeacherShaw, Lancashire
George H KnowlesBoarder28 MarriedTheatrical ManagerSheffield, Yorkshire
Sarah E KnowlesBoarder28 Married Monk Bretton, Yorkshire
Eileen GunnersonDaughter6  Thurlstone, Yorkshire
Abode: Main Street, Warton with Lindeth, Barrow In Furness, Lancashire Piece: 3994 Folio: 72 Page: 30 Schedule: 192
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Thomas GrahamHead37 MarriedEngine Fitter LabourerWhitehaven, Cumberland
Alice GrahamWife22 Married London, Middlesex
Ernest GrahamSon18 SingleCycle Makers ApprenticeBarrow In Furness
Albert GrahamSon16  Labourer Artificial Manure MakingBarrow In Furness
Bertram GrahamSon14  Grocers Van BoyBarrow In Furness
Thomas C GrahamSon9   Barrow In Furness

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