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IDNameBornWhere BornGenderDate TimePlaceCityCountyCertificateAge FatherMotherStatusOccupation
5365Mary H Silverwood   Female16/01/1960  Madison Dane35378     
5281Charles Silverwood09/10/1883 Fall River, Massachusetts 08/09/1962   Massachusetts       Foreman
4986Percy W Silverwood   Male21/08/1964   Massachusetts 2821177     
5361Charles Zehner21/10/1889  Male31/10/1973   Eagle River, VilasWisconsin3707784     
5391Betty Herr04/12/1904 Remainder of WorldFemale19/06/1980 Southeastern Ohio Reg Med Ctr  Guernsey4315475   Married 
5697Cyril J Sibbring12/04/1897 Remainder of WorldMale30/01/1985 Home ZanesvilleMuskingum616887   MarriedSalesman
5695William Levi Herr15/12/1901 United StatesMale17/04/19903:47pmSoutheastern Ohio Reg Med Ctr CambridgeGuernsey2803288Herr  WidowedGrocery Salesman
5392Sarah Sibbring10/10/1906 Remainder of WorldFemale20/12/199610:15amCare HomeZanesville Muskingum10011890Silverwood StewartWidowedHousewife


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Correct as at 1st December 2020