William Scrivens #3726

William Scrivens born 1832
(From discharge papers at the National Archives, Kew).

Born in the Parish of Blaisdon near Newham in the county of Gloucestershire.

Attested for 41st Regiment of Foot at Cirencester, Gloucestershire on 5th January 1855 at the age of 23 years. Service in the Regiment 6 years and 164 days during which he served abroad 4 years and 4 months.

       At Malta - 2months

       In the Crimea - 1 year and 2 months.

       In the West Indies - 3 years.

Discharged as being found totally unfit for her Majesty's Service at Regimental Board convened at Aldershot (South Camp?) 18th June 1861.

With regard to the character and conduct of 3781 Private William Scrivens his conduct has been good. He is not in possession of any good conduct badges. He has never been tried by courts martial.

            Signed with his mark X 17th June 1861.

Service  - 41st Regiment of Foot - Private - 5th January 1855/ 31st March 1857 - 2 years 86 days

                        "                      - Private - 1st April 1857 17th June 1861         - 4 years 78 days


                                                                                                                   6 years 164 days

                                                 Further service from 18th June 1861 -                        29 days


                                                                                                                   6 years 193 days

Medical Report

       Private William Scrivens became affected with double Inguinal Hernia while employed in the Public works at Newcastle, Jamaica in 1858. It was probably caused by lifting heavy weights coupled with predisposition and relaxing climate. The affectation does not appear to have been either caused by or aggravated by vice or intemperance.

Signed J. Abbot, Apt. Surgeon 41st Regiment.

Opinion of Principal Medical Officer at Chatham 28th June 1861 - Having examined Private William Scrivens I am of the opinion he is unfit for further service in consequence of double rupture.

Horse Guards 16th July 1861

Discharge of the man above mentioned is approved by the General Commander in Chief.

Final Description of 3781 William Scrivens of 41st Regiment when discharged at Chatham this 16th July 1861.

       Age                      29 years 3 months.

       Height                  5' 7"

       Complexion           Fair.

       Eyes                     Grey.

       Hair                      Dark Brown.

       Trade                    Labourer.

       Marks or scars.       Pitting with small pox.


Leonard Cecil Owen

Union C, Royal Navy Service in World War II 30 Jan 1941 HMS Royal Arthur, Skegness 05 Mar 1941 HMS Drake, Devonport 05 Apr 1941 HMS Kenya @ Greenock on the Clyde (Kenya had docked on 31st March after Atlantic convoy duty. Kenya sailed to rejoin CinC in the Bay of Biscay to search for Scharnhorst & Gneisenau but transferred to 10th Cruiser Squadron and diverted to Scapa Flow, arriving 18th April. Operation BLACK patrolling Faeroes - Iceland. Operation SN71 escorting 1st Minelaying Squadron. 29 April 1941 Home Fleet Base 1st half May 1941 Operations SN9A & SN9B escorting minelayers Faeroes - Iceland 22nd May 1941 King George V, aircraft carrier Victorious, 2nd Cruiser Sqn (Kenya, Galatea, Hermione & Aurora) & others set out to find Bismarck 23rd May Denmark Straight calm 12 Apr 1946 HMS Drake 09 Jul 1946 Discharged Raids etc. Vaagso, Norway Vardo, Finland Surabaya, Java Port Blair, Andaman Islands Padang, Sumatra Sigli, Sumatra Sabang, off Sumatra Ramree, off Burma Cheduba, off Burma Malta Convoys Russian Convoys Supply Ships (2) Scharnhorst Patrol Black Patrol Bismark Hunt Places Visited Skegness, Devonport, Plymouth, Greenock, Glasgow, Scapa Flow, Iceland, Faroe Isles, Rosyth, Edinburgh, Murmansk, Gibralta, Malta, Freetown, Capetown, Simonstown, Killindini, Mombasa, Durban, Manza Bay, Colombo, Trincomalee, Palk Bay, Madras, Bombay, Mauritius, Port Louis, Vagcua, South Shields, North Shields, Exmouth Gulf, Freemantle, Perth, Chittagong, Cox's Bazaar, Calcutta, Sechelles, Casa Blanca, Sheerness, Chatham, London, Maidstone HMS Kenya - a Fiji Class Second World War Cruiser HMS Kenya was the fifth of 11 Fiji Class Cruisers; she was the first of two laid down at the Stephen Yard, on 18th June 1938. She was launched on 18th August 1939 and completed on 27th September 1940. Leonard Owen joined her as a Supplier (and Crypto Operator) from 5th April 1941 until 12th April 1946. HMS Kenya was broken up in 1962. The Fiji Class displaced 8,530t standard; 10,459t (later 10,830-11,090t) deep load. They were approx 164m long x 19m wide x over 6m high, mean deep load. Up to 1,700t of oil was carried for the four Admiralty 3-drum boilers, which produced 72,500 shaft horse power through the 4-shaft Parsons geared turbines; top speed was 31.5 knots. These vessels were more compact than previous 6in ships and considered in October 1941 to be the best pattern for future cruisers. The belt protected the 6in ammunition spaces and was here 3.5in reduced to 3.25in by the machinery where it was taken to the upper deck. The armour deck was 2in over the belt with l.5in-l.25in over the steering gear, and there was 1.5in on the transom stern. Except for their armour, the 6in turrets and ammunition spaces were as in the Edinburgh class but the after turrets were one deck lower and the HA ammunition supply was much improved. Tactical diameter was 75Oyds at l4kts. Catapults and aircraft were not fitted to HMS Kenya. Main armament was twelve 6in 50 Mk XXIII guns mounted in four turrets. The 'X' turret was removed from HMS Kenya in 1945; the original pompoms were replaced by 5 twin and 8 single 40mm Bofors. Kenya was torpedoed near the stem during the evening of 12th August 1942 whilst on Operation Pedestal: the relief of Malta. It was whilst working in the damage party in the bow that Leonard Owen is believed to have inhaled some of the damaged 18in thick asbestos which caused his death from mesothelioma (cancer of the lining of the lung) many years later.


Thomas Brailsford #904

1st March 1810

His Majesty 76th Regiment of Foot whereof General Sir Thomas Musgrave is Colonel

These are to certify that Thomas Brailsford, Private in Captain Wm Bramptons Company in the Regiment aforesaid; born in the Parish of Saint Marys in, or the town of Nottingham in the county of Nottingham was enlisted at the age of seventeen years, four months and hath served in the said regiment for the space of two years eighty five days, as well as in other Corps, after the age of eighteen, according to the following statement but in consequence of being Blind from Ophthalmia is rendered unfit for further service and is hereby discharged having first received all just demands of pay, clothing & c from his entry inot the said regiment, to the date of his discharge, as appears by the receipt on the back hereof

And to prevent any improper use being made of the discharge, by its falling into other hands, the following said “Thomas Brailsford”. He is about twenty one years of age, is five feet five inches in height, brown hair, grey eyes, fair complexion, by trade a Framework knitter.

Statement of Service

What Corp                      Period                      Private                      Total Service

76th Regiment                 8 Apr 1807                 2 yrs 285 days             2 285

                                     17 Jan 1810

nb. A deduction of 8 months service in consequence of being under the age of 18 when enlisted

Given under my hand and seal of the Regiment at Ipswich the seventeenth day of January 1810

John Corrill     Major Com

I Thomas Brailsford do acknowledge that I have received all my clothing, arrears and all just demands whatsoever from the time of my enlisting in the Regiment mentioned on the other side, to this day of my discharge.

As witness my hand this 17 day January 1810

William Lincoln     Thomas his X mark Brailsford

I do hereby certify that the cause which has rendered it necesscary to discharge the within mentioned Thomas Brailsford as stated on the opposite side, has not arisen from vice or misconduct and that he is not to my knowledge, incapacitated by the Sentence of a General Court Martial from receiveing his pension.

"A well behaved man"

Lewis Dirty Surgeon     John Corrill     Major Commanding


Joseph William Jagger #5527

No. 26485 Christian Names.....Joesph William.....Surname.....Jagger

Corps.....Foot Guards (Grenadier Guards)

1. What is your name?... ... ... ... ...
2. What is your full Address?... ... ... ...
3. Are you a British Subject?... ... ... ...
4. What is your Age?... ... ... ... ...
5. What is your Trade or Calling?... ... ...
6. Are you Married?... ... ... ... ...
7. Have you ever served in the Forces?...



1. Christian Names.....Joseph William
2. 68 Freehold St
3. Yes
4. 29.....Years.....5.....Months
5. Pig Dealer
6. No
7. No

30 Aug 1916

Girth when full expanded.....37.....inches
Range of expansion.....2.....inches
On demob 31st March 1920


Louis Christian Jensen #5481

No. 2129183 Christian Names.....Louis Christian.....Surname.....Jensen

1st Depot Battalion.....Manitoba Regiment

1. Surname
2. Christian Name
3. Present Address
4. Military Service Act Letter and Number.
5. Date of Birth
6. Place of Birth
7. Married, widower or single
8. Religion
9. Trade or Calling
10.Name of next-of kin
11. Relationship of next-of-kin
12. Address of next-of-kin
13. Whether at present a member of Militia

Apparent Age
Chest Measurement Fully expanded
Chest Measurement range of expansion


Louis Christian
Sifton Post Office, Manitoba, Canada
534905 JC
October 11th 1894
Carberry, Manitoba, Canada
Jens Jensen
Sifton Post Office, Manitoba, Canada

23 yrs 3 mths
5 ft 8½ ins
39½ ins
5½ ins
Dark Brown

January 9th 1918

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