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5364Naset, Beulah S Wisconsin, America1903
5363Naset, Jens J Wisconsin, America1871
8430Nash, Rosalind Birmingham, Warwickshire1889
9650Naylor, Mary UnknownStill Living
5561Naylor, Ronald UnknownUnknown
7072Neale, Daniel Gloucester, Gloucestershire1871
7073Neale, Eliza Mary Gloucester, Gloucestershire1874
3705Neale, George Tuffley, Gloucestershire1800
7039Neale, Harriet Gloucester, Gloucestershire1872
7037Neale, Henry George Gloucester, Gloucestershire1862
7071Neale, Henry Gloucester, Gloucestershire1868
4227Neale, John Easington, Gloucestershire1838
7067Neale, John Gloucester, Gloucestershire1867
3750Neale, Joseph Easington, Gloucestershire1834
7069Neale, Joseph Hereford1865
7070Neale, Mary Ann Hereford1867
3749Neale, Penelope Easington, Gloucestershire1841
4226Neale, Sarah Ann Rudford, Gloucestershire1831
7038Neale, Sarah Ann Gloucester, Gloucestershire1870
3748Neale, Thomas Easington, Gloucestershire1836
7068Neale, William Hereford1863
12119Neck, Martha Coventry, Warwickshire1822
12666Needham, Barbara Unknown1916
586Needham, Ernest Barnsley, Yorkshire1896
2783Needham, Mary Ann Sheffield, Yorkshire1840
5648Neill, John W O UnknownUnknown
11862Nelson, Ada Liverpool, Lancashire1876
7907Nelson, Aubrey A UnknownUnknown
7377Nelson, Christopher Mark Sheffield, Yorkshire1973
7376Nelson, Thomas DurhamStill Living
3089Nepean, Barry AustraliaUnknown
3090Nepean, Dale AustraliaUnknown
3092Nepean, Jodie AustraliaUnknown
3091Nepean, Troy AustraliaUnknown
4582Nettleton, Gareth John Sheffield, YorkshireStill Living
4580Nettleton, John Anthony Sheffield, YorkshireStill Living
4581Nettleton, Joy Lyndsey Sheffield, YorkshireStill Living
13716Neufeld, Alaria UnknownUnknown
13714Neufeld, Kim UnknownUnknown
13715Neufeld, Tyra UnknownUnknown
9110Neville, Alec Darfield, Barnsley, Yorkshire1894
9109Neville, Annie Darfield, Barnsley, Yorkshire1891
6317Neville, Bertha Darfield, Barnsley, Yorkshire1887
10311Neville, Ethel Hoyland Common, Barnsley, Yorkshire1910
9112Neville, Floris Darfield, Barnsley, Yorkshire1900
12380Neville, Freda Barnsley, Yorkshire1917
6315Neville, George Rawmarsh1864
9115Neville, George Leslie Darfield, Barnsley, Yorkshire1907
12379Neville, George Barnsley, Yorkshire1915
9111Neville, Harry Hammerton Darfield, Barnsley, Yorkshire1896
9114Neville, Hilda Darfield, Barnsley, Yorkshire1904
6318Neville, Leonard Darfield, Barnsley, Yorkshire1890
9113Neville, Nora Darfield, Barnsley, Yorkshire1902
6316Neville, Percy Doncaster1884
4469Nevin, Daphne OttoburnStill Living
101Nevin, Emily IrelandUnknown
10420Nevin, Harriet Sian Cheltenham, GloucestershireStill Living
10417Nevin, Paul A Plymouth, DevonStill Living
10418Nevin, Rebecca Georgia Cheltenham, GloucestershireStill Living
10419Nevin, William Matthew Cheltenham, GloucestershireStill Living
13685Newbery, Ian Edward UnknownUnknown
13686Newbery, Jane Prestine UnknownUnknown
13687Newbery, Katie UnknownUnknown
882Newman, Ada Sturminster Newton, Dorset1879
881Newman, Alfred George Sturminster Newton, Dorset1875
11796Newman, Allan Sturminster Newton, Dorset1899
12835Newman, Allan A Lymington, Hampshire1924
2620Newman, Anne Sturminster Newton, Dorset1859
6563Newman, Annie Lambeth1889
8342Newman, Anthony T UnknownUnknown
883Newman, Archibald Herbert Sturminster Newton, Dorset1881
11203Newman, Beatrice Sturminster Newton, Dorset1869
4370Newman, Bertie Charles Sturminster Newton, Dorset1890
4371Newman,Bessie Sarah Sturminster Newton, Dorset1891
6565Newman, Bessie Lambeth1894
213Newman, Betsy Sturminster Newton, Dorset1864
2586Newman, Charles Sturminster Newton, Dorset1845
1584Newman, Charles John Sturminster Newton, Dorset1865
4372Newman, Daisy May Sturminster Newton, Dorset1893
2717Newman, Dora Kate Sturminster Newton, Dorset1882
1050Newman, Edith Unity Sturminster Newton, Dorset1888
2587Newman, Elizabeth Sturminster Newton, Dorset1848
6561Newman, Elizabeth Lambeth, London1884
3232Newman, Eliza Sturminster Newton, Dorset1864
8660Newman, Ernest Lambeth, London1901
4373Newman, Ethel Winifred Dorchester1897
11792Newman, Eva Bessie Sturminster Newton, Dorset1891
6562Newman, Florence Lambeth, London1886
11205Newman, Frank Sturminster Newton, Dorset1873
11201Newman, Frederick Sturminster Newton, Dorset1867
8343Newman, Geoffrey Daniel Bristol districtStill Living
2584Newman, George Sturminster Newton, Dorset1835
6866Newman, George William Lambeth1887
12836Newman, Gerald T Lymington, Hampshire1924
6554Newman, Gwyneth Dorothy Newport, Gwent1905
1053Newman, Harold Birmingham1899
12839Newman, Hazel H Poole, Dorset1937
2618Newman, Henry Sturminster Newton, Dorset1850
1586Newman, Henry Sturminster Newton, Dorset1870
11795Newman, Henry John Sturminster Newton, Dorset1897
8663Newman, Horace Lambeth, London1909
1049Newman, Hubert William Sturminster Newton, Dorset1884
12838Newman, Ivor C Lymington, Hampshire1930
6556Newman, Jack Newport, Gwent1907
2621Newman, James Sturminster Newton, Dorset1860
6566Newman, James Henry Lambeth1897
2582Newman, John Sturminster Newton, Dorset1810
1582Newman, John Sturminster Newton, Dorset1842
3231Newman, John Sturminster Newton, Dorset1862
12837Newman, Kenneth P Lymington, Hampshire1926
2585Newman, Martha Sturminster Newton, Dorset1838
3233Newman, Martha Sturminster Newton, Dorset1866
11794Newman, Martha Jane Sturminster Newton, Dorset1895
4239Newman, Mary Sturminster Newton, Dorset1872
6564Newman, Maude Mary Lambeth1891
1052Newman, Reginald Alfred Birmingham, Warwickshire1900
11202Newman, Robena Sturminster Newton, Dorset1868
6555Newman, Ronald Newport, Gwent1906
8661Newman, Rose Lambeth, London1906
11204Newman, Theophilus Sturminster Newton, Dorset1871
11793Newman, Theophilus Sturminster Newton, Dorset1893
7288Newman, Violet Lambeth1896
1585Newman, Walter Henry Sturminster Newton, Dorset1868
11206Newman, Walter James Sturminster Newton, Dorset1875
8662Newman, Walter Lambeth, London1907
225Newman, William Unknown1771
11199Newman, William Sturminster Newton, Dorset1822
11200Newman, William Sturminster Newton, Dorset1865
8344Newman, Zoe Candice C Bristol districtStill Living
7322Newsome (Beardsell), Martha Ann Ravensthorpe, Dewsbury, Yorkshire1893
7321Newsome, Mary Soothill, Dewsbury, Yorkshire1868
3464Nice, Vera A Unknown1916
1268Nicholls, Catherine Elizabeth CanadaUnknown
1969Nickson, Thelma Mavis Southport, Lancashire1936
5873Nicoll, Mary Doreen Carlisle, Cumberland1910
7118Nield, Percy Ethelwald Manchester1876
7116Nield, Robert William Manchester1851
7117Nield, Robert William Manchester1874
1559Niescier, Seth CanadaUnknown
1558Niescier, Thadeush CanadaUnknown
3367Noack, Yvonne UnknownUnknown
4367Nolan, Ian Joseph SalfordStill Living
8282Norman, Charlotte Chedworth, Gloucestershire1843
304Norman, Joshua UnknownUnknown
49Norman, Stuart Barnsley, YorkshireUnknown
48Norman, William Barnsley, YorkshireUnknown
3407Norris, Ann Mildura, AustraliaStill Living
7924Norris, Annie Sheffield, Yorkshire1929
7923Norris, Arthur Sheffield, Yorkshire1928
13338Norris, David H Gloucester, Gloucestershire1934
11508Norris, Dawn Sheffield, Yorkshire1943
9553Norris, Elizabeth Unknown1458
11501Norris, Emma UnknownUnknown
7919Norris, Ernest Sheffield, Yorkshire1917
13336Norris, Harold William Bristol, Gloucestershire1900
7921Norris, Harry Sheffield, Yorkshire1922
11510Norris, Howard Sheffield, Yorkshire1947
11498Norris, Ivy E Sheffield, Yorkshire1915
5511Norris, James Sheffield, Yorkshire1889
7920Norris, James Sheffield, Yorkshire1920
13337Norris, Janet M Gloucester, Gloucestershire1931
11505Norris, Janet Sheffield, Yorkshire1945
11499Norris, John H Sheffield, Yorkshire1918
7917Norris, Marion Sheffield, Yorkshire1914
11509Norris, Marjorie Sheffield, Yorkshire1944
5510Norris, Martha Ann Sheffield, Yorkshire1887
11504Norris, Maureen Sheffield, Yorkshire1942
7922Norris, Nellie Sheffield, Yorkshire1923
11500Norris, Ronald Sheffield, Yorkshire1922
13339Norris, Rosemarie Gloucester, Gloucestershire1941
11506Norris, Stephen Sheffield, Yorkshire1948
5508Norris, Thomas Sheffield, Yorkshire1858
5509Norris, Thomas Henry Sheffield, Yorkshire1885
7918Norris, Thomas Henry Sheffield, Yorkshire1915
12695North, Albert UnknownUnknown
10305North, Frances Mary Mirfield, Dewsbury, Yorkshire1869
10310North, James Wilfrid Batley, Dewsbury, Yorkshire1880
12698North, Jill Wortley, YorkshireStill Living
10304North, John Hightown, Dewsbury, Yorkshire1843
12696North, John G Wortley, YorkshireStill Living
10307North, Joseph Mallison Mirfield, Dewsbury, Yorkshire1873
10306North, Louisa Mirfield, Dewsbury, Yorkshire1871
12699North, Lynn M Wortley, YorkshireStill Living
4675North, Martha UnknownUnknown
12697North, Pamela M Wortley, YorkshireStill Living
10309North, Sarah Elizabeth Batley, Dewsbury, Yorkshire1877
10308North, Tom Batley, Dewsbury, Yorkshire1875
11524Nortcliffe, Alice Monk Bretton, Barnsley, Yorkshire1862
11526Nortcliffe, Annie Monk Bretton, Barnsley, Yorkshire1867
11528Nortcliffe, Elizabeth Monk Bretton, Barnsley, Yorkshire1873
11538Nortcliffe, Ellen Darfield, Barnsley, Yorkshire1812
422Nortcliffe, Ellen Ardsley, Barnsley, Yorkshire1857
11540Nortcliffe, George UnknownUnknown
11525Nortcliffe, George Monk Bretton, Barnsley, Yorkshire1865
11527Nortcliffe, Henry Monk Bretton, Barnsley, Yorkshire1871
11529Nortcliffe, John Monk Bretton, Barnsley, Yorkshire1876
2656Nortcliffe, Mary Ardsley, Barnsley, Yorkshire1855
2657Nortcliffe, Sarah Benson Ardsley, Barnsley, Yorkshire1859
2654Nortcliffe, Thomas Wombwell, Barnsley, Yorkshire1832
5288Norton, Hannah Saddleworth, Yorkshire1853
7729Nuttall, Anthony Michael James Harrogate, YorkshireStill Living
12232Nuttall, Charles Henry Barnsley, Yorkshire1886
7735Nuttall, Elliot Harlan Thomas Bolton, LancashireStill Living
7736Nuttall, Evan UnknownStill Living
7728Nuttall, Lesley Kathleen Don Valley districtStill Living
7726Nuttall, Thomas Frederick Don Valley district1939
7727Nuttall, Tracie Annie Don Valley districtStill Living

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