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Welcome to my Web Site

This site is dedicated to spreading the knowledge I have researched about my family and ancestors to other family relations and friends both close to and afar.

This now the third major update as I am now in the process of splitting births, deaths, marriages, census, photo's etc from all four trees as they were literally so many and getting harder to differentiate into which tree the families belonged. I have also added in the 1939 register. Latest updated posted on 27th October 2020

Please keep looking as I will be adding more and more links on the left. They are there but just need tidying up first. I am actively adding more and more data as well as confirming facts so some pages may not be as polished as I would like.I have finally completed a major update to the entire site. It has been totally re-written and all pages have been updated with the latest information.

As the total family tree is so huge with nearly 20,000 names I have split them into four smaller trees, basically the surnames of my children's grandparents. The Generation Links will always default to the Poulton Tree. Selecting the Home option will also reset back to this. However, if you wish to select any of the other trees then click on one of these surnames, Mellor, (My Mothers maiden name), White, (My Wife's Mother's maiden name or Tweed, (My Wife's maiden name). If you are not sure which tree you belong to then just scroll through the Name Index pages on the left and it will automatically bring you to the Tree that you belong to when you select the person you find.

There are many links in most of the pages as well as on the left of this Main Page. All Names are linked, if the family is part of the direct tree, as well as relevant information such as Census, Birth, Marriage and Death Records. These are found in the right column of each page along with many Photo's. Just click on them to be directed to the correct page. If I have a photo of a person there will be a direct link. Just Click on Photo next to the name to be directed there.

I hope the information will fill some missing links in other family genealogy trees and hopefully create new friends and find missing relatives who will help to fill in any missing links I have.

I will try to reveal more than just dates and links but about peoples lives. What did they do for a living? Where did they live? Where did they work? What job did they do? These will include as many photos as I can find, especially of my ancestors themselves and other interesting artefacts. Naturally this will take a little time so please be patient.

I will not intentionally include any personal details for people who are or may still be living.

Please feel free to contact me if you require any information or if you can provide any information I don't have, e.g. Dates, Locations, where were you born, where did you get married, where did you work, what did you do at work, where are our loved ones buried or cremated etc. Photo's and scanned official documents to prove dates and locations would be greatly appreciated.

Please note that just to confuse matters there are three St Mary Churches in the Barnsley area. One in Barnsley itself, another in Worsbrough and the third in Wombwell. There are also two St Peter Churches as well, both very close to each other. One in Tankersley, Sheffield and the other in Hoyland, Barnsley

If I have made any errors, which is very probable, then please let me know. The same goes for any constructive criticism and ideas on how I can improve the site. I am open to any suggestion, even if it means a total redesign.

If you wish to contact me for any reason then email: -



Please contact me if any of the above details are incorrect or you wish to add further information, photos etc.

Correct as at 1st December 2020