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NoNameAgeDiedBuried OccupationWhere DiedAbodeRelationship ParishWhere BuriedPieceFiche PageNoPlot
11099Robert Tapper  160110/09/1601     Irwine CourtneySt Mary PE/IWC: RE1/1Fiche147  
11100Elizabeth Semer  160829/06/1608     MarnhullSt Gregory PE/MAL: RE 1/1Fiche 11  
11110James Tapper  165919/02/1659    Son of RichardIrwine CourtneySt Mary PE/IWC: RE1/1Fiche385  
11207James Tapper  166128/07/1661    Son of RichardIrwine CourtneySt Mary PE/IWC: RE1/1Fiche3912  
11106Edward Tapper  166423/10/1664    Son of RichardIrwine Courtney St MaryPE/IWC: RE1/1Fiche398   
11111Richard Tapper  168020/01/1680     Irwine CourtneySt MaryPE/IWC: RE1/1 Fiche 28  
11113Katherine Tapper  168723/07/1687     Irwine CourtneySt MaryPE/IWC: RE1/1 Fiche 10  
11118William Tapper  169808/12/1698    Son of Edward & MargaretIrwine CourtneySt Mary PE/IWC: RE1/1Fiche 10   
11109Kath Tapper  170716/05/1707    Wife of RichIrwine CourtneySt Mary PE/IWC: RE1/1Fiche 10   
11107Christian Freeman  171131/07/1711     Irwine CourtneySt MaryPE/IWC: RE1/1 Fiche    
11105Richard Tapper  171419/01/1714     Irwine CourtneySt MaryPE/IWC: RE1/1 Fiche 9  
11108Henry Freeman  172808/10/1728     Irwine CourtneySt MaryPE/IWC: RE1/1 Fiche    
11123Mary Tapper  173425/02/1734    Dau of John and Eliz Irwine CourtneySt MaryPE/IWC: RE1/2Fiche17 7  
11117Edward Tapper  173708/02/1737    Son of EdwardIrwine CourtneySt Mary PE/IWC: RE1/2Fiche1744  
11112Edward Tapper  174717/03/1747     Irwine CourtneySt Mary PE/IWC: RE1/2Fiche2610  
11134John Tapper  175608/11/1756    Son of John & Sarah Irwine CourtneySt Mary PE/IWC: RE1/2Fiche346  
11133Jane Tapper  175608/11/1756    Daughter of John & Sarah Irwine CourtneySt MaryPE/IWC: RE1/2 Fiche347  
11130Sarah Tapper  177522/05/1775    Wife of JohnIrwine Courtney St MaryPE/IWC: RE1/2 Fiche5141  
11125John Tapper  178614/11/1786     Irwine CourtneySt Mary PE/IWC: RE1/2Fiche5750  
11141Samuel Tapper51 181027/12/1810     Irwine CourtneySt Mary PE/IWC: RE1/3Fiche 28  
11129James Tapper78 181106/01/1811     Irwine CourtneySt Mary PE/IWC: RE1/3Fiche 29  
11143James Tapper 50181031/10/1815 Iwerne Courtney   Irwine CourtneySt MaryPE/IWC: RE4/1 Fiche324  
11135Robert Tapper 57181929/11/1819 Brought from St Andrew, Milbourne   Irwine CourtneySt MaryPE/IWC: RE 4/1 Fiche861  
11132William Tapper Snr 70182414/12/1824 Blandford Forum   Blandford ForumSt Peter & St PaulPE/BF: RE 9 Fiche72570  
11136Margaret Tapper88 183629/03/1836 Blandford Forum  Wife of WilliamBlandford ForumSt Peter & St Paul PE/BF: RE 9Fiche    
8581John Turk 78184523/01/1845 Sturminster   Sturminster NewtonSt MaryPE/SN: RE4/2 Fiche117936  
4041Thomas Shore71 184505/02/1845 Ardsley   ArdsleyChrist Church Ardsley1429  
7031Betsy Tapper 4m185918/04/1859 Sturminster Newton   Sturminster NewtonSt MaryPE/SN: RE4/2 Fiche1911522  
11208James Ridout 28185920/04/1859 Sturminster Newton   Sturminster NewtonSt MaryPE/SN: RE4/2 Fiche1911523  
9390Walter Hey4 186911/06/1869 Upper Waterside   HolmfirthHoly TrinityD50/1/22? 2431937AA90
8028Caroline Fish71  07/12/1884 Mapplewell   DartonAll SaintsD62/1/18? 755  
8034Charles Fish77  07/09/1887 Smithies   DartonAll SaintsD62/1/18? 37293  
728Ernest Scrivens13m  09/11/1898     PenistoneSt John       
727Charles Jessop11w  18/02/1899     PenistoneSt John   S3  
673Lillian Gummerson13 18/10/1901 23/10/1901 Mill Lane, Thurlstone   WombwellSt Mary, 8/ud55415074  
2225George Hammerton71 1904 14/08/1904 Lewden   WorsbroughSt MaryPR3/6242151719  
633Jane Gummerson63  15/10/1904     PenistoneSt JohnD28/301 35?  
632Charles Gummerson69  13/10/1908     PenistoneSt JohnD28/30264?  
8619Robert Surtees58  02/04/1912 High Street   DodworthSt JohnD25/22? 1371094  
641Charlotte Jessop76  25/04/1916          S19  
640John Jessop77  11/02/1919          S20  
984William Jessop1m  04/07/1922 Wilthorpe Avenue, Barnsley  Son of WilliamMonk BrettonSt Paul   961931I88
556Alice J L Scrivens41  25/01/1924     PenistoneSt John    S27  
808George Gummerson63  28/05/1924ClerkBeckett Hospital, Barnsley   Monk BrettonSt Paul   1002024D11
222James E Jessop29  06/06/1927StokerPeel Place, Old Mill, Barnsley   Monk BrettonSt Paul   1092192j88
212Alfred Scrivens66  01/09/1928           S30  
24Alfred Edward Scrivens45  16/03/1929Gas Worker5, Milner's Court, Old Mill, Barnsley   Monk BrettonSt Paul   42768D8
213Betsy Scrivens69  14/02/1933           S34  
203Thomas White26  03/05/1933Miner114, Honeywell St   BarnsleyCemetery    17910X755
197William White59  18/02/1941Fitter114, Honeywell Street, Barnsley   BarnsleyCemetery    20019X755
234Ethel Jessop48  21/05/1943 48, Smithies Lane, Barnsley  Wife of J. C. JessopMonk BrettonSt Paul   961855G116
215George Henry Scrivens55  26/01/1949     PenistoneSt John     1A230
535Elma Jessop59  29/03/1950 75, Harold Avenue, Lundwood St Mary MagdaleneWife of Walter JessopBarnsley Cemetery   8826 13607
362Walter Henry Scrivens46  12/04/1950Foundry WorkerWoodland View, Thurlstone   PenistoneSt John    46521R321
188John Charles Jessop70  11/09/1956Retired48, Smithies Lane, BarnsleyBarnsley  Monk BrettonSt Paul  35 834G116
224Walter Jessop73  15/09/1956Retired80, Gawber Rd, BarnsleySt Mary Magdalene  BarnsleyCemetery    6778313607
82Enoch Williams84  13/06/1957Retired Miner7, Monsal Crescent, Athersley Carlton Monk BrettonSt Paul   37874D8
25Sarah Elizabeth Williams71  15/08/1958 7, Monsal Crescent, AthersleyCarlton WidowMonk BrettonSt Paul  41 965D8
199Esther White73  15/12/1967 The Views, Gawber RdSt Mary WidowBarnsleyCemetery    73033X755
621William Jessop76  11/06/1968RetiredMarsh Lane, ArkseyDoncaster  Monk BrettonSt Paul   701670I113
22Herbert White61  22/01/1975Miner20, Highfield Av, Athersley   BarnsleyCrematorium       
552John William Jessop77  22/05/1998RetiredBarnsley General Hospital 2, Stone St. Honeywell Monk BrettonSt Paul     G16


May Betton Jessop80  31/03/2000RetiredBarnsley General Hospital Galtee More Nursing Home Monk BrettonSt Paul     G16


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Correct as at 1st December 2020