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1978Backhouse, Ann L Crossgates, Barwick in Elmet1848
7545Backhouse, Charles Henry Australia1859
9484Backhouse, Edith Farnell New South Wales, Australia1894
1979Backhouse, Emma E Crossgates, Barwick in Elmet1850
7547Backhouse, Harold Hesselmont New South Wales, Australia1891
7549Backhouse, Harold George AustraliaStill Living
1977Backhouse, Henry Seacroft, Wry1824
1980Backhouse, James Farnell Leeds district1853
7551Backhouse, John Murray AustraliaStill Living
11995Bagnolde, Emma Unknown1285
8452Bailey, Annie Lawrence Unknown1880
7800Bailey, Arthur Prestwich, Lancashire1914
9198Bailey, Clara Hoyland, Barnsley, Yorkshire1883
7289Bailey, Frederick James Margate, Kent1867
8665Bailey, Frederick Walter Surbiton, Surrey1906
6557Bailey, George H UnknownUnknown
8664Bailey, Gladys Gertrude M Surbiton, Surrey1905
8667Bailey, Horace C S Surbiton, Surrey1910
7801Bailey, June Margaret Barnsley, Yorkshire1936
4543Bailey, Kevin SalfordStill Living
1244Bailey, Lynn UnknownStill Living
7290Bailey, Nellie Maria F Tolworth, Surrey1894
7802Bailey, Roy Barnsley, Yorkshire1941
12755Bailey, Sarah A Unknown1904
8666Bailey, Winifred Laura M Surbiton, Surrey1908
8676Baines, Arthur Grimsby, Lincolshire1902
8673Baines, Elizabeth Ethel Grimsby, Lincolshire1898
8677Baines, Elsie Grimsby, Lincolshire1903
8675Baines, Jack Grimsby, Lincolshire1900
8672Baines, John Grimsby, Lincolshire1870
13141Baines, John Grimsby, Lincolshire1918
12181Baines, Joseph Sedgley, Staffordshire1887
8678Baines, Lily Grimsby, Lincolshire1906
8680Baines, Mary Grimsby, Lincolshire1910
8679Baines, Violet Grimsby, Lincolshire1908
13141Baines, Walter Grimsby, Lincolshire1915
8674Baines, William Grimsby, Lincolshire1899
12182Baines, William Birdwell, Barnsley, Yorkshire1916
5482Baird, Clifford Gladstone, Manitoba, Canada1894
3093Baker, Beverley AustraliaUnknown
2429Baker, Elizabeth Dunolly, Victoria, Australia1864
962Baker, Eric UnknownUnknown
10385Baker, Gareth Thomas South Glamorgan, WalesStill Living
10384Baker, Hywell James South Glamorgan, Wales1982
961Baker, Lynne UnknownUnknown
10382Baker, Martin J WalesUnknown
960Baker, Richard UnknownUnknown
963Baker, Roger UnknownUnknown
10383Baker, Rory John South Glamorgan, WalesStill Living
6053Baker, Victoria Jane Dewsbury, YorkshireStill Living
279Baldwin, Benjamin Barnsley, Yorkshire1927
13080Baldwin, Blanche Halifax, Yorkshire1884
3891Baldwin, Florence Gloucestershire1897
243Baldwin, Julia Ann UnknownStill Living
5559Ball, Arthur UnknownUnknown
12330Ball, Ellen Unknown1888
5901Ball, Nora Unknown1918
5652Ballam, Grace Rose White Church, Somerset1872
13562Ballard, Lisa Ann UnknownUnknown
1968Balmforth, Audrey Dorothy Ormskirk district1925
9541Banaster, Henry Unknown1440
10643Bangs, Thomasina Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts, USA1678
10506Banister, Thomas UnknownUnknown
10227Banister, Ursula Unknown1517
440Bann, Evelyn Barnsley, Yorkshire1920
390Bann, Herbert Barnsley, Yorkshire1890
582Bann, Isabel E Barnsley, Yorkshire1922
13227Banner, Elizabeth Hoyland, Barnsley, Yorkshire1894
11653Banning, Susan Ann Ontario, Canada1848
3953Barber, Angela Joyce Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire1942
12352Barber, Gertrude Annie Doncaster, Yorkshire1888
10391Barber, Nicky UnknownUnknown
7981Barbet, Lucy Helen Bromley, KentStill Living
6484Barefield, Andrew Reading, BerkshireStill Living
6485Barefield, Christopher Reading, BerkshireStill Living
6483Barefield, David Reading, BerkshireStill Living
5907Barker, Alexandra Mary Keighley districtStill Living
12271Barker, Annie Bury, Lancashire1906
5906Barker, Anthony P UnknownUnknown
5908Barker, Christopher Anthony Keighley districtStill Living
1117Barker, Edgar UnknownUnknown
4208Barker, Edith Unknown1892
2552Barker, Eliza Wombwell, Barnsley, Yorkshire1868
13525Barker, Jessie Huddersfield, Yorkshire1922
7398Barker, Joyce Sheffield, YorkshireStill Living
13130Barker, May J UnknownUnknown
13526Barker, Mavis Huddersfield, Yorkshire1927
12270Barker, Nancy Bury, Lancashire1904
1120Barker, Patricia Ann UnknownStill Living
1119Barker, Paul Anthony UnknownStill Living
13524Barker, Percy Scissett, Huddersfield, Yorkshire1888
1118Barker, Susan UnknownStill Living
12269Barker, William Herbert Bolton, Lancashire1877
1124Barker, Zoe UnknownStill Living
6253Barlow, Pamela Sheffield, YorkshireStill Living
10349Barnard, Duncan New ZealandUnknown
10347Barnard, Ellen New ZealandUnknown
3905Barnard, Graeme Unknown1935
10344Barnard, Hilary New ZealandUnknown
10345Barnard, Jack New ZealandUnknown
10348Barnard, Jean New ZealandUnknown
3907Barnard, John New ZealandStill Living
3908Barnard, Katherine New ZealandStill Living
3906Barnard, Peter New ZealandStill Living
10343Barnard, Sam New ZealandUnknown
7644Barnes, Gladys Wombwell, Barnsley, Yorkshire1914
7643Barnes, Harold Wombwell, Barnsley, Yorkshire1891
5937Barnes, Pamela J UnknownUnknown
5897Barnett, William Glendor Belfast1812
12192Barraclough, Alfred UnknownUnknown
5557Barraclough, Edgar UnknownUnknown
1786Barras, Eliza Jane Huddersfield, Yorkshire1909
12548Barratt, Edna Basford, Nottinghamshire1901
2687Barrett, Catherine Sheffield, Yorkshire1859
6077Barrett, Dorothy Barnsley, Yorkshire1920
8705Barrett, Edith Emma Bristol, Gloucestershire1880
2690Barrett, Eliza Barnsley, Yorkshire1870
241Barrett, Elizabeth Ann Leeds, Yorkshire1884
7059Barrett, Ellen Barnsley, Yorkshire1861
2689Barrett, Ellen Barnsley, Yorkshire1867
389Barrett, Ethel Mary Barnsley, Yorkshire1894
6086Barrett, Frances May Barnsley, Yorkshire1922
442Barrett, Frank Wilson Barnsley, Yorkshire1900
685Barrett, Frederick Barnsley, Yorkshire1892
7721Barrett, Frederick J Doncaster1931
7719Barrett, Harold W Barnsley, Yorkshire1926
441Barrett, Isabelle Barnsley, Yorkshire1897
1928Barrett, James Mayo, Ireland1832
2713Barrett, James Patrick Barnsley, Yorkshire1872
682Barrett, James Barnsley, Yorkshire1887
7718Barrett, James Arthur Barnsley, Yorkshire1923
2688Barrett, Jane Barnsley, Yorkshire1865
7722Barrett, Joan E Doncaster1932
369Barrett, John Manchester1857
717Barrett, John William Barnsley, Yorkshire1880
7723Barrett, John Doncaster1934
684Barrett, Joseph Arthur Barnsley, Yorkshire1891
7720Barrett, Josephine E Barnsley, Yorkshire1929
2691Barrett, Mary Ann Sheffield, Yorkshire1855
6776Barrett, Thomas Barnsley, Yorkshire1863
2928Barrett, Tom Barnsley, Yorkshire1878
683Barrett, Thomas Barnsley, Yorkshire1888
3552Barrett, William IrelandUnknown
2686Barrett, William Manchester1853
3210Barrington, Ellen Leigh1899
8757Barrington, Elsie Leigh district1916
8752Barrington, Esther Hindley, Lancashire1907
8753Barrington, John Ince, Lancashire1910
8754Barrington, Joseph Leigh district1912
8756Barrington, Lily J Leigh district1915
8758Barrington, Lily Leigh district1919
8750Barrington, Margaret Wigan1903
8755Barrington, Margaret J Leigh district1914
8751Barrington, Mary Ince, Lancashire1905
8759Barrington, Michael Leigh district1922
3209Barrington, Michael Joseph Wigan1879
3211Barrington, Peter Leigh1900
8618Barrow, Emma Penistone, Yorkshire1854
9034Barrs, Annie Barnsley, Yorkshire1901
9035Barrs, Ernest Barnsley, Yorkshire1904
9036Barrs, Florence Irene Barnsley, Yorkshire1906
7795Barrs, Nellie Barnsley, Yorkshire1899
7794Barrs, Zedekiah Hartismere, Suffolk1864
6486Bartholomew, Carol UnknownStill Living
2162Bartholomew, Thomas UnknownUnknown
3224Bartlett, Dael New ZealandUnknown
1949Barton, Ellen Ashton1822
7459Bashforth, Clara Darfield1868
11677Bass, Edith Lucille Bakersfield, Kern County, California, America1904
11672Bass, Ethel May Shell rock, Butler, Iowa, America1883
11675Bass, Leo Mell Iowa, America1891
11673Bass, Maude Luella Kansas, America1888
11676Bass, Stella A Butler County, Iowa, America1893
11674Bass, Vera Ione Iowa, America1891
11671Bass, William H Illinois, America1860
4509Bassano, Alaric Julian UnknownStill Living
4508Bassano, Anselm HalifaxStill Living
4510Bassano, Claire Louise UnknownStill Living
4512Bassano, Kate May BuryStill Living
4513Bassano, Louis Thomas BurnleyStill Living
4514Bassano, Sophie Georgina BurnleyStill Living
12002Bassett, Elizabeth Unknown1395
12009Bassett, Margaret Unknown1460
11311Bates, Joseph Barnsley, Yorkshire1890
1440Bates, Stewart Unknown1838
12050Batley, Sarah Ann UnknownUnknown
8576Batley, Sidney Shelley, Huddersfield, Yorkshire1821
6456Battersby, Kate Tyldesley, Lancashire1851
11350Battesford, Catherine UnknownUnknown
3188Batty, Alice Barnsley, Yorkshire1882
3183Batty, Ann Barnsley, Yorkshire1873
6243Batty, Enid M Barnsley, Yorkshire1922
3186Batty, Esther Barnsley, Yorkshire1878
3182Batty, George Middlesborough1847
6656Batty, John Emley, Wakefield, Yorkshire1827
6686Batty, Mary Ann Emley, Wakefield, Yorkshire1861
3185Batty, Mary Barnsley, Yorkshire1876
6748Batty, Sarah Hammerton Emley, Wakefield, Yorkshire1863
3187Batty, Sarah Barnsley, Yorkshire1880
13487Batty, Sheila Prescot, Lancashire1935
6684Batty, Susan Emley, Wakefield, Yorkshire1856
6683Batty, Thomas Emley, Wakefield, Yorkshire1853
6685Batty, William Emley, Wakefield, Yorkshire1858
3184Batty, William Barnsley, Yorkshire1874
8805Battye, Ethel Shelley, Huddersfield, Yorkshire1891
7933Baugh, Cyril Manchester, Lancashire1903
7934Baugh, Doris Manchester, Lancashire1927
7935Baugh, Gweneth Manchester, Lancashire1929
7936Baugh, Sylvia C Manchester, Lancashire1932
10995Baxendale, Elizabeth Wrightington, Lancashire1799
1165Baxondale, Jane Wrightington, Lancashire1781
11497Baxter, Beatrice Elizabeth Sheffield, Yorkshire1890
4454Baxter, Clara Horton, Bradford. Yorkshire1886
11859Beal, Arthur Penistone, Yorkshire1883
11860Beal, George Albert Penistone, Yorkshire1908
7393Bean, Alice Maud Sheffield, Yorkshire1923
4519Beard, Lesley Jane Barnsley, YorkshireStill Living
5259Beardsell, Ada Ravensthorpe1869
5256Beardsell, Charles Wooldale, Holmfirth, Huddersfield, Yorkshire1843
7324Beardsell, Evelyn Ravensthorpe1902
6899Beardsell, Herbert Mirfield, Dewsbury, Yorkshire1890
7323Beardsell, Hilda Ravensthorpe1894
5258Beardsell, James Ravensthorpe1868
12187Beardsell, John Mirfield, Dewsbury, Yorkshire1922
5257Beardsell, Jonas Shepley1866
5260Beardsell, Lilian Mirfield1881
6290Beardsell, Paul Barnsley, YorkshireStill Living
11469Beardshall, Abraham E Doncaster, Yorkshire1919
12594Beardshall, Corinna Barnsley, Yorkshirestill Living
11467Beardshall, Henry Bullock (Harry) Worsbrough, Barnsley, Yorkshire1907
11466Beardshall, Horace Edward Worsbrough, Barnsley, Yorkshire1883
12593Beardshall, Malcolm Barnsley, Yorkshire1933
11468Beardshall, Muriel Doncaster, Yorkshire1911
13020Bearpark, Diana E Dewsbury, YorkshireStill Living
13018Bearpark, George H Unknown1915
13021Bearpark, Linda A Dewsbury, YorkshireStill Living
13022Bearpark, Pauline L Leeds, YorkshireStill Living
13019Bearpark, Robert A Dewsbury, YorkshireStill Living
7701Beat(s)on, Elizabeth Unknown1633
3576Beatson, Eliza Webster Rotherham, Yorkshire1901
11974Beaumont, Elizabeth (Betty) Hoylandswaine, Wortley, Yorkshire1813
11976Beaumont, Elizabeth Hoylandswaine, Wortley, Yorkshire1839
8116Beaumont, Lillian Skelmanthorpe, Huddersfield, Yorkshire1903
13109Beaumont, Lily Barnsley, Yorkshire1908
13110Hey, Margery Barnsley, Yorkshire1929
7155Beaumont, Martha Tankersley, Wortley, Yorkshire1880
9853Beavers, Alison J Willesden district1954
9850Beavers, Anne M Staincross, Barnsley, Yorkshire1944
9851Beavers, David R Ealing district1947
9852Beavers, Hilary J Ealing district1949
9849Beavers, Reginald Horace Camberwell district1921
9659Beavors, Maureen Pontefract, Yorkshire1935
9660Beavors, Pamela Pontefract, Yorkshire1938
7688Bedford, Alice Unknown1583
4633Bedford, David Yorkshire1806
6614Bedford, George Emley, Wakefield, Yorkshire1836
4814Bedford, Hannah Lepton, Yorkshire1830
9267Bedford, Kenneth Worsbrough, Barnsley, Yorkshire1913
6660Bedford, Mary UnknownUnknown
6615Bedford, Mary Emley, Wakefield, Yorkshire1837
9266Bedford, Nellie Worsbrough, Barnsley, Yorkshire1911
9699Bedford, Richard Yorkshire1550
6616Bedford, Sarah Ann Emley, Wakefield, Yorkshire1840
7054Bedford, Thomas William Emley, Wakefield, Yorkshire1844
9265Bedford, Thomas Worsbrough, Barnsley, Yorkshire1888
5105Bednal, Amy Blackley, Lancashire1859
6381Beeby, Ann Addington, Northamptonshire1800
1793Beeby, Anthony Calder, Yorkshire1944
1596Beeby, Arthur Elland1865
641Beeby, Charlotte Addington, Northamptonshire1839
6384Beeby, David Addington, Northamptonshire1816
661Beeby, David Addington, Northamptonshire1834
1791Beeby, Doreen Calder, Yorkshire1941
1628Beeby, Edith A Halifax, Yorkshire1912
1794Beeby, Eileen Calder, YorkshireStill Living
665Beeby, Elizabeth Addington, Northamptonshire1848
1623Beeby, Elizabeth Upholland, Wigan1899
1792Beeby, George Derek Calder, Yorkshire1942
1796Beeby, Gordon Calder, Yorkshire1947
662Beeby, Hannah Addington, Northamptonshire1837
664Beeby, Henry Addington, Northamptonshire1846
1626Beeby, Herbert Upholland, Wigan1907
1798Beeby, Ian Calder, Yorkshire1950
1625Beeby, James Arthur Upholland, Wigan1903
6382Beeby, Jane Addington, Northamptonshire1803
666Beeby, Jane Addington, Northamptonshire1850
1788Beeby, Jeffrey Huddersfield, Yorkshire1936
659Beeby, John Addington, Northamptonshire1810
1153Beeby, John William Elland, Halifax, Yorkshire1868
1795Beeby, Keith Calder, Yorkshire1946
1787Beeby, Kenneth Huddersfield, Yorkshire1935
1797Beeby, Kevin Calder, Yorkshire1949
1629Beeby, Lillian Halifax1916
1640Beeby, Madge Christine Sowerby Bridge1932
663Beeby, Maria Addington, NTH1843
1154Beeby, Maria Dewsbury Moor1867
1624Beeby, Mary Upholland, Wigan1901
1641Beeby, Pamela Gertrude Calder, Yorkshire1941
1790Beeby, Peter Calder, Yorkshire1939
1789Beeby, Phillip Calder, Yorkshire1937
1622Beeby, Sarah Ann Upholland, Wigan1896
6379Beeby, Thomas Addington, Northamptonshire1776
6383Beeby, William Addington, Northamptonshire1807
9727Beech, Kirsty Jane Barnsley, YorkshireStill Living
9726Beech, Mark Andrew UnknownUnknown
4855Beever, Benjamin Thurlstone, Wortley, Yorkshire1847
9870Beever, Elsie Unknown1900
7115Beever, Florence Thurlstone, Wortley, Yorkshire1874
793Beever, Francis Thurlstone, Wortley, Yorkshire1861
877Beever, George Thurlstone, Wortley, Yorkshire1890
833Beever, Harold Thurlstone, Wortley, Yorkshire1886
12825Beever, Harold Penistone, Yorkshire1914
7114Beever, Lucy Thurlstone, Wortley, Yorkshire1869
4864Beever, Mary Anne Penistone, Yorkshire1836
876Beever, Minnie Thurlstone, Wortley, Yorkshire1884
12826Beever, Sarah Penistone, Yorkshire1920
5443Beevers, Ann Elizabeth Worsbrough, Barnsley, Yorkshire1876
7462Beevers, Ann Thurnscoe, Barnbrough, Doncaster, Yorkshire1897
8921Beevers, Annie Wakefield, Yorkshire1901
7264Beevers, Beatrice Farsley, Yorkshire1893
5439Beevers, Daniel Worsbrough, Barnsley, Yorkshire1867
12559Beevers, Derek Normanton, Wakefield, Yorkshire1931
9454Beevers, Donald Pontefract, Yorkshire1917
7265Beevers, Doris Pudsey, Leeds, Yorkshire1895
7461Beevers, Edith Bolton on Dearne, Doncaster, Yorkshire1895
7267Beevers, Edward Sandal, Wakefield, Yorkshire1899
7463Beevers, Florence Thurnscoe, Barnbrough, Doncaster, Yorkshire1899
8996Beevers, Florence Barnsley, Yorkshire1903
8923Beevers, Frank Wakefield, Yorkshire1905
9378Beevers, Frank Thurnscoe, Barnbrough, Doncaster, Yorkshire1906
9455Beevers, Frank Pontefract, Yorkshire1920
8994Beevers, Frederick Barnsley, Yorkshire1897
8993Beevers, George William Barnsley, Yorkshire1878
7266Beevers, Harold Wakefield, Yorkshire1897
5440Beevers, Henry Worsbrough, Barnsley, Yorkshire1869
9260Beevers, Jessica Worsbrough, Barnsley, Yorkshire1908
5441Beevers, John Worsbrough, Barnsley, Yorkshire1870
9377Beevers, John Thurnscoe, Barnbrough, Doncaster, Yorkshire1903
5438Beevers, Joseph Worsbrough Dale1843
7460Beevers, Joseph Worsbrough, Barnsley, Yorkshire1893
9259Beevers, Lawrence Worsbrough, Barnsley, Yorkshire1904
8995Beevers, Lily Wakefield, Yorkshire1900
8922Beevers, Olive Wakefield, Yorkshire1903
9457Beevers, Renee Pontefract, Yorkshire1929
8924Beevers, Ronald Wakefield, Yorkshire1908
9456Beevers, Roy Pontefract, Yorkshire1926
5442Beevers, Walter Worsbrough, Barnsley, Yorkshire1875
7263Beevers, Walter Stockton on Tees, Durham1889
9376Beevers, Williams Thurnscoe, Barnbrough, Doncaster, Yorkshire1901
3878Beighton, Ada UnknownUnknown
11026Beldon, Claire Louise Southampton, HampshireStill Living
11025Beldon, James Michael Southampton, Hampshire1986
11024Beldon, Stephen John Thorne, Doncaster, YorkshireStill Living
11027Beldon, Sarah Lucy Southampton, HampshireStill Living
8634Bell, Amelia Barnsley, Yorkshire1891
11314Bell, Ann Elizabeth Ecclesall Bierlow, Sheffield, Yorkshire1873
5982Bell, Colin UnknownUnknown
4242Bell, Edith Alice Sheffield, Yorkshire1879
8632Bell, Elizabeth Ann Barnsley, Yorkshire1886
8635Bell, Ernest Harry Barnsley, Yorkshire1893
8629Bell, Florence Barnsley, Yorkshire1874
8628Bell, George Monk Bretton, Barnsley, Yorkshire1853
8631Bell, George Barnsley, Yorkshire1879
12405Bell, Harry Barnsley, Yorkshire1920
8636Bell, Lucy Barnsley, Yorkshire1897
8630Bell, Mary Alice Barnsley, Yorkshire1878
8633Bell, Mary Emma Barnsley, Yorkshire1889
4241Bell, Richard Sheffield, Yorkshire1849
12382Bellamy, Laura Barnsley, Yorkshire1888
464Bellew, Eileen Northern IrelandUnknown
4546Belton, Rebecca LincolnshireStill Living
3497Bendell-Keats, Sarah UnknownUnknown
9774Bennett, Amanda Kay Dunedin, New ZealandStill Living
4671Bennett, Ann Kirkburton, Huddersfield, Yorkshire1798
9763Bennett, Brian John Brandon, County DurhamStill Living
13514Bennett, Carol A Halifax, YorkshireStill Living
9772Bennett, Caroline Emily Dunedin, New ZealandStill Living
11641Bennett, Charles Canada1839
11645Bennett, Charles Kansas, America1880
11643Bennett, Emma E Illinois, America1873
7555Bennett, Frederick UnknownUnknown
9760Bennett, Jack Leeds, Yorkshire1920
9907Bennett, James UnknownUnknown
9909Bennett, James Alexander Rugby, WarwickshireStill Living
12014Bennett, John Unknown1540
3003Bennett, John Hemsworth, Pontefract, Yorkshire1939
3013Bennett, John Robert Hemsworth, Pontefract, YorkshireStill Living
9759Bennett, Joseph Leeds, Yorkshire1898
9781Bennett, Kelsey Dunedin, New ZealandStill Living
11724Bennett, Laura Unknown1914
9766Bennett, Lucy Catherine Coventry, West MidlandsStill Living
9908Bennett, Margaret Frances Rugby, WarwickshireStill Living
3016Bennett, Mary Anne Hemsworth, Pontefract, YorkshireStill Living
3014Bennett, Michelle Hemsworth, Pontefract, YorkshireStill Living
2970Bennett, Miriam UnknownUnknown
9780Bennett, Mitchell Dunedin, New ZealandStill Living
9765Bennett, Nicholas Iain Coventry, West MidlandsStill Living
9773Bennett, Owen Hugh Dunedin, New ZealandStill Living
3015Bennett, Rachel Hemsworth, Pontefract, YorkshireStill Living
13512Bennett, Roy C UnknownUnknown
3789Bennett, Sarah Unknown1848
11642Bennett, Sarah Illinois, America1869
11644Bennett, Susan Kansas, America1878
7556Bennett, Susan Barnsley, YorkshireStill Living
13513Bennett, Susan Halifax, YorkshireStill Living
9761Bennett, Tom Leeds, Yorkshire1929
11019Bentham, Anne Wendy Hartlepool, Co DurhamStill Living
11008Bentham, Catherine Wingate, Co Durham1881
10998Bentham, Elizabeth Standish, Wigan, Lancashire1832
11004Bentham, Elizabeth Bishop Auckland, Co Durham1868
11006Bentham, Henry Wingate, Co Durham1873
11015Bentham, Henry Wingate, Co Durham1920
11014Bentham, Hilda P Wingate, Co Durham1912
10997Bentham, Jane Standish, Wigan, Lancashire1829
10993Bentham, John Standish, Wigan, Lancashire1780
10994Bentham, John Standish, Wigan, Lancashire1803
11002Bentham, John Thomas Flan Bridge, South Shields, County Durham1862
10996Bentham, Margaret Standish, Wigan, Lancashire1826
11003Bentham, Margaret Co Durham1865
11018Bentham, Margaret Wingate, Co Durham1939
11012Bentham, Mary Elsie Wingate, Co Durham1906
11017Bentham, Mary Wingate, Co DurhamStill Living
11011Bentham, Michael Wingate, Co Durham1903
11007Bentham, Peter Wingate, Co Durham1877
10999Bentham, Richard Standish, Wigan, Lancashire1838
11005Bentham, Richard Wingate, Co Durham1870
11010Bentham, Richard Wingate, Co Durham1902
11001Bentham, Thomas Brandon, Co Durham1859
11013Bentham, Thomas Wingate, Co Durham1908
11995Bagnolde, Emma UnknownUnknown
11984Beresford, Aden Unknown1150
11992Beresford, Aden UnknownUnknown
11996Beresford, Aden Unknown1320
12000Beresford, Aden UnknownUnknown
12005Beresford, Celia UnknownUnknown
11982Beresford, Hugh UnknownUnknown
11986Beresford, John Unknown1190
11990Beresford, John Unknown1255
11994Beresford, John Unknown1290
11998Beresford, John Unknown1350
12001Beresford, John Unknown1390
12003Beresford, John Unknown1410
12006Beresford, John Unknown1430
12008Beresford, John Unknown1450
11988Beresford, Hugh Unknown1228
4405Bernasek, Katerina Nicole USAStill Living
4403Bernasek, Michal Yaroslav USSRStill Living
4404Bernasek, Sebastian Michal USAStill Living
3997Bernor, Jodie May UnknownUnknown
5031Berry, Ann Shepley1839
12813Berry, Carol Barnsley, YorkshireStill Living
8545Berry, Daniel Michael SurreyStill Living
11000Berry, Elizabeth Pemberton, Lancashire1841
12812Berry, Edward UnknownUnknown
8800Berry, Elsie Shelley, Huddersfield, Yorkshire1903
8255Berry, Herbert Shelley, Huddersfield, Yorkshire1877
5033Berry, James Shepley1854
5032Berry, Mary Shepley1843
8544Berry, Michael George UnknownUnknown
5029Berry, Samuel Shepley1817
8801Berry, Stanley Huddersfield, Yorkshire, Yorkshire1916
8546Berry, Thomas Luke BuckinghamshireStill Living
7582Berry, William F Staincross, Barnsley, Yorkshire1938
8254Berry, Wright Shelley, Huddersfield, Yorkshire1845
13717Bertrand, Scott UnknownUnknown
8103Berube, Danielle CanadaStill Living
13782Bestenhieder, Brian California, USAUnknown
13784Bestenhieder, Kaye California, USAUnknown
3124Bestenhieder, Louis L New York City, New York, USA1924
13783Bestenhieder, Nancy California, USAUnknown
13781Bestenhieder, Paul Raymond California, USAUnknown
10104Betsey, Jennie Indiana, America1854
8019Bewley, Barry David Australia1935
11253Bibby, Betty Lancashire1811
10213Bigod, Elizabeth Settrington, Yorkshire1484
9392Billingham, Amelia Standish, Wigan, Lancashire1898
9385Billingham, Amelia Standish, Wigan, Lancashire1899
1000Billingham, Charles Standish, Wigan, Lancashire1869
1003Billingham, Emily Standish, Wigan, Lancashire1894
12749Billingham, Eric Barnsley, Yorkshire1921
1005Billingham, George Standish, Wigan, Lancashire1900
1001Billingham, John Standish, Wigan, Lancashire1890
1002Billingham, Mary Standish, Wigan, Lancashire1891
12750Billingham, Nellie Barnsley, Yorkshire1924
1004Billingham, Robert Standish, Wigan, Lancashire1896
12167Biltcliffe, Cicely M Barnsley, Yorkshire1916
12166Biltcliffe, Douglas B Barnsley, Yorkshire1915
12165Biltcliffe, Frances M Emley, Wakefield, Yorkshire1913
12169Biltcliffe, Marjorie A Barnsley, Yorkshire1927
12168Biltcliffe, Reginald D Barnsley, Yorkshire1921
12164Biltcliffe, Watson Huddersfield, Yorkshire1886
7712Binns, Francis Unknown1592
13176Binns, Harry Unknown1900
13177Binns, Michael Dewsbury, Yorkshire1938
3445Birch, Darren James AustraliaUnknown
3443Birch, Dennis John AustraliaUnknown
3451Birch, Katrina UnknownUnknown
3444Birch, Kaziah AustraliaUnknown
3450Birch, Matthew John Allen UnknownUnknown
13150Birchall, Annie Wigan, Lancashire1896
9658Bird, Elsie Normanton, Wakefield, Yorkshire1909
1122Birley, Ian UnknownStill Living
1121Birley, Michael UnknownUnknown
318Bisby, Mary Conisbrough1780
13257Bishop, Evelyn Elizabeth Rotherham, Yorkshire1903
7832Bishton, Anthony George Shrewsbury, Shropshire1941
7833Bishton, Kristine ShropshireStill Living
1397Bisiaux, Joanne UnknownUnknown
1372Bisiaux, Josette UnknownUnknown
1371Bisiaux, Marcel UnknownUnknown
1393Bisiaux, Martine UnknownUnknown
1373Bisiaux, Paul UnknownUnknown
10900Bissell, Jane Ince in Makerfield, Wigan, Lancashire1899
9981Bittleman, Jacqui Glen Iris, Melbourne, Victoria, AustraliaStill Living
13804Black, Audrey Margaret C Norwich, Norfolk1911
11766Black, Colin Arthur Oundle, Northamptonshire1913
12118Black, Irene Muriel Norwood, Kent1898
495Black, Ivan IrelandStill Living
497Black, Ivan IrelandStill Living
12115Black, James Watson Auchterless, Aberdeenshire, Scotland1862
499Black, Kylie IrelandStill Living
13806Black, Moy Peter Wimbledon1914
12117Black, Ronald Watson Sydenham, Kent1893
500Black, Simone IrelandStill Living
498Black, Stacey IrelandStill Living
12116Black, Thomas Moy Sydenham, Kent1890
13805Black, Thomas Giles Norwich, Norfolk1912
8256Blackam, Christine Mabel UnknownUnknown
5854Blackburn, Arthur York district1948
1274Blackburn, Ayla Deborah CanadaUnknown
1273Blackburn, Gordon David CanadaUnknown
1275Blackburn, James David Danforth CanadaStill Living
9011Blackburn, Jane Barnsley, Yorkshire1882
7111Blacker, Annie Sowerby Bridge1860
4941Blacker, Annie Cawthorne, Barnsley, Yorkshire1868
7110Blacker, Arthur Denby Dale, Huddersfield, Yorkshire1855
9877Blacker, Brian Huddersfield, YorkshireStill Living
8187Blacker, Cicely Winifred Swinton, Rotherham, Yorkshire1899
8183Blacker, Clara Ellen Wombwell, Barnsley, Yorkshire1888
9354Blacker, Clarence Pontefract, Yorkshire1908
9876Blacker, David Huddersfield, YorkshireStill Living
7061Blacker, Dora Cawthorne, Barnsley, Yorkshire1867
8185Blacker, Dora Gladys Kilnhurst, Rotherham, Yorkshire1893
9356Blacker, Dora Rotherham, Yorkshire1916
4937Blacker, Elizabeth Cawthorne, Barnsley, Yorkshire1857
7137Blacker, Ernest Silverwood Swinton, Rotherham, Yorkshire1883
8821Blacker, Ethel Matthews Emley, Wakefield, Yorkshire1876
8179Blacker, Evelyn Doris Elizabeth Cawthorne, Barnsley, Yorkshire1894
9864Blacker, Florence Cawthorne, Barnsley, Yorkshire1883
8186Blacker, Florence May Kilnhurst, Rotherham, Yorkshire1895
4939Blacker, Frederick Cawthorne, Barnsley, Yorkshire1861
8657Blacker, Frederick Charles Percy Cawthorne, Barnsley, Yorkshire1885
6733Blacker, George Denby Dale1828
8658Blacker, Ida Mary Cawthorne, Barnsley, Yorkshire1892
4934Blacker, John Emley, Wakefield, Yorkshire1823
4938Blacker, John Henry Cawthorne, Barnsley, Yorkshire1859
8182Blacker, John Silverwood Wombwell, Barnsley, Yorkshire1886
8180Blacker, John Francis William Cawthorne, Barnsley, Yorkshire1896
9871Blacker, John Derrick Huddersfield, Yorkshire1923
9874Blacker, John M Staincross, Barnsley, YorkshireStill Living
9355Blacker, Kathleen Rotherham, Yorkshire1913
9863Blacker, Mabel Cawthorne, Barnsley, Yorkshire1882
5921Blacker, Margaret UnknownUnknown
8184Blacker, Margaret Annie Wombwell, Barnsley, Yorkshire1890
8816Blacker, Maria Scissett, Huddersfield, Yorkshire1886
9353Blacker, Marion Pontefract, Yorkshire1905
9872Blacker, Patricia Elaine Dewsbury, Yorkshire1925
9875Blacker, Richard Huddersfield, YorkshireStill Living
5023Blacker, Sarah Emley, Wakefield, Yorkshire1818
4940Blacker, Sarah Ann Cawthorne, Barnsley, Yorkshire1864
7136Blacker, Sarah Swinton1881
9357Blacker, Stanley Rotherham, Yorkshire1924
8734Blacker, Sylvia Mona Rawmarsh, Rotherham1908
4935Blacker, Thomas Silverwood Skelmanthorpe, Huddersfield, Yorkshire1845
4936Blacker, William Skelmanthorpe, Huddersfield, Yorkshire1850
7135Blacker, William Arthur Doncaster, Yorkshire1875
8733Blacker, William Austin Swinton, Rotherham1903
8178Blacker, Winifred Cawthorne, Barnsley, Yorkshire1888
8535Blackford, Beatrice Eileen UnknownUnknown
8825Blackwell, Amy Louisa Liverpool, Lancashire1885
9523Blainscough, Isabel de UnknownUnknown
9517Blainscough, Mabel Unknown1294
4374Blakeley, Matilda Alice Thornhill1847
11869Blakemore, Margaret Eleanor Liverpool, Lancashire1900
6095Blankendaal, Claire AustraliaUnknown
6096Blankendaal, Emily AustraliaUnknown
6094Blankendaal, Leah AustraliaUnknown
6093Blankendaal, Peter UnknownUnknown
11436Blears, Clinton UnknownUnknown
6466Blears, James Edward Tyldesley, Leigh, Lancashire1881
6467Blears, James Ranicar Manchester, Lancashire1923
11434Blears, James Los Angeles, United States1948
11435Blears, Laura UnknownUnknown
13275Blears, Marie K Leigh, Lancashire1920
11714Blessi, Donna Belle AmericaUnknown
11713Blessi, John Earl America1903
11715Blessi, John AmericaUnknown
6252Blizzard, Jenny Louise Sheffield, YorkshireStill Living

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