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8293Packer, Alice Louise Cold Aston, Gloucestershire1871
8638Padgett, Annie Elizabeth Barnsley, Yorkshire1877
9024Padgett, Beatrice Annie Bradford, Yorkshire1906
3379Padgett, Edith Carlisle1899
8637Padgett, George Barnsley, Yorkshire1856
9023Padgett, Gladys Carlisle1902
3380Padgett, Hilda Carlisle1901
9025Padgett, Ivy Barnsley, Yorkshire1912
12874Padgett, John P UnknownUnknown
12876Padgett, Michael Barnsley, YorkshireStill Living
12875Padgett, Patricia A Barnsley, YorkshireStill Living
4069Padgett, Sarah Barnsley, Yorkshire1863
3378Padgett, William Rotherham, Yorkshire1875
3499Page, Christopher Simon Norwich, NorfolkUnknown
2937Page, Elizabeth UnknownUnknown
3500Page, Joshua Peter Norwich, NorfolkUnknown
3494Page, Peter Goddard Colchester, Essex1930
3496Page, Simon Hamilton Colchester, EssexStill Living
3495Page, Timothy Peter Norwich, NorfolkStill Living
5378Paisley, Agnes Hoyland Nether1898
8005Paisley, Albert Todmorden1921
8012Paisley, Clare Louise Barnsley, YorkshireStill Living
5375Paisley, David Ronald Worsbrough, Barnsley, Yorkshire1891
8007Paisley, Ian Barnsley, YorkshireStill Living
5374Paisley, John Durham1852
5377Paisley, John Hoyland Nether1896
8003Paisley, John Dyson Barnsley, Yorkshire1920
8011Paisley, Jonathan Barnsley, YorkshireStill Living
8016Paisley, Mckenzie J Barnsley, YorkshireStill Living
8015Paisley, Mia J Barnsley, YorkshireStill Living
8009Paisley, Nicola Barnsley, YorkshireStill Living
8010Paisley, Rachel Barnsley, YorkshireStill Living
5376Paisley, William Hoyland Nether1893
8668Palmer, Howard Percy Birmingham1888
8669Palmer, Howard S Birmingham1912
8670Palmer, Winifred E Plymouth1919
6007Palmer, Joan E UnknownUnknown
350Palmer, Linda UnknownUnknown
1889Park, Louvain Unknown1915
7284Parker, Ada Wombwell, Barnsley, Yorkshire1880
7945Parker, Anne Michelle Crumpsall, ManchesterStill Living
13773Parker, Anthony J Cambridge, CambridgeshireStill Living
13467Parker, Benjamin Wakefield, Yorkshire1875
7479Parker, Clara Swinton1882
13771Parker, Eric George Alexander Hunslet, Yorkshire1911
7941Parker, Eric LancashireStill Living
7287Parker, Edith Wombwell, Barnsley, Yorkshire1889
5389Parker, Emma Barnsley, Yorkshire1900
13468Parker, Frank Woodcock Wakefield, Yorkshire1905
7942Parker, Kaye Crumpsall, ManchesterStill Living
7946Parker, Karl Alexander Edward Crumpsall, ManchesterStill Living
7943Parker, Kim I Crumpsall, ManchesterStill Living
7947Parker, Jamie Katrina Crumpsall, ManchesterStill Living
7285Parker, Maud Swinton1884
174Parker, Sally Ann UnknownStill Living
7944Parker, Shaun Crumpsall, ManchesterStill Living
13774Parker, Timothy G Cambridge, CambridgeshireStill Living
7283Parker, William Oxton, Nottinghamshire1855
7286Parker, William Wombwell, Barnsley, Yorkshire1886
9668Parkin, Ann Dewsbury, Yorkshire1861
9669Parkin, Charles Edward Dewsbury, Yorkshire1865
9665Parkin, Edwin Hall Dewsbury, Yorkshire1821
9667Parkin, Emma Hall Dewsbury, Yorkshire1858
9666Parkin, Herman Dewsbury, Yorkshire1855
6335Parkinson, Alexander Joe Barnsley, YorkshireStill Living
7007Parkinson, Anthony Stuart PrestonStill Living
6336Parkinson, Claire Louise Barnsley, YorkshireStill Living
10342Parkinson, Claire UnknownUnknown
1572Parkinson, Clara YorkshireUnknown
6334Parkinson, Darren Anthony Barnsley, YorkshireStill Living
8606Parkinson, Ellen Barnsley, Yorkshire1858
7008Parkinson, James ChorleyStill Living
7009Parkinson, Matthew ChorleyStill Living
7006Parkinson, Rodney Stuart TodmordenStill Living
69Parkinson, Roy UnknownUnknown
652Parkinson, Wilfred UnknownUnknown
7351Parnham, Edith Emma Sheffield, Yorkshire1897
4270Parr, Alice Standish, Wigan, Lancashire1887
4275Parr, Amy Standish, Wigan, Lancashire1896
8745Parr, Cerbert Ince1902
4190Parr, Edward James Ashton under Lime1866
4277Parr, Edward Ince1900
4274Parr, Florence Standish, Wigan, Lancashire1894
4271Parr, James Standish, Wigan, Lancashire1888
4272Parr, Jane Standish, Wigan, Lancashire1890
4276Parr, Lavinia Ince1898
4273Parr, Peter Standish, Wigan, Lancashire1891
10920Parr, Sarah Aspull, Lancashire1852
7793Parry, Betsy Barnsley, Yorkshire1896
7792Parry, Phillip William Auckland, Durham1862
3860Partridge, Alfred Unknown1896
3835Partridge, Alice Miriam Westbury South district, Gloucestershire1920
3861Partridge, Cecil A Westbury South district, Gloucestershire1927
3863Partridge, Dorothy H M Westbury South district, Gloucestershire1933
3862Partridge, Raymond W Westbury South district, Gloucestershire1930
3834Partridge, William Ruspidge,Westbury S, Gloucestershire1888
6412Pascall, Patricia Elvington, KentStill Living
2498Pashley, Arnold Wakefield, Yorkshire1892
13322Pates, Gladys Ada Cheltenham, Gloucestershire1896
2112Patrick, Sarah Barnsley, Yorkshire1696
777Patterson, George Wilfred Donald S Penistone, Yorkshire1919
12991Pattison, Brian Doncaster, Yorkshire1935
12990Pattison, Fred Unknown1911
10458Paulini, Astrid UnknownUnknown
3998Pavle, Patricia Antoinette ManchesterStill Living
2900Pawson, Elizabeth Snydale1879
12862Peacey, Edwin William Cheltenham, Gloucestershire1903
12951Peach, Sarah Elizabeth Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire1903
10958Peake, Alice Abram, Lancashire1862
10960Peake, Ann Frances Abram, Lancashire1869
10957Peake, Elizabeth Abram, Lancashire1859
10956Peake, John Abram, Lancashire1856
10955Peake, Joseph Croft, Lancashire1832
8565Peake, Lucy Rebecca Cardiff, WalesStill Living
10961Peake, Margaret Abram, Lancashire1872
10959Peake, Mary Jane Abram, Lancashire1869
11315Peake, Mary Jane Haydock, Lancashire1881
9104Peaker, Etha Barnsley, Yorkshire1885
12170Pearce, Barbara Hemsworth, Yorkshire1886
6693Pearson, Anne Great Houghton, Barnsley, Yorkshire1853
2375Pearson, Cordelia Great Houghton, Barnsley, Yorkshire1861
2373Pearson, Elizabeth Great Houghton, Barnsley, Yorkshire1852
9960Pearson, Frank Great Houghton, Barnsley, Yorkshire1869
2372Pearson, George Wombwell, Barnsley, Yorkshire1823
6468Pearson, George Tyldesley, Lancashire1883
9958Pearson, Herbert Great Houghton, Barnsley, Yorkshire1862
6696Pearson, Jane Great Houghton, Barnsley, Yorkshire1860
2250Pearson, John Great Houghton, Barnsley, Yorkshire1828
11299Pearson, John William Great Houghton, Barnsley, Yorkshire1865
9961Pearson, Julia Great Houghton, Barnsley, Yorkshire1871
6695Pearson, Kate Great Houghton, Barnsley, Yorkshire1859
6694Pearson, Maria Great Houghton, Barnsley, Yorkshire1855
2374Pearson, Martha Great Houghton, Barnsley, Yorkshire1858
9959Pearson, Mary Great Houghton, Barnsley, Yorkshire1864
4005Peart, Christopher Ian GloucestershireStill Living
3833Peart, Dorothy Evelyn Gloucestershire1906
3832Peart, Ellen Rhoda Gloucestershire1898
8257Peart, Gary John GloucestershireStill Living
3893Peart, Geoffrey Allan Newent. Gloucestershire1927
8258Peart, Lee John GloucestershireStill Living
3892Peart, Raymond Sydney Newent. Gloucestershire1924
3829Peart, Samuel Newent, Gloucestershire1866
3830Peart, Samuel Sydney Henry Gloucestershire1893
4004Peart, Steven John GloucestershireStill Living
4002Peart, Wendy UnknownStill Living
3831Peart, William John Gloucestershire1894
5430Peat, Albert Leeds, Yorkshire1886
5431Peat, Ann Leeds, Yorkshire1888
5433Peat, Florence Leeds, Yorkshire1893
5435Peat, Harold Leeds, Yorkshire1898
5429Peat, Joshua Leeds, Yorkshire1863
5432Peat, Lilian Leeds, Yorkshire1891
5436Peat, Mary Ann Leeds, Yorkshire1867
5434Peat, William Leeds, Yorkshire1896
1282Pedjase, Alexander Reed CanadaStill Living
1283Pedjase, Anna Kristine CanadaStill Living
1284Pedjase, Christopher Jaan CanadaStill Living
1281Pedjase, Jaan Arved CanadaUnknown
4989Peel, Ada Ellen Tankersley, Wortley, Yorkshire1870
4987Peel, Andrew Emley, Wakefield, Yorkshire1832
5720Peel, Harriet Ann Holbeck, Leeds1876
4988Peel, William Shelley, Huddersfield, Yorkshire1863
5496Pell, Gilbert Cumberworth, Huddersfield, Yorkshire1913
8792Pell, Irene Cumberworth, Huddersfield, Yorkshire1906
8793Pell, James Henry Cumberworth, Huddersfield, Yorkshire1909
5494Pell, Lillian Cumberworth, Huddersfield, Yorkshire1900
5497Pell, Margaret Cumberworth, Huddersfield, Yorkshire1915
8791Pell, Miriam Cumberworth, Huddersfield, Yorkshire1901
5493Pell, Philip Cumberworth, Huddersfield, Yorkshire1873
5495Pell, Winifred Cumberworth, Huddersfield, Yorkshire1911
7896Pemberton, Alan Don Valley, Doncaster, Yorkshire1940
7881Pemberton, Ann Elizabeth Sheffield, Yorkshire1908
7884Pemberton, Beatrice Emily Sheffield, Yorkshire1913
7890Pemberton, Edward Sheffield, Yorkshire1928
7882Pemberton, Elsie Sheffield, Yorkshire1910
7895Pemberton, Frank Don Valley, Doncaster, Yorkshire1938
7879Pemberton, George Henry Sheffield, Yorkshire1880
7880Pemberton, George Thomas Conisbrough, Doncaster, Yorkshire1906
7889Pemberton, Ivy Sheffield, Yorkshire1926
7885Pemberton, James Herbert Sheffield, Yorkshire1914
7888Pemberton, Jessica Sheffield, Yorkshire1924
7894Pemberton, Joan Doncaster, Yorkshire1933
7883Pemberton, Marian Sheffield, Yorkshire1911
7887Pemberton, Nellie Sheffield, Yorkshire1922
7891Pemberton, Raymond Sheffield, Yorkshire1931
7886Pemberton, Stanley Sheffield, Yorkshire1920
13825Pendlebury, Cecilia A UnknownUnknown
6362Penney, Colin Andrew Sutton In Ashfield, NottinghamshireStill Living
6371Penney, Elizabeth Ellen Sutton In Ashfield, NottinghamshireStill Living
6361Penney, Frederick C Mansfield, Nottinghamshire1941
6374Penney, Georgia Rose Sutton In Ashfield, NottinghamshireStill Living
6365Penney, Gina Louise Sutton In Ashfield, NottinghamshireStill Living
6363Penney, Ian Richard Bilsthorpe, NottinghamshireStill Living
6368Penney, Jessica Frances Sutton In Ashfield, NottinghamshireStill Living
6369Penney, Joseph James Sutton In Ashfield, NottinghamshireStill Living
6367Penney, Lindsey Rebecca Sutton In Ashfield, NottinghamshireStill Living
6364Penney, Martin Adrian Sutton In Ashfield, NottinghamshireStill Living
6373Penney, Samuel Christopher Sutton In Ashfield, NottinghamshireStill Living
12751Pennington, Alice Wigan, Lancashire1893
13623Pepiet, Patricia UnknownUnknown
12349Percival, John W UnknownUnknown
708Perkins, Harriett Broad Heath, Worcestershire1845
11568Perris, Doreen M Whitechurch district1915
11566Perris, Ernest Algernon Dorchester1885
11567Perris, Gwendoline E Whitechurch district1912
12857Perrott, Lucy Maude Sherborne, Dorset1908
8021Perry, Vonnie Annette AustraliaStill Living
3314Petch, Aaron AustraliaStill Living
3256Petch, Albert Neil Australia1892
923Petch, Amelia Australia1877
3343Petch, Andrew Grant UnknownUnknown
3254Petch, Arthur Australia1887
3103Petch, Barry Australia1950
3074Petch, Betty Amelia Australia1918
3079Petch, Brian Australia1951
3096Petch, Cherie AustraliaUnknown
3101Petch, Chloe AustraliaUnknown
3167Petch, Coral Mary AustraliaStill Living
3087Petch, Daryl Leslie AustraliaUnknown
3368Petch, David Anthony AustraliaStill Living
3284Petch, Dean Neil AustraliaStill Living
3297Petch, Diane UnknownUnknown
3264Petch, Dorothy Landsborough, Queensland, Australia1921
3294Petch, Dorothy UnknownUnknown
3270Petch, Elaine AustraliaStill Living
3346Petch, Emily UnknownUnknown
922Petch, Emma Australia1875
3257Petch, Ethel May Australia1892
3068Petch, Eunice Australia1899
3360Petch, Francis Noel Miller AustraliaStill Living
3086Petch, Gail Dianne AustraliaUnknown
3362Petch, Geoffrey Turner Australia1929
3334Petch, Grant Heath Australia1916
3370Petch, Grant Jeffrey AustraliaStill Living
3308Petch, Greg UnknownUnknown
3263Petch, Harold Richard Australia1920
3344Petch, Harold Ernest UnknownUnknown
3255Petch, Herbert Grant Australia1890
3066Petch, Hilda May Australia1896
3272Petch, Ivy Lynette AustraliaStill Living
3099Petch, Jai AustraliaUnknown
919Petch, Jane Australia1870
3285Petch, Jason Phillip AustraliaStill Living
3100Petch, Jemma AustraliaUnknown
3072Petch, John Australia1909
3296Petch, John UnknownUnknown
3267Petch, Kathleen AustraliaStill Living
3097Petch, Lauren AustraliaUnknown
3088Petch, Lee Robert AustraliaUnknown
3361Petch, Leila June Australia1923
3083Petch, Leslie Australia1924
3265Petch, Lorna AustraliaStill Living
3353Petch, Lynette Unknown1941
3071Petch, Marcus Australia1907
920Petch, Margaret Australia1871
925Petch, Margaret Australia1880
3342Petch, Martin Felix UnknownUnknown
3338Petch, Michael Ian AustraliaStill Living
3309Petch, Michelle UnknownUnknown
3260Petch, Mizpah Eileen Amelia New ZealandStill Living
3266Petch, Nancy AustraliaStill Living
3073Petch, Neil Australia1913
3335Petch, Neil Australia1918
3095Petch, Narelle AustraliaUnknown
3104Petch, Noel AustraliaStill Living
3336Petch, Nola AustraliaStill Living
3106Petch, Olivia Jane AustraliaStill Living
3295Petch, Raylee UnknownUnknown
918Petch, Robert Australia1847
926Petch, Robert Michael Australia1882
3070Petch, Robert Edward Australia1903
3084Petch, Robert Australia1925
3339Petch, Robert Heath AustraliaStill Living
3268Petch, Robert Neil AustraliaStill Living
3107Petch, Robert Barry AustraliaStill Living
3352Petch, Robyn Petch UnknownUnknown
3340Petch, Rosalie Margaret AustraliaStill Living
3080Petch, Susan Elizabeth Australia1953
3283Petch, Simon Ashley AustraliaStill Living
3347Petch, Simmone UnknownUnknown
3371Petch, Susan Yvonne AustraliaStill Living
3094Petch, Tamara AustraliaUnknown
921Petch, Thomas Australia1873
3067Petch, Thomas Arthur Australia1898
3298Petch, Valerie UnknownStill Living
3261Petch, Vernon Percy Neil New Zealand1914
3253Petch, Walter Australia1884
3259Petch, Walter William New Zealand1911
3271Petch, Walter Albert Neil AustraliaStill Living
3369Petch, Wendy Suzanne AustraliaStill Living
3069Petch, William Ernest Australia1901
3306Peterson, Colin UnknownUnknown
3303Peterson, Donald UnknownUnknown
3305Peterson, Glen UnknownUnknown
3130Peterson, Kerry Marie AustraliaUnknown
3304Peterson, Leanne UnknownUnknown
3310Peterson-Weiderman, Bent UnknownUnknown
3312Peterson-Weiderman, Gina UnknownUnknown
3311Peterson-Weiderman, Sean UnknownUnknown
9840Pettinghill, Amanda AustraliaUnknown
9839Pettinghill, Bruce UnknownUnknown
9844Pettinghill, Jason AustraliaUnknown
6380Pettit, Hannah Addington, Northamptonshirec1771
7864Pettitt, Gertrude Mary Tadcaster district1924
7863Pettitt, Harry Randall Castleford, Yorkshire1898
10754Petty, Abigail Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island, America1746
10752Petty, Benjamin Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island, America1742
10755Petty, Dorcas Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island, America1750
10753Petty, Elizabeth Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island, America1744
10750Petty, Joseph Charlestown, Washington, Rhode Island, America1724
10751Petty, Joseph Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island, America1740
11130Petty, Sarah Dorset1725
12722Phillips, John H Barnsley, YorkshireStill Living
12057Phillips, Lucy Lucas Stony Stratford, Staffordshire1822
12721Phillips, Wilfred UnknownUnknown
12748Philpots, Mary Elizabeth Barnsley, Yorkshire1898
6162Pickering, Albert Barnsley, Yorkshire1867
6165Pickering, Alice Barnsley, Yorkshire1872
6159Pickering, Amy Sheffield, Yorkshire1862
5968Pickering, Alison Fiona ChesterStill Living
7252Pickering, Arthur Sheffield, Yorkshire1882
110Pickering, Brian UnknownUnknown
13555Pickering, Donald Mansfield, NottinghamshireStill Living
6163Pickering, Eliza Barnsley, Yorkshire1869
6168Pickering, Florence Barnsley, Yorkshire1883
6164Pickering, Henry Barnsley, Yorkshire1870
6167Pickering, Herbert Barnsley, Yorkshire1881
6158Pickering, Joseph Albert Dodworth, Barnsley, Yorkshire1840
6160Pickering, Joseph Barnsley, Yorkshire1865
6166Pickering, Mary Elizabeth Barnsley, Yorkshire1874
13553Pickering, Mary Teresa May Mansfield, NottinghamshireStill Living
111Pickering, Niall UnknownStill Living
13552Pickering, Philip C H Belper, DerbyshireStill Living
13554Pickering, Rachael Elizabeth June Mansfield, NottinghamshireStill Living
6161Pickering, Richard Barnsley, Yorkshire1866
7972Pilbro, Amanda Elizabeth LondonStill Living
7973Pilbro, Caroline Ann LondonStill Living
7971Pilbro, David Leonard London1943
7982Pilbro, Georgia Helen Ann Bromley, KentStill Living
7975Pilbro, Michael David LondonStill Living
7976Pilbro, Robert John LondonStill Living
7974Pilbro, Suzanne LondonStill Living
2039Pilkington, Charlotte Wakefield1878
5524Pimborough, John William Denham, Suffolk1880
12795Pinder, Bertha Elizabeth Barnsley, Yorkshire1908
4284Pinder, Mary A Doncaster, Yorkshire1910
5865Pinkerton, Ruth Kay UnknownUnknown
13688Piper, Daniel UnknownUnknown
3058Piper, Hazel Lillian Adelaide, South Australia1906
13690Piper, James Patrick UnknownUnknown
8598Piper, Rachel Lilian Newington, London1883
8597Piper, Samuel Henry Kensington, Surrey1847
13689Piper, Valerie Yeper UnknownUnknown
13364Pitman, Angela Newport, Monmouthshire, WalesStill Living
13363Pitman, Christine A Newport, Monmouthshire, WalesStill Living
13359Pitman, David G Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales1932
13356Pitman, Dorothy A M Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales1925
6558Pitman, Edwin Godfrey Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales1899
13357Pitman, Godfrey C J Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales1928
13358Pitman, Gordon T Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales1929
13362Pitman, Janet M Newport, Monmouthshire, WalesStill Living
13360Pitman, Jean E Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales1935
6559Pitman, John Newport, Monmouthshire, WalesStill Living
13361Pitman, Maris Y Newport, Monmouthshire, WalesStill Living
5717Place, Ada Hunslet district1873
12995Plant, Ethel Unknown1902
1930Plant, James UnknownUnknown
1174Platt, Margaret Standish, Wigan, Lancashire1754
1866Platt, Sarah Shevington1815
996Platts, Andrew UnknownUnknown
10204Plumpton, Isabel Plumpton, Yorkshire1422
5290Poles, Alice Worsbrough, Barnsley, Yorkshire1859
5100Pollard, Eliza Neateshead, Norfolk1840
9829Polling, Bruce UnknownUnknown
9830Polling, Reilly AustraliaUnknown
9831Polling, Stevei Rose AustraliaUnknown
8541Pollock, Patrick John UnknownUnknown
12987Poole, Florence A Grimsby, Lincolnshire1933
8687Poole, Frank Grimsby, Lincolnshire1911
8682Poole, George Danforth Grimsby, Lincolnshire1898
12989Poole, John Grimsby, LincolnshireStill Living
3410Poole, Leonard UnknownUnknown
8681Poole, Lewis Jacob Cardiff, Wales1868
8684Poole, Lewis Llewellyn Grimsby, Lincolnshire1904
8685Poole, Lily Grimsby, Lincolnshire1906
3412Poole, Linda Australia1973
8683Poole, Lizzie Grimsby, Lincolnshire1901
12988Poole, Michael John Grimsby, Lincolnshire1937
8686Poole, Owen John Grimsby, Lincolnshire1908
3411Poole, Stephen Australia1969
590Pooley, Lily Rotherham, Yorkshire1883
5427Pooley, Thomas Coltishall, Norfolk1851
5428Pooley, William Rotherham, Yorkshire1881
11854Pope, Albert T Glamorgan, Wales1921
11855Pope, Female WalesUnknown
7937Pope, Millicent Prescot, Lancashire1914
9388Popplewell, Annie Emley, Wakefield, Yorkshire1898
8896Popplewell, Charles William Emley, Wakefield, Yorkshire1906
12883Popplewell, Hannah Emley, Wakefield, Yorkshire1863
426Popplewell, James Rikke Lee Barnsley, YorkshireStill Living
8603Popplewell, John William Emley, Wakefield, Yorkshire1881
12993Popplewell, Margaret A Huddersfield, YorkshireStill Living
8604Popplewell, Mary Alice Emley, Wakefield, Yorkshire1888
8898Popplewell, Mary Emley, Wakefield, Yorkshire1915
8897Popplewell, Olive Emley, Wakefield, Yorkshire1908
8602Popplewell, William Emley, Wakefield, Yorkshire1854
3330Porritt, Brian UnknownUnknown
3329Porritt, Bruce UnknownUnknown
3331Porritt, Charmaine UnknownUnknown
3316Porritt, D'arcy Charles Melbourne, Victoria, Australia1922
3318Porritt, Dawn UnknownUnknown
3319Porritt, Grant UnknownUnknown
3317Porritt, Peter UnknownUnknown
3320Porritt, Susan UnknownUnknown
9050Porter, Annie Barnsley, Yorkshire1890
934Porter, Elizabeth Nottingham1821
229Portman, Ada Langsett, Penistone, Yorkshire1911
231Portman, Albert Penistone, Yorkshire1918
6598Portman, David UnknownUnknown
6600Portman, Dorothy UnknownUnknown
6596Portman, Eric Stocksbridge, Wortley, YorkshireStill Living
230Portman, Eva Langsett, Penistone, Yorkshire1913
6594Portman, Gordon Penistone, Yorkshire1915
228Portman, John Edward Thorpe Hesley, Rotherham, Yorkshire1869
6597Portman, John UnknownUnknown
6599Portman, Margaret UnknownUnknown
6601Portman, Robert UnknownUnknown
11136Pottell, Margaret Dorset1748
13137Potter, Alice Irene Nuneaton, Warwickshire1907
11115Pottle, Margaret DorsetUnknown
11050Potts, Arthur Stockport, Cheshire1878
11051Potts, Bertram Stockport, Cheshire1880
11058Potts, Bertram Stockport, Cheshire1899
11052Potts, Cyril Stockport, Cheshire1882
11065Potts, Deborah F W Southwark districtStill Living
13349Potts, Ethel Unknown1910
11056Potts, Gladys Stockport, Cheshire1892
11059Potts, Horace Parsons Stockport, Cheshire1901
7075Potts, John Arthur Stockport, Cheshire1858
13314Potts, Lilian Doris Eastry, Kent1902
11054Potts, Louis Stockport, Cheshire1886
7074Potts, Louisa Heaton Morris, Lancashire1854
11055Potts, Mabel Stockport, Cheshire1888
7076Potts, Mary Ann Stockport, Cheshire1860
11062Potts, Michael Worthington Warrington, Lancashire1928
11064Potts, Nichola S W Islington districtStill Living
11053Potts, Russell Stockport, Cheshire1884
4298Potts, Thomas Reddish, Lancashire1832
7077Potts, Thomas Worthington Cheadle, Cheshire1862
11067Potts, Thomas A E Stockport, Cheshire1937
11060Potts, Una Marian Stockport, Cheshire1903
13402Poulton, Abbie Barnsley, YorkshireStill Living
11101Poulton, Aimie Jade Barnsley, YorkshireStill Living
428Poulton, Ashton David Barnsley, YorkshireStill Living
42Poulton, Barbara Barnsley, YorkshireStill Living
43Poulton, Betty Barnsley, Yorkshire1924
8Poulton, Christine Barnsley, YorkshireStill Living
13385Poulton, Cohan Linden UnknownStill Living
332Poulton, Edith Standish, Wigan, Lancashire1913
13394Poulton, Ella Louise Barnsley, YorkshireStill Living
429Poulton, Emma Leigh Barnsley, YorkshireStill Living
13395Poulton, Ezra Luke Barnsley, YorkshireStill Living
701Poulton, Frank Standish, Wigan, Lancashire1891
40Poulton, Frank Standish, Wigan, Lancashire1892
11096Poulton, Frank Standish, Wigan, Lancashire1912
6Poulton, Frank Barnsley, Yorkshire1928
1Poulton, Frank Barnsley, YorkshireStill Living
13391Poulton, Freya Rose Barnsley, YorkshireStill Living
5Poulton, Graham Luke Barnsley, YorkshireStill Living
13380Poulton, Henry UnknownUnknown
326Poulton, Henry Caernarvon, Wales1850
13392Poulton, Isabella Rae Retford, NottinghamshireStill Living
443Poulton, James UnknownUnknown
328Poulton, Joseph Standish, Wigan, Lancashire1889
330Poulton, Joseph Standish, Wigan, Lancashire1921
10Poulton, Margaret Barnsley, YorkshireStill Living
13366Poulton, Mary Catherine Liverpool, Lancashire1855
3Poulton, Matthew Frank Barnsley, YorkshireStill Living
4Poulton, Michaela Jane Barnsley, YorkshireStill Living
175Poulton, Nichola Michelle Barnsley, YorkshireStill Living
63Poulton, Phillip John Barnsley, YorkshireStill Living
176Poulton, Richard Liverpool, Lancashire1856
327Poulton, Robert Liverpool, Lancashire1851
324Poulton, Richard Liverpool, Lancashire1831
11098Poulton, Richard Standish, Wigan, Lancashire1918
62Poulton, Richard Lee Barnsley, YorkshireStill Living
151Poulton, Robert Michael Barnsley, YorkshireStill Living
13403Poulton, Rowan Barnsley, YorkshireStill Living
13389Poulton, Shania UnknownStill Living
9Poulton, Stephen Barnsley, YorkshireStill Living
700Poulton, Wilfred Standish, Wigan, Lancashire1887
11097Poulton, Wilfred Standish, Wigan, Lancashire1916
424Poulton-Popplewell, Charles J. Barnsley, YorkshireStill Living
1051Powell, Ellen Louisa Bromsgrove, Worcestershire1871
8550Powell, Rebecca Jane GloucestershireStill Living
2539Powell, Sarah Elizabeth Barnsley, Yorkshire1873
10795Powell, Sybil Coventry, New York, Chenango County, America1765
5977Powell, Ursula Jean Winchcombe district1932
11042Power, John Atherton, Lancashire1905
11718Powers, Clara Pearl Clemons, Marshall County, Iowa, America1912
13579Pratt, Clara Sutton Bubbenhall, Warwickshire1855
6391Pratt, Emily May Pontefract districtStill Living
10666Pratt, Ezra Middleboro, Massachusetts, America1767
6390Pratt, Michael R UnknownStill Living
12693Preston, Benjamin UnknownUnknown
8720Price, Annie St Pancras, London1878
6604Price, Eric UnknownUnknown
13473Price, Norman John Unknown1920
12607Pridmore, Walter Edgar Bramley, Leeds, Yorkshire1886
12663Priest, Cicely Unknown1914
4857Priestley, Ann Woolley, Darton, Barnsley, Yorkshire1822
4137Priestley, Anne Darfield1862
4134Priestley, Elizabeth Worsbrough Dale1855
4135Priestley, Henry Worsbrough Dale1856
4136Priestley, Myra Worsbrough Dale1858-59
4451Priestley, Roland UnknownUnknown
10572Priestley, Sarah Woolley, Darton, Barnsley, Yorkshire1825
2291Priestley, Thomas Worsbrough Dale, Barnsley, Yorkshire1828
4856Priestley, William Ardsley, Barnsley, Yorkshire1796
5409Prince, Mary Hannah Leeds, Yorkshire1849
5877Prince, Mary Hannah Hunslet, Leeds, Yorkshire1898
11612Prindville, John UnknownUnknown
3121Pringle, Brenda Gregson Liverpool, Lancashire1921
3122Pringle, Florence Amy Australia1924
10894Prior, Ada Wigan, Lancashire1919
10895Prior, Alfred Charles Wigan, Lancashire1921
13645Prior, Barbara Joan UnknownUnknown
13642Prior, Burton Connor Unknown1919
10893Prior, Clifford Allan Wigan, Lancashire1916
10891Prior, Cyril Wigan, Lancashire1911
13646Prior, Deborah Lynne UnknownUnknown
13647Prior, Dianne Elizabeth UnknownUnknown
10899Prior, Doreen Wigan, Lancashire1931
10897Prior, Eileen Wigan, Lancashire1927
10892Prior, Horace Henry Wigan, Lancashire1913
10896Prior, Joan Mary Wigan, Lancashire1923
10890Prior, Joseph Wigan, Lancashire1880
13643Prior, Judith Anne UnknownUnknown
1129Prior, Margaret UnknownStill Living
13644Prior, Nancy Jean UnknownUnknown
10898Prior, Noel Wigan, Lancashire1928
2996Pritchard, Ada LiverpoolStill Living
5113Probert, Herbert Salford, Manchester, Lancashire1895
13149Probert, Herbert Manchester, Lancashire1922
2549Proberts, Emily Louisa Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire1878
12681Procter, Roland UnknownUnknown
3120Prosper, Vincent Michael Carcoar, New South Wales, Australia1916
10190Pudsey, Thomas Bolton, Yorkshirec1420
11664Pulver, Jennie E Unknown1869
3625Purcell, Isabel May BrightonStill Living
3624Purcell, Kerry William CleethorpesStill Living
10260Purchase, Mary Middleham, Yorkshire1714
7878Purchon, Andrew Wilson Pontefract districtStill Living
4356Pye, Linda UnknownUnknown
13165Pyrah, Lillian North Bierley, Bradford, Yorkshire1900

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Correct as at 1st December 2020