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17th December 1882St Paul Church, Monk Bretton Fiche: D61/11 Schedule: 1 Page: 124 Schedule: 248
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
178Henry Ellis19 BachelorMinerMonk Bretton Jas Ellis: DeceasedBoiler Maker
179Mary Brailsford18 Spinster Clif Brig Henry BrailsfordGardener
5th March 1883St John Church, Barnsley Fiche: D/199/2/9 Schedule: 3 Page: 155 Schedule: 310
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
607John Ellis21 BachelorMinerNew Street James EllisBoiler Maker
6130Emma Leach19 Spinster New Street Richard LeachLabourer
In the Presence of Robert Davidson and Alice Ellis
14th April 1883St Wilfrid Church, Standish Film: 1526141 Schedule: 4 Page: 35 Schedule: 7
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
176Richard Poulton26 BachelorCollierStandish William PoultonDec: Sailor
177Mary Ann Lythgoe26 Spinster Standish Joseph LythgoeDec: Collier
6th August 1883Christ Church, Ince Fiche: # Fiche No: # Page: 162 Schedule: 324
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
10876Peter James France23 BachelorJoinerSpring View Joseph FranceJoiner
11226Louisa Austin23 Spinster Green Lane, Ince William AustinDraughtsman
8th December 1883All Saints Church, Hindley Fiche: # Fiche No: # Page: 74 Schedule: 148
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
1952Thomas Schofield22 BachelorCollierNew RoadWilliam SchofieldCollier
1939Mary Worthington23 Spinster Chapel Green Joseph FranceCabinet Maker
In the presence of William Worthington and Margaret Worthington
29th August 1886St Catherine Church, Wigan Fiche: # Fiche No: # Page: 75 Schedule: 149
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
10932Samuel Spencer19 BachelorMiner27, Birkett Street Samuel SpencerUnder Looker
10879Elizabeth France19 Spinster Whelley Joseph FranceCabinet Maker
In the presence of Joseph France and Mary Boughton
30th June 1888All Saints Church, Silkstone, Barnsley Fiche: D/137/24 Fiche No: 2 Page: 66 Schedule: 132
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
7204George Walker20 BachelorIron TurnerQuarry Street James WalkerWeaver (Dec)
603Alice Brailsford20 Spinster Barnsley Henry BrailsfordGardener
In the Presence of Ernest Turton and Ann Brailsford
2nd October 1890St John Church, Barnsley Fiche: D/199/2/10 Fiche No: 2 Page: 61 Schedule: 122
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
6853George White25 BachelorGrocers AssistantNew Street John WhiteBlacksmith
602Ann Brailsford24 Spinster Cope Street Henry BrailsfordGardener
8th September 1891St John Church, Barnsley Fiche: D199/2/10 Fiche No: 2 Page: 92 Schedule: 134
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
6862Joseph Silverwood20 BachelorMiner40, Copper StreetJohn SilverwoodMiner
605Ellen Brailsford19 Spinster 84, Cope Street Henry BrailsfordGardener
In the Presence of Henry Brailsford and Sarah Ann Jessop
6th July 1892St John Church, BarnsleyFiche: D199/2/10 Fiche No: 3 Page: 109 Schedule: 218
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
3377John Henry Altass23 BachelorMiner84, Cope StreetHinsley AltassMiner
604Martha Brailsford22 Spinster 84, Cope Street Henry BrailsfordGardener
In the Presence of Ernest Turton and Alice Silverwood
10th August 1892Christ Church, Ince Film: # Schedule: # Page: 24 Schedule: 47
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
10878Allan France28 BachelorBrewer351, Warrington Road Joseph FranceDec: Carpenter
10929Mary Boughton26 Spinster Manchester RoadJoseph BoughtonBrickmaker
In the Presence of James France and Ellen Boughton
3rd June 1893St Mary Church, Ince Fiche: D55/4 Fiche No: # Page: 151 Schedule: 301
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
10876Peter James France34 WidowJoiner7, Sharp Street Joseph FranceDec: Joiner
11228Jane Williams32 Spinster 7, Sharp StreetRobert WilliamsDec: Collier
18th November 1893St Helens Church, Prescot Fiche: # Fiche No: # Page: 154 Schedule: 308
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
1656Joshua Lythgoe25 BachelorMinerStandish James Hy LythgoeMiner
1054Mary Ann Fildes22 Spinster 16, Wilcock StreetJames FildesLabourer
In the Presence of John Edward Leighton and Alice Fildes
12th April 1896St Mary Church, Barnsley Fiche: D121/37 Fiche No: 2 Page: 96 Schedule: 192
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
801Henry Cawley24 BachelorBoot RivetterHigh Street Thomas CawleyWeaver
924Lilly Hewitt29 Spinster High StreetJohn HewittEngine Tenter
25th December 1896St John Church, Barnsley Fiche: D199/2/10 Fiche No: 5 Page: 219 Schedule: 438
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
3378William Padgett22 BachelorLithographerCope StreetIsaac PadgettMiner
606Elizabeth Brailsford21 Spinster Cope Street Henry BrailsfordGardener
19th February 1898St John the Evangelist Church, Abram Film: 1885643 Film No: # Page: 52 Schedule: 104
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
10954John France24 BachelorCollierBickershaw John FranceDec: Collier
11315Mary Jane Peake18 Spinster Hindley GreenThomas PeakeFireman
31st August 1903St Paul Church, Walkden Fiche: # Fiche No: # Page: 208 Schedule: 416
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
12269William Herbert Barker26 BachelorGrocerGreat LeverEbenezer BarkerGrocer
7193Annie Worthington27 Spinster Walkden William WorthingtonDec: Clerk
3rd October 1903St Mary Church, Barnsley Fiche: D121/38 Fiche No: # Page: 172 Schedule: 344
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
801Henry Cawley32 BachelorStriker10, High Street ThomasWeaver
9037Edith Walker22 SpinsterDomestic ServantNo 2 Court 3, Somerset Street JabezLabourer
18th October 1903Chowbent Unitarian Chapel, Atherton Fiche:   Fiche No: # Page: 4 Schedule: 7
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
6458Georeg Kershaw Ryder21 BachelorMechanic at Cotton MillWhite Horse Hotel, Elliot Street, Tyldesley Thomas RyderHotel Keeper
11520Sarah Jane Mullineaux23 Spinster 366 Hindsford Terrace, AthertonRichard MullineauxMill Manager
25th December 1907St Matthew Church, Chadderton Fiche: # Fiche No: # Page: 227 Schedule: 454
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
8775Joshua Wood19BachelorCotton Operative Middleton RoadJoshua WoodLabourer
1955Elizabeth Worthington21Spinster  Middleton RoadRichard WorthingtonCotton Operative
In the Presence of Samuel Worthington and Elizabeth Wood
24th February 1908All Saints Church, Dewsbury Fiche: D9/43 Fiche No: # Page: 1 Schedule: 1
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
6451Harold Grounds26 BachelorBelting ManufacturerCarr Street, Cleckheaton JohnGentleman
7513Annie Hepworth23 Spinster Eightland HotelJosephPublican
In the Presence of George Kershaw Grounds
1st August 1908St Matthew Church, Chadderton Fiche: # Fiche No: # Page: 3 Schedule: 15
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
1954Samuel Worthington24BachelorLabourer Middleton RoadRichard WorthingtonPacker
12277Ada Livsey26 Spinster Middleton RoadGeorge LivseyDec: Fireman
In the Presence of John Livsey and Elizabeth Wood
26th Jul 1909St Paul Church, Walkden Fiche: # Fiche No: # Page: 74 Schedule: 148
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
12279John Howell23BachelorBrick Layer Bennett HallJames HowellDec: Joiner
7196Ellen Worthington24Spinster  Mayfield AvenueWilliam WorthingtonDec: Chemical Analyst
In the Presence of William Herbert Barker and Annie Barker
15th August 1910St John Church, Barnsley Fiche: D/199/2/12 Fiche No: 2 Page: 102 Schedule: 204
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
612William Alfred Ellis20 BachelorTrammer34, Thomas StreetAlfredCoal Miner
1196Florence Boocock18 Spinster 8, Providence StreetGeorgeCoal Miner
20th August 1910St John the Baptist Church, Dodworth Fiche: D25/13 Fiche No: # Page: 28 Schedule: 56
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
12290Alfred Allen21 BachelorMiner11, South StreetWilliam AllenMiner
613Elizabeth Ann Ellis18 Spinster DodworthAlfred EllisMiner
5th June 1911St Matthew Church, Highfield, Pemberton Fiche: # Fiche No: # Page: # Schedule: #
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
10890Joseph Prior22Bachelor? 2, Whithill St, BrynJames PriorCollier
10884Matilda France Lyon21Spinster  135, Billing RoadHenry LyonDec: Joiner
In the Presence of James Prior and Ada France Lyon
14th August 1911St Mary Church, Barnsley Fiche: D121/39 Fiche No: 4 Page: 211 Schedule: 421
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
339James Ellis21 BachelorMoulder57,James Street, Barnsley HenryLabourer
340Frances Glover19 Spinster 57,James Street, BarnsleyWilliam HenryCollier
25th August 1913St Edward the Confessor Church, Barnsley Fiche: D208/1/3 Fiche No: # Page: 73 Schedule: 146
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
9413Newman Wainwright29 BachelorGroom11, Havelock StreetJosephCab Proprieter
6863Sarah Elizabeth Silverwood22 Spinster 11, Havelock Street JosephDeceased
In the Presence of Percy Altass and Lily Walker
23rd January 1915Christ Church, Pendlebury Fiche: L164/1/2/4 Fiche No: # Page: 39 Schedule: 78
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
6466James Edward Blears33BachelorEngine Driver Old Farmers, Shakerly, TyldesleyEdward BlearsHorse Keeper
6461Betsy Ryder27Spinster  Caxton House, Pendlebury Road, PendleburyThomas RyderInn Keeper
1st April 1918St Peter Church, Barnsley Fiche: D199/1/8 Fiche No: # Page: 9 Schedule: 18
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
1001John Billingham26 BachelorMinerWorsborough Dale Charles BillinghamMiner
12748Mary Philpot21 Spinster 2, Sunderland TerraceArthur PhilpotDec: Drayman
In the Presence of John Wm Philpot and Edna Jagger
28th January 1922St Matthew Church, Highfield, Pemberton Fiche: # Fiche No: # Page: 166 Schedule: 331
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
10889Charles Albert France Lyon23BachelorCollier 135, Billinge Rd, PembertonHenry LyonDec: Joiner
10900Jane Bissell23SpinsterWinder 35, East Manchester Rd, Little HultonJosia BissellCollier
In the Presence of Edward Bissell and Ada France Lyon
17th December 1923St Mary Church, Barnsley Fiche: D121/41 Fiche No: 4 Page: 189 Schedule: 377
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
40Frank Poulton30 BachelorMiner13, James St, Worsbrough Dale Richard PoultonDeceased Miner
41Annie Ellis25 Spinster 24, The Arcade Henry EllisEngine Cleaner
16th December 1928St Mary Church, Barnsley Fiche: D99//2/14 Fiche No: 4 Page: 203 Schedule: 405
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
9080John Silverwood23 BachelorLawyer13, Duke Street, Barnsley Joseph SilverwoodDec: Coal Miner
12761Lucy Marshall29 SpinsterDomestic Servant13, Duke Street, BarnsleyWalter MarshallEngine Cleaner
In the Presence of Walter Silverwood and Elizabeth Marshall

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