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Will of Peter Werden
It is the first will printed in the Plymouth Court Records.
The last will and testament of Peter Werden, of Yarmouth, ye elder deceased, proved at ye General Court held at Plymouth, the 5th Day of March, in ye 13th year of ye reign of our sovereign Lord Charles 1, King of England etc., 1638, by ye oathes of Mr Nicholas Sympkins, Hugh Tillie, & Giles Hopkins... as followeth.
"Be it knowne unto all men to whome this doth or may concerne, that I, Peter Werden, of Yarmouth, in New England, in Plymouth Patten being very sicken in this yeare of our Lord 1638, and on ye 9th day of February, do make my last will to testify unto all that I, Peter Werden, do give and bequeath unto Peter Werden, my only sonne, and sone and heir, and in the presence of Nicholas Sympkins, Hugh Tillie, and Giles Hopkins, I do make him my whole Executor, to whom I do give all my lands, leases, tenements with good movable and unmovable in the town of Clayton in the county of Lankesteer [sic]. Likewise I do give unto Peter, my sonne, all my goods which I have at this present in New England. My will is my son is to give John Lewis one Nate Goate, also my will is my sonn is to give my grandchild such money as is due for the keeping of Goates and Calves until this day and that my sonn is with the money to buy John a kid or dispose it otherwise for his use. Also one bed or bolster, 3 blankets, also my sonn is to have the tuition of my grandchild until he be at the age of one and twenty years of age, also my will is he shall fynd him with meate, drink and clothes, and at the three last years of the 21 years also to have 40 shillings the year after and above, for to add to his stock with a sowe pigg when the sowe piggs."


I Kenelm Winslow of the town of Harwich, in county of Barnstable, and province of Massachusetts Bay, in New England on 28th December 1715. To wife Damaris the house, barn and new orchard, fruit of two pear trees in old orchard, land where house stands and adjoins eastward and northward with all meadows lying on the northeast thereof, a part of his common or undivided lands for firewood or fencing as she needs, use of cartway through his land to post road for carting wood...set provisions for arbitrating rental rates if she and son Kenelm could not agree should she decide to marry or live with one of the children.
After her death, son Kenelm to have her portion. Divided the rest of his moveable estate in two parts, one to Damaris as long as she remains a widow, the other half to his three daughters Damaris, Elizabeth, and Elenor to be divided among them equally. If Damaris was to remarry, the first part was to be divided, one half to Damaris, the remainder equally to each of the three daughters. Gave 1/8 of one whole share to daughter Mercy White with 1/8 part of one share of his cedar and spruce swamp, and 25 acres of the 200 acre addition in Rochester. To son John Winslow all land and meadow, fresh and salt in the great neck, 1/8 part of one share of undivided land in Rochester, and 1/8 share of his cedar and spruce swamp, and 25 acres of the 200 acre addition in Rochester. To sons Josiah, Samuel, Nathaniel and Edward mentions they already received their full portions, and an earlier deed to Mercy gave her what, with what she received in his will, a full portion.
Set procedures to follow if any of the legatees were to die without heirs: If one of the sisters was to die, that portion to be divided among the remaining sisters. If son John were to die, his portion to be divided among all the children, except the eldest would have a double portion.


Dr Nathaniel Worden will was signed at Greenwich, Fairfield, Connecticut on 30th August 1737 and probated 7th November 1738. The substantive provisions are best quoted directly: "to wife Marget 1/3 of all of my movable estate forever and all my lands excepting ye right and lott which I bought of John Marshall Jr. and likewise my now dwelling house to her my sd loving wife all which above premises unto her my sd wife during ye term of time she remains my widow and at her decease or marriage then my sd house and lands to return to my loving sons Roger and Gabriel Wordens their heirs and assigns forever to be equally divided between them; to son Daniel Worden all that right and lot that I bought of John Marshall Jr. of Greenwich by reason lot makes up his double portion; to son Nathaniel Worden 5 s by reason I have already gave his portion to him; to son Jobe Worden ye sum of five s by reason I have already gave his portion to him; to daughter Elizabeth wife of Jonath Merritt 5 s by reason I have already gave her portion to her; to daughter Thankful wife of Sam Worden 5 s by reason I have already gave her portion to her; the island now known as Capts island be sold and ye money of ye purchase to be equally divided between my daughters Hopestill and Marget Wordens.".


Hammerton, Stephen The will of Stephen Hammerton late of the City of Coventry Gentleman deceased who died 29 March 1866 at the City aforesaid was proved at Birmingham by the oaths of Elizabeth Hammerton of the City aforesaid Widow the Relict Henry Hammerton of the City aforesaid Ribbon Finisher the Son and George Newark of the City aforesaid Timber Merchant of the Executors. Effects under £1000.


Hammerton, George The Will with one Codicil of George Hammerton (the Elder) late of Wolston in the County of Warwick who died 15 September 1880 at Wolston was proved by George Hammerton of Princethorpe in the County of Warwick Farmer and Arthur Hammerton of Wolston Gentleman the Sons the Executors. Personal Estate under £1,500.


HAMERTON, Chisnall the reverend Chisnall of the Peel Hellifield Yorkshire and of Ribblesdale Dorking Surrey clerk died 6 February 1894 at Ribblesdale Probate London 8 March to Bertha Hamerton widow and Henry Phillipson Spottiswoode solicitor Effects £29329 8s 2d.


HAMERTON, Bertha of 32 Craven-street Charing Cross Middlesex widow died 20 December 1898 at 55 Welbeck-street Middlesex Probate London to Henry Phillipson Spottiswoode solicitor Effects £3392 0s 9d.

HAMMERTON, Edward of 17, Guilford-terrace Dover esquire died 9 June 1901 at Shepherdswell new Dover. Probate London 6 August to Matilda Lisette Caroline Hammerton widow and Sire Edward Wellaston Knocker knight C.B. Effects £1617 17s 4d. Resworn December 1901 £1711 5s 2d.


ELLIS, Luther of Huddersfield-road Skelmanthorpe Huddersfield died 6 September 1906 at Leeds Administration Wakefield 5 February Ada Ellis widow. Effects £62.


HAMERTON, Chisnall tof 9 Claremont-terrace Sunderland died 6 October 1908 at Harrogate Probate Durham 21 December to Elizabeth Rose Hamerton widow. Effects £16633 19s 3d.


HAMMERTON, William Yates of Viewlands, South Elmsall, Doncaster died 19 February 1914. Administration Wakefield 2 April to Albert Hammerton confectioner. Effects £528 6s 2d.


KAY, Lewis James Senior of 23 Whitby-road Bradford died 29 April 1919 Probate Wakefield 28 May to Sarah Kay widow. Effects £1409 3s 10d


JAGGER, Joseph William of 63 Freehold-street Leeds died 17 December 1924 at the General Infirmary Leeds Administration Wakefield 30 January to Emily Jane Jagger widow. Effects £614 12s 4d.


POTTS, Thomas Worthington of Wycliffe, Edgley-road Stockport, Cheshire died 23 September 1925 at Craig House, Edinburgh N.B. Probate London 27 November to Elizabeth Potts Widow. Effects £4532 0s 5d.


FISHER, Beaumont of 186 Dewsbury road Wakefield died 9 March 1943 Probate Wakefield 11 June to Mary Ann Fisher widow, effects £584 10s.


BEEVERS, Dan of 128 Bungalow Ackton-Road Castleford Yorkshire died 27 January 1943 Probate Wakefield 5 May to Walter Beevers Foreman boilersmith and Beatrice Lunn (Wife of George Lunn). Effects £815 8s 10d.


GUMMERSON, Frank Arthur of 5 Malcom Street, Leeds died 12 December 1943 at 123 Beckett Street Leeds Administration Wakefield 9 February to Martha Gummerson widow. Effects £206 17s 3d.


IRONSIDE, Herbert Cyril of 107 Moore-road Mapperley Carlton Nottinghamshire died 5 February 1944 on war service Administration Nottingham 20 September to Dorothy May Hodgson. Effects £721 0s 4d.


HAMMERTON, Bingley of Deanholme Butt Lane Farnley Leeds died 1st September 1959 at St James Hospital Burmantofts Leeds Administration Wakefield 25 September to Nellie Bearpark and Alice Wilson married women. Effects £3295 14s 11d.


HAMMERTON, Charles of Stockwell Green Surrey died 29 October 1903. Probate London 17 December to Frank Fremlin and Stanley Langhorne Powell brewers and Charles William Stephens architect Effects. £86335 9s 5d.


HAMMERTON, George of Wolston Warwickshire died 25 September 1898. Probate Birmingham 6 December to George Lewis Hammerton farmer and Arthur Hammerton schoolmaster Effects £7205 0s 6d.


HAMMERTON, Richard Wood of High Croft, 4 Marling Road, Ainly Top, Fixby, Huddersfield died 13 October 1965. Probate London 9 November to Dorothy Hammerton Spinster and Herbert Reginald Hammerton estimating Engineer. £2385.


LODGE, Joseph Benjamin of 113 Church Hill, Middle Road, Earlesheaton, Dewsbury, Yorkshire died 24 January 1953. Administration Wakefield 3 September to James Arthur Tong Joiner and Undertaker. Effects £407 3s 3d.


SURTEES, Robert of the Thornley Arms Inn Dodworth Barnsley Yorkshire died 30 March 1912. Administration Wakefield 9 May to Agnes Surtees, Widow. Effects £149.


TOWNEND, Schofield of 390 Bradley Road, Bradley, Huddersfield died 10 July 1940 at Trinity Street Nursing Home Huddersfield. Probate Wakefield 22 August to Sarah Jane Townend widow. Effects £2268 13s 1d.


BEARDSELL, Herbert of 12, North Street, Lower Hopton, Mirfield, Yorkshire died 24 November 1965. Probate London 21 January to Mabel Beardsell Widow £2075.


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