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8375Oakham, Craig Dylan Gloucester, GloucestershireStill Living
8374Oakham, Graham George Gloucester, GloucestershireStill Living
5989Oakley, Craig UnknownUnknown
5990Oakley, Darren G UnknownUnknown
5988Oakley, Peter UnknownUnknown
2833Oates, Albert Barnsley, Yorkshire1868
11870Oates, Albert William Liverpool, Lancashire1924
11874Oates, David Liverpool, Lancashire1951
12614Oates, Anthony Rotherham, YorkshireStill Living
11876Oates, Audrey F Liverpool, Lancashire1927
12613Oates, David J Rotherham, YorkshireStill Living
2104Oates, Elizabeth Emley, Wakefield, Yorkshire1730
11882Oates, Ellen E Barnsley, Yorkshire1912
2836Oates, Ernest Oxtaby Barnsley, Yorkshire1876
13430Oates, Ernest Longbottom Barnsley, Yorkshire1910
11868Oates, Frank Liverpool, Lancashire1907
2832Oates, George Henry Barnsley, Yorkshire1865
7211Oates, George Arthur Barnsley, Yorkshire1881
11864Oates, Harold Nelson Barnsley, Yorkshire1900
11880Oates, Helena Barnsley, Yorkshire1905
2837Oates, Herbert Barnsley, Yorkshire1878
13428Oates, Herbert Longbottom Barnsley, Yorkshire1905
11867Oates, Herbert Manchester, Lancashire1906
7112Oates, Lilian Barnsley, Yorkshire1870
9064Oates, Lucy Barnsley, Yorkshire1918
11886Oates, Mabel Ecclesall, Sheffield, Yorkshire1914
13427Oates, Mary Selina Barnsley, Yorkshire1904
11865Oates, May Barnsley, Yorkshire1902
11878Oates, May Liverpool, Lancashire1939
11873Oates, Michael T Liverpool, Lancashire1949
12612Oates, Peter Rotherham, YorkshireStill Living
11881Oates, Reginald Barnsley, Yorkshire1907
13429Oates, Rosa Barnsley, Yorkshire1909
7113Oates, Rose Barnsley, Yorkshire1870
7212Oates, Rowland Barnsley, Yorkshire1883
9063Oates, Rowland Barnsley, Yorkshire1912
11883Oates, Samuel E Barnsley, Yorkshire1914
11871Oates, Thomas James Liverpool, Lancashire1926
2834Oates, Walter Barnsley, Yorkshire1871
9062Oates, Wilfred Barnsley, Yorkshire1909
2831Oates, William Royston1836
2835Oates, William Thomas Barnsley, Yorkshire1873
11863Oates, William Henry Barnsley, Yorkshire1897
5365O'Connor, Mary H Wisconsin, America1883
472O'Kane, Chloe IrelandStill Living
471O'Kane, Peter IrelandUnknown
9213Oddy, Emily Northowram, Halifax, Yorkshire1882
7505Ogden, Blake Peter AustraliaStill Living
7504Ogden, David Edward UnknownStill Living
7506Ogden, Kody Kevin AustraliaStill Living
5673Oldfield, Agnes Lindley, Huddersfield, Yorkshire1892
5677Oldfield, Arthur Huddersfield, Yorkshire1913
10462Oldfield, Callum Doncaster, YorkshireStill Living
11919Oldfield, Clara Wombwell, Barnsley, Yorkshire1889
5675Oldfield, Edgar Lindley, Yorkshire1898
8830Oldfield, Fred Lindley, Huddersfield, Yorkshire1903
10461Oldfield, Gary UnknownUnknown
5674Oldfield, Joseph William Lindley, Yorkshire1896
10463Oldfield, Kyle UnknownStill Living
5676Oldfield, Lucy Ainley Top, Elland, Halifax, Yorkshire1901
8831Oldfield, Martha Lindley, Huddersfield, Yorkshire1906
8832Oldfield, Mary Ann Lindley, Huddersfield, Yorkshire1909
5672Oldfield, Samuel Lindley, Yorkshire1866
4024Oldridge, Aaron William UnknownStill Living
4023Oldridge, Christina UnknownStill Living
3914Oldridge, Gregory UnknownStill Living
3912Oldridge, Karen UnknownStill Living
3913Oldridge, Kay UnknownStill Living
3911Oldridge, Lorraine UnknownStill Living
3910Oldridge, Terrence UnknownUnknown
1287Oliver, Evelyn Patricia CanadaStill Living
1289Oliver, James David CanadaStill Living
1286Oliver, Jane Dianne CanadaStill Living
1285Oliver, John Douglas CanadaUnknown
1288Oliver, John William CanadaStill Living
965Oliver, Stephen UnknownUnknown
3487O'Neill, Doreen Elaine Perth, Australia1933
3030O'Neill, Karen B PontefractStill Living
496O'Neill, Liam IrelandUnknown
3486O'Neill, Thomas UnknownUnknown
7548Oreilly, Elizabeth Goode Zeta Blanche Australia1890
12195Orchin, Dorothy Gertrude Mary Wandsworth, London1913
12194Orchin, Francis Albert Frederick Elsecar, Barnsley, Yorkshire1909
12193Orchin, Frederick James Asker Croydon, Surrey1876
9577Orrell, Margaret UnknownUnknown
2747Orrin, Kezia Colchester1856
3498Osborne, Donna UnknownUnknown
4224O'Shea, Daniel John Hardman Ormskirk, LancashireStill Living
4222O'Shea, David John SouthportStill Living
4220O'Shea, Deanna Lynette SouthportStill Living
4225O'Shea, Grace Louise Hardman Ormskirk, LancashireStill Living
4221O'Shea, Kerry Louise SouthportStill Living
4218O'Shea, Michael John SouthportStill Living
4219O'Shea, Wayne Michael Plymouth, DevonStill Living
10477Osbourne, Megan UnknownUnknown
4196Ostcliffe, Ann Elsecar1881
10555Outram, Hannah Penistone, Yorkshire1786
8026Outred, Susan Ruth UnknownStill Living
8351Owen, Alison Mary Twyning, GloucestershireStill Living
8368Owen, Alston Robert Hitchen, HertfordshireStill Living
8369Owen, Alwyn James YorkStill Living
8320Owen, Annie Elizabeth Cheltenham, Gloucestershire 1883
8346Owen, Ann Elizabeth Cheltenham, GloucestershireStill Living
12387Owen, Arnold Ecclesall Bierlow, Sheffield, Yorkshire1889
8350Owen, Barbara Judith Nailsworth, GloucestershireStill Living
4576Owen, Beatrice Sheffield, Yorkshire1928
8322Owen, Bessie Aston Blank, Gloucestershire1887
8327Owen, Charles Holyoake Aston Blank, Gloucestershire1895
8373Owen, Christie Helen Eastbourne, SussexStill Living
8336Owen, Elizabeth Claire Bristol districtStill Living
12388Owen, Eric Sheffield, Yorkshire1923
9798Owen, Florence Wilmott Aston Blank, Gloucestershire1893
8319Owen, George Albert Wilmott Bristol, Gloucestershire1854
8323Owen, George Wilmott Aston Blank, Gloucestershire1888
8330Owen, George James Cheltenham, Gloucestershire1921
8332Owen, James Watson Cheltenham, Gloucestershire1927
8338Owen, James UnknownUnknown
8372Owen, Jamie Robert Eastbourne, SussexStill Living
8334Owen, Janet Susan Bristol districtStill Living
8321Owen, Kate Aston Blank, Gloucestershire1885
8331Owen, Leonard Cecil Cheltenham, Gloucestershire1923
8370Owen, Lorna Ann GermanyStill Living
8325Owen, Mabel Amy Aston Blank, Gloucestershire1890
8326Owen, Mary May Aston Blank, Gloucestershire1894
8340Owen, Melanie UnknownUnknown
8347Owen, Patricia Rosamund Cheltenham, GloucestershireStill Living
8335Owen, Richard James Bristol districtStill Living
3082Owen, Rita Charlotte Australia1904
8349Owen, Robert Leonard Nailsworth, GloucestershireStill Living
8348Owen, Rosemary Patricia Cheltenham, GloucestershireStill Living
8324Owen, Winifred Dorothy Aston Blank, Gloucestershire1889
8341Owen, Yvette UnknownUnknown
3166Owens, Agnes AustraliaUnknown
3218Owens, Ann Barnsley, Yorkshire1828
651Owens, Thomas Barnsley, YorkshireUnknown
12507Oxley, Alan A Barnsley, Yorkshire1928
9276Oxley, Annie Elizabeth Penistone, Yorkshire1908
6723Oxley, Arthur Penistone, Yorkshire1922
13175Oxley, Brenda Dewsbury, YorkshireStill Living
7225Oxley, Ellen Elizabeth Sheffield, Yorkshire1866
12508Oxley, Enid Penistone, Yorkshire1930
5558Oxley, Ernest Dewsbury, Yorkshire1913
12509Oxley, Eric Penistone, Yorkshire1933
9277Oxley, Esther Penistone, Yorkshire1909
5678Oxley, George Morley, Dewsbury, Yorkshire1878
6720Oxley, George Henry Penistone, Yorkshire1905
6722Oxley, Harry Penistone, Yorkshire1916
13174Oxley, Harry Dewsbury, Yorkshire1935
6721Oxley, Herbert Penistone, Yorkshire1906
6725Oxley, Kathleen Penistone, Yorkshire1928
6724Oxley, Mary Penistone, Yorkshire1925
12816Oxley, Peter Barnsley, YorkshireStill Living
5679Oxley, Sally Penistone, Yorkshire1913
12815Oxley, Samuel UnknownUnknown
12592Oxpsring, Muriel Barnsley, Yorkshire1908
2418Oxtaby, Albert Barnsley, Yorkshire1868
2211Oxtaby, Ann Barnsley, Yorkshire1823
8991Oxtaby, Arnold L Sheffield, Yorkshire1918
12965Oxtaby, Basil Barnsley, Yorkshire1924
7210Oxtaby, Blanche Barnsley, Yorkshire1887
2213Oxtaby, Elizabeth Barnsley, Yorkshire1829
8989Oxtaby, Elsie Lilian Barnsley, Yorkshire1910
9944Oxtaby, Frederick Barnsley, Yorkshire1891
2208Oxtaby, George Barnsley, Yorkshire1815
2841Oxtaby, George Edward Barnsley, Yorkshire1879
9945Oxtaby, George Barnsley, Yorkshire1894
8990Oxtaby, Gladys E Barnsley, Yorkshire1912
2648Oxtaby, Harry Barnsley, Yorkshire1852
9946Oxtaby, Harold Barnsley, Yorkshire1896
2417Oxtaby (Hammerton), Henry (Harry) Barnsley, Yorkshire1866
2840Oxtaby, Herbert Harry Barnsley, Yorkshire1877
12966Oxtaby, Hazel Barnsley, Yorkshire1927
3017Oxtaby, James Barnsley, Yorkshire1836
7208Oxtaby, Jane Ann Barnsley, Yorkshire1882
12453Oxtaby, Jean M Barnsley, Yorkshire1932
2210Oxtaby, John Barnsley, Yorkshire1822
2647Oxtaby, Mary Ann Barnsley, Yorkshire1843
7209Oxtaby, Mary Alice Barnsley, Yorkshire1884
11861Oxtaby, Martha Jane Barnsley, Yorkshire1848
12967Oxtaby, Molly Barnsley, Yorkshire1931
9947Oxtaby, Reginald Barnsley, Yorkshire1901
12451Oxtaby, Reginald Barnsley, Yorkshire1922
2209Oxtaby, Sarah Barnsley, Yorkshire1819
12452Oxtaby, Sybil Barnsley, Yorkshire1926
2206Oxtaby, Thomas Buxton, Derbyshire1793
8992Oxtaby, Walter R Sheffield, Yorkshire1924
2212Oxtaby, William Barnsley, Yorkshire1826
2611Oxtaby, William Barnsley, Yorkshire1844
9943Oxtaby, Willie Barnsley, Yorkshire1889

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