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10232Vavasor, Mary Kentc1575
3609Verhoog, Aaltje Catharina UnknownUnknown
7732Verren, Claire Francine BlackpoolStill Living
7731Verren, Gareth John BlackpoolStill Living
7730Verren, Raymond M UnknownStill Living
7733Verren, Shaun BlackpoolStill Living
11605Viau, Joseph Paul donner Ottowa, Ontario, Canada1914
5523Vignon, Charles Henry Fernand Manchester1882
5522Vignon, Henri Francois C France1859
11193Vincent, Annie Winterborne Clenston, Dorset1866
10443Vine, Vanessa Forest of Dean, GloucestershireStill Living
6873Vowles, Albert Filton, Gloucestershire1881
7167Vowles, Albert Hallen, Gloucestershire1884
6869Vowles, Alfred Filton, Gloucestershire1871
7121Vowles, Alfred William Filton, Gloucestershire1882
6871Vowles, Alice Filton, Gloucestershire1873
7171Vowles, Ann Eliza Henbury, Gloucestershire1894
7169Vowles, Arthur Henbury, Gloucestershire1890
7126Vowles, Arthur Bristol1897
3890Vowles, Brian Charles BristolStill Living
3781Vowles, Charles Filton, Gloucestershire1877
8707Vowles, Dora Phyllis S Bristol, Gloucestershire1906
3826Vowles, Dorothy Linda May Vowles Bristol1912
4000Vowles, Emily Lydia BathStill Living
7124Vowles, Ernest Edward Filton, Gloucestershire1891
13333Vowles, Frances M Bristol, Gloucestershire1915
3780Vowles, George Filton, Gloucestershire1829
7065Vowles, George Filton, Gloucestershire1863
7168Vowles, George Henbury, Gloucestershire1888
7063Vowles, Henry William Filton, Gloucestershire1858
7064Vowles, James Filton, Gloucestershire1861
7120Vowles, James Henry Filton, Gloucestershire1880
3996Vowles, James Edward BathStill Living
7062Vowles, John Filton, Gloucestershire1856
7122Vowles, John Filton, Gloucestershire1885
6868Vowles, Joseph Filton, Gloucestershire1868
7170Vowles, Joseph Henbury, Gloucestershire1891
3827Vowles, Kenneth Charles Bristol1914
7125Vowles, Mabel Bristol1894
6872Vowles, Mary Ann Filton, Gloucestershire1875
3999Vowles, Rebecca Theresa BathStill Living
7166Vowles, Rose Henbury, Gloucestershire1883
7123Vowles, Rosetta Martha Filton, Gloucestershire1888
8706Vowles, Rosetta Edith H Bristol, Gloucestershire1901
7172Vowles, Sidney Henbury, Gloucestershire1895
6870Vowles, Thomas Filton, Gloucestershire1873
13332Vowles, Violet G Clutton, Somerset1913
6867Vowles, William Filton, Gloucestershire1865

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