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22nd April 1593St Mary Church, Iwerne Courtney Fiche: PE/IWC: RE1/1 Page: 12 Schedule: 11
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
11099Robt Copper       
11100Elizabeth Barrowes       
9th October 1634St Mary Church, Iwerne Courtney Fiche: PE/IWC: RE1/1 Page: 20 Schedule: 6
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
11103Richard Tapper       
11104Margaret Leason       
29th May 1658St Mary Church, Iwerne Courtney Fiche: PE/IWC: RE1/1 Page: 37 Schedule: 5
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
11105Richard Tapper       
11109Katherine Fanner       
9th October 1685St Mary Church, Iwerne Courtney Fiche: PE/IWC: RE1/1 Page: # Schedule: 7
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
11108Henery Freeman       
11107Christian Tapper       
12th February 1690St Mary Church, Iwerne Courtney Fiche: PE/IWC: RE1/1 Page: # Schedule: 2
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
11112Edward Tapper       
11115Margaret Lottle       
21st April 1747Wimborne Minster Church, Dorset Fiche: PE/WM: RE1/3 Page: # Schedule: 6
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
11125Jon Tapper       
11130Sarah Petty       
9th December 1754St Mary Church, Iwerne Courtney Fiche: PE/IWC: RE3/1 Page: 1 Schedule: 2
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
11129James Tapper    O.T.P.  
11137Mary Korly    O.T.P.  
29th Janury 1776Blandford Forum Church, Dorset Fiche: PE/BF: RE 4 Page: 80 Schedule: 12
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
11132William Tapper    Shroten  
11136Margaret Pottell    O.T.P.  
11th June 1792St Mary Church, Sturminster Newton Fiche: PE/SN: RE 3/1 Page: 100 Schedule: 398
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
8581John Turk    O.T.P.  
8582Elizabeth Spencer    O.T.P.  
16th July 1792St Mary Church, Iwerne Courtney Fiche: PE/IWC: RE 3/1 Page: # Schedule: 1
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
11141Samuel Tapper    O.T.P.  
11147Martha Isaac    O.T.P.  
24th February 1800All Saints Church, Great Addington Fiche: 3P/4 Page: # Schedule: 85
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
6379Thomas Beeby    O.T.P.  
6380Hannah Fettit    O.T.P.  
23rd January 1816St Peter Church, Pimperne Fiche: PE/PIM: RE3/2 Page: 4 Schedule: 11
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
11163John Tapper    O.T.P.  
11167Mary Whitmarsh    O.T.P.  
21st January 1822St Mary Church, Sturminster Newton Fiche: PE/SN RE 3/3 Fiche No:   Page: 36 Schedule: 107
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
8577William Turk    O.T.P.  
8578Margaret Fudge    O.T.P.  
In the presence of Sarah Fudge and John Tapper
25th November 1827All Saints Church, Cawthorne Fiche: D148/1/15 Fiche No: 1 Page: 29 Schedule: 2
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
838George Gomersall    Silkstone  
839Sarah Fountaine    O.T.P.  
1st March 1832All Saints Church, Silkstone Fiche: D37/16 Fiche No: 5 Page: 210 Schedule: 630
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
8034Charles Fish  Widow O.T.P.  
3695Caroline Hey Gommersall  Single O.T.P.  
11th May 1834Sturminster Newton, Dorset Fiche: PE/SN RE 5/1 Fiche No: 5 Page: 11 Schedule: 1
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
2582John Newman    Sturminster, Dorset  
2583Elizabeth Cron    Sturminster, Dorset  
11th November 1834St Andrew Church, Frocester Fiche: GDR/V1/358 Fiche No: 1/7 Page: 20 Schedule: 59
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
3741George Adams  Widow O.T.P.  
3695Letitia Scrivens  Single O.T.P.  
24th December 1839St Mary Church, Sturminster Newton Fiche: PE/SN RE 5/1 Fiche No:   Page: 3 Schedule: 15
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
7030William Tapper    Sturminster John Tapper 
7031Betty Turk    Sturminster William Turk 
27th November 1843St George Church, Barnsley Fiche: D96/23 Fiche No: # Page: 71 Schedule: 141
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
8051Charles GarrityFull BatchelorWeaverBarnsley Mary DaviceIllegitimate
6623Harriet HeyFull Spinster Barnsley Richard HeyFarmer
4th April 1844St Mary Church, Sturminster Newton Fiche: PE/SN RE 3/4 Fiche No:   Page: 38 Schedule: 76
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
8583John TurkFull BatchelorLabourerSturminster John TurkLabourer
11604Charlotte RawlesFull Spinster SturminsterAmbrose RawlesTailor
In the presence of Joseph Rawles and John Tapper
24th September 1852St Mary Church, Sturminster Newton Fiche: PE/SN RE 3/4 Fiche No: # Page: 91 Schedule: 181
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
11208James Ridout22Batchelor LabourerSturminster, DorsetJames RidoutLabourer
11174Eliza Tapper20Spinster  Sturminster, DorsetJohn TapperLabourer
4th October 1853St Mary Church, Sturminster Newton Fiche: PE/SN RE 3/4 Fiche No: # Page: 99 Schedule: 197
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
11172James Thorne TapperOf AgeBatchelor LabourerSturminster NewtonJohn TapperLabourer
11175Matilda AndrewsOf AgeSpinster  Sturminster NewtonGeorge AndrewsLabourer
2nd July 1855St John The Baptist Church, Penistone Fiche: D28/15 Fiche No: 4 Page: 187 Schedule: 373
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
2887Martin HeyFull BachelorFarmerNether Thong Richard HeyFarmer
7518Elizabeth KenworthyMinor Spinster Penistone George KenworthyShoe Maker
1st June 1857St Mary Church, Sturminster Newton Fiche: PE/SN RE 3/4 Fiche No: # Page: 122 Schedule: 244
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
8579Henry JackFull BatchelorLabourerSturminster Newton William JackLabourer
11548Thirza FishFull Spinster Sturminster NewtonJohn FishLabourer
In the Presence of Amelia Fish and Charles Turk
4th July 1859All Saints Church, Darton Fiche: D62/1/11 Fiche No: # Page: 246 Schedule: 492
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
11366Noah MountainFull BachelorMinerMapplewellHenry MountainLabourer
8035Harriet FishFull Spinster Mapplewell Charles FishLabourer
24th September 1860St Mary Magdalene Church, Greenwich Fiche: # Fiche No: # Page: 32 Schedule: 64
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
11778George SudlowOf Age BatchelorGardenerHare StreetHenry SudlowGardener
11156Mary Ann TinhamOf Age Spinster Hare Street George TinhamMalster
In the Presence of John Tinham and Sarah Tinham
18th July 1861St Mary Church, Sturminster Newton Fiche: PE/SN RE 3/4 Fiche No:   Page: 153 Schedule: 306
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
7030William TapperFull WidowLabourerSturminster, Dorset John TapperLabourer
8588Virtue FudgeFull Spinster Sturminster, Dorset Benjamin FudgeLabourer
28th September 1863St Mary Church, Barnsley Fiche: D121/32 Fiche No: 2 Page: 82 Schedule: 164
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
640John Jessop23 WidowerJoinerBarnsley William JessopPorter
641Charlotte Beeby23 Spinster Barnsley John BeebyLabourer
26th November 1863St Mary Church, Sturminster Newton Fiche: PE/SN RE 3/4 Fiche No: # Page: 171 Schedule: 341
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
8591John BugbyFull BatchelorLabourerSturminster NewtonJohn BugbyLabourer
8432Lore TapperFull Spinster Sturminster Newton William TapperLabourer
In the Presence of John Newman and Leah Tapper
15th November 1864St Mary Church, Sturminster Newton Fiche: PE/SN RE 3/4 Fiche No:   Page: 180 Schedule: 359
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
11199William NewmanFull WidowerLabourerSturminster, Dorset William NewmanLabourer
11174Eliza RidoutFull Widow Sturminster, Dorset John TapperLabourer
In the presence of William Tapper
12th May 1866All Saints Church, Loose Fiche: # Fiche No: # Page: # Schedule: #
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
11159George TinhamFull Batchelor   George Tinham 
13026Hannah FroudFull Spinster  George Henry Froud 
1st April 1867St George Church, Barnsley Fiche: D96/25 Fiche No: 2 Page: 86 Schedule: 171
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
3763George Brook26 BachelorHusker?Longcar StreetJohn BrookDeceased
956Jane Jessop19 Spinster Longcar Street William JessopPorter
In the Presence of John Jessop
21st October 1869St Mary Church, Sturminster Fiche: PE/SN: RE 3/4 Fiche No: # Page: 205 Schedule: 406
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
12081Charles GoddardFull BachelorLabourerSturminsterLevi GoddardLabourer
2587Elizabeth NewmanFull Spinster Sturminster John NewmanLabourer
In the Presence of Philip Goddard and Esther Goddard
19th February 1871St George Church, Barnsley Fiche: D96/25 Fiche No: 4 Page: 187 Schedule: 374
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
3764William Ellis20 BachelorWeaverOak StreetGeorge EllisDeceased
666Jane Beeby21 SpinsterWeaverLongcar Street John BeebyBrick Maker
21st December 1872All Saints Church, Darton Fiche: D62/1/12 Fiche No: # Page: 166 Schedule: 332
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
8040Charles Fish23 BachelorEngine TenderMapplewell Charles FishLabourer
8042Harriet Snidall22 Spinster Mapplewell Samuel SnidallMiner
19th February 1874St John The Baptist Church, Halifax Fiche: D53/1/118 Fiche No: 1 Page: 128 Schedule: 255
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
8131William Holroyd21 BachelorCloth FinisherFixby Benjamin HolroydManufacturer
7519Margaret Hey19 Spinster Huddersfield Martin HeyInn Keeper
28th March 1875All Saints Church, Silkstone Fiche: D137/22 Fiche No: # Page: 122 Schedule: 244
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
421Thomas Sanderson20 BachelorMinerBarnsleyThomas SandersonMiner
422Ellen Nortcliffe19 Spinster Barnsley Thomas NortcliffeQuarryman
25th December 1879St John Church, Ladywood, Birmingham Fiche: DRO 82 Fiche No: # Page: 137 Schedule: 273
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
7033John Turk TapperFull BachelorLabourerO.T.P. William TapperLabourer
10497Lizzie RobertsFull Spinster O.T.P.William RobertsCoach Harness Plater
In the Presence of Richard Brown and Love Brown
21st June 1880All Saints Church, Batley Fiche: D37/28 Fiche No: # Page: 132 Schedule: 263
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
11530William Gatenby24 WidowFinisherBatley Carr, Batley William GatenbyBit Extractor
2657Sarah Nortcliff23 Spinster Batley Carr, Batley Thomas NortcliffMiner
17th June 1882St John The Baptist Church, Penistone Fiche: D28/17 Fiche No: 3 Page: 157 Schedule: 314
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
793Francis Beever20 BachelorLabourerThurlstoneRalph BeeverLabourer
792Sarah Jessop17 Spinster Thurlstone John JessopJoiner
28th October 1882 St John The Baptist Church, Penistone Fiche: D28/17 Fiche No: 4 Page: 164 Schedule: 327
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
182William Jessop18 BachelorJoinerThurlstone John JessopJoiner
183Leonora Alberta Gummerson17 Spinster Thurlstone Charles GummersonEngine Driver
18th June 1883St Mary Church, Barnsley Fiche: D121/35 Fiche No: 1 Page: 36 Schedule: 72
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
888George White26 BachelorDyerBarnsley William WhiteDeceased
990Sarah Ann Kenworthy18 Spinster BarnsleyJonathan KenworthyMiner
25th August 1883St George Church, Barnsley Fiche: D96/26 Fiche No: 4 Page: 206 Schedule: 412
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
419Benjamin Hobson22 BachelorMinerBarnsley Luke HobsonLabourer
420Mary Ann White20 Spinster Barnsley William WhiteFactory Man
11th November 1883St Paul Church, Birmingham Fiche: DRO 35 Fiche No: # Page: 85 Schedule: 170
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
11827William Thomas Scrivens19 BachelorIron Plate WorkerWater Street Thomas ScrivensIron Plate Worker
11830Florence Smith19 Spinster Water StreetSydney SmithJeweller
In the presence of Thomas Scrivens and Ann Smith
26th March 1887Holy Trinity Church, Drybrook Fiche: P109 IN 1/8 Fiche No: # Page: 48 Schedule: 95
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
10322Philip Griffiths21 BachelorMinerGreenbottomJohn GriffithsMiner
3774Martha Scrivens21 Spinster Greenbottom William ScrivensCoal Miner
7th February 1888Parish Church, Thurgoland Fiche: D158/6 Fiche No: 3 Page: 124 Schedule: 247
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
6856Thomas Houghland28 BachelorFarmerBird LaneRichard HoughlandFarmer
568Lavinia Ann Scrivens23 SpinsterServantPule Hill Timothy ScrivensGardener
22nd July 1888St Asaph Church, Birmingham Fiche: DRO/16 Fiche No: # Page: 243 Schedule: 486
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
8385George Gould22 BachelorSawyer206, Irving Street Timothy GouldMarket Sandman
709Elizabeth Scrivens19 Spinster 206, Irving Street Henry Emmanuel ScrivensIron Plate Worker
30th September 1888St Nicholas Church, Greenwich Fiche: p97/nic/015 Fiche No: # Page: 235 Schedule: 471
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
13041William Dolby22 BachelorLabourerBath Road, PlumsteadGeorge DolbyLabourer
11780Edith Ludlow21 Spinster Bath Road, Plumstead George LudlowDec: Labourer
In the Presence of Frederick william Ludlow and Annie Marie Coomber
28th February 1889All Saints Church, Silkstone Fiche: D37/24 Fiche No: 1 Page: 94 Schedule: 188
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
8619Robert Surtees36 BachelorRope InspectorGill Royd Alexander SurteesJoiner
8059Agnes Hey29 Spinster 10, Snow Hill William HeyCattle Dealer
23rd February 1890All Saints Church, Silkstone Fiche: D137/24 Fiche No: 3 Page: 130 Schedule: 259
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
642John Jessop22 BachelorJoiner107, Spring Gardens John JessopJoiner
6855Kate Caroline Higgins19 Spinster 20, Sheffield Road Charles HigginsForeman Bricklayer
In the Presence of Francis Beever and Ellen Elizabeth Higgins
3rd September 1890St Mary Church, Sturminster Newton Fiche: PE/SN: RE 3/5 Fiche No: # Page: 64 Schedule: 127
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
11204Thophilus Newman20 BachelorBakerSturminster Newton William NewmanLabourer
11791Martha Goddard19 Spinster Sturminster Newton Charles GoddardLabourer
27th December 18908St John the Baptist Church, Barnsley Fiche: D199/2/10 Fiche No: 2 Page: 70 Schedule: 139
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
661David Beeby56 WidowYeast Dealer83, Healisfield John BeebyLabourer
1152Ann Daley56 Widow 51, HealisfieldRobert DurantWeaver
In the Presence of William Durant
28th December 1891St Augustine Church, Scissett Fiche: D142/4 Fiche No: # Page: 7 Schedule: 13
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
8152Albert Hey31 BachelorFarm LabourerSkelmanthorpe Henry HeyFarmer
8645Jane Hinchliffe28 Spinster Skelmanthorpe Robert HinchliffeGas Maker
10th January 1893Christ Church, Gloucester Fiche: P154/3 IN 1/6 Fiche No: # Page: 201 Schedule: 401
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
3829Samuel Peart24 BachelorLabourer40, Lower Westgate StreetWilliam PeartLabourer
3785Ellen Seriven23 Spinster Brunswick Square John ScrivensLabourer
In the presence of John Scrivens and Emily Clapham
15th January 1893St Mary Church, Cheltenham Fiche: # Fiche No: # Page: 187 Schedule: 373
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
8285John Charles Holyoake20 BachelorBaker193, High Street Charles HolyoakeGardener
8293Alice Louise Packer21 Spinster 20, Great Norwood StreetJob PackerRetired Tradesman
In the presence of Charles Holyoake and Kate Annie Holyoake
24th December 1894All Saints Church, Darton Fiche: D62/1/3 Fiche No: # Page: 184 Schedule: 368
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
11381Elias Walden23 BachelorMinerCarltonEdward WaldenMiner
8043Sarah Elizabeth Fish20 Spinster Staincross Charles FishColliery Engineer
In the presence of Joseph Henry Gurder and Charlotte Fish
12th September 1899St John The Baptist Church, Penistone Fiche: D28/18 Fiche No: 5 Page: 235 Schedule: 470
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
731Nathan Charles Jubb23 BachelorRailway ClerkChesterfield William James JubbEngineer Wright
639Ethel Fellowes Gummerson22 Spinster Penistone Charles GummersonEngineer
22nd August 1900St John The Baptist Church, Penistone Fiche: D28/19 Fiche No: 1 Page: 10 Schedule: 19
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
734George Henry Knowles27 BachelorTheatrical ManagerOldhamGeorge WatsonPlumber
637Sarah Elizabeth Gummerson27 Spinster Thurlstone Charles GummersonEngineer
In the Presence of Minnie Gummerson
24th December 1900All Saints Church, Darton Fiche: D62/1/14 Fiche No: # Page: 33 Schedule: 65
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
11406John Thomas Hall24 BachelorColliery LabourerStaincrossJohn Thomas HallStoker
8044Charlotte Fish23 Spinster Staincross Charles FishEngine Tenter
In the presence of Theophilus Fush and Elsie Grace Rose
14th February 1901St Thomas Church, Gawber Fiche: D202/2/1 Fiche No: # Page: 230 Schedule: 460
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
13054Walter Elland30 BachelorPawn BrokerDoncasterWilliam EllandCoal Merchant
8607Annie Hey20 Spinster Redbrook John Thomas HeyFarmer
In the presence of John Portenson and Annie Hey
19th May 1902St Mary Church, Barnsley Fiche: D121/38 Fiche No: # Page: 110 Schedule: 219
NoNameAgeStatus OccupationAbodeFatherOccupation
8062Joseph Hey22 BachelorBleacherGawber William heyDeceased
9082Florence Smart21 SpinsterDomestic Servant43, Rock Street Thomas SmartDeceased

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