1881 CensusMellor
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Abode: Farm House, Langtoft, Lincolnshire Piece: 3199 Folio: 84 Page: 14 Schedule: 78
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
George PeasgoodHead82 WidowFarmer Of 83 AcresLangtoft, Lincolnshire
Mary Ellen CharityServant20 UnmarriedGeneral ServantLangtoft, Lincolnshire
Abode: Wrangle Bank, Wrangle, Boston, Lincolnshire Piece: 3214 Folio: 31 Page: 2 Schedule: 9
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
George HammertonServant14  Farm Servant (In Door)Wrangle, Lincolnshireshire
Abode: Lade Bank, Wrangle, Boston, Lincolnshire Piece: 3214 Folio: 33 Page: 5 Schedule: 23
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
William HamertonHead57 MarriedOccupier Ag LabFriskney, Lincolnshire
Mary HamertonWife58 Married Old Bolingbrook, Lincolnshire
Abode: 28, Colley Street, Boston, Great Grimsby, Lincolnshire Piece: 3217 Folio: 111 Page: 12 Schedule: 55
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Mark TrottHead24MarriedBrewers labourerBoston, Lincolnshire
Maria Jane TrottWife22Married Boston, Lincolnshire
Maud M TrottDaughter4m   Boston, Lincolnshire
Abode: Washingbrough, Lincoln, Lincolnshire Piece: 3236 Folio: 36 Page: 51 Schedule: 9
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
John HuckleHead26 MarriedExcavatorWisbech, Cambridgeshire
Hannah HuckleWife24 Married Worsbrough, Yorkshire
Edward HuckleSon5  ScholarWickenhall, Lancashire
Mary Anne HuckleDaughter3   Preston, Lancashire
Fanny HuckleDaughter1   Weasel, Lancashire
Abode: Flaxengate, Lincoln, Lincolnshire Piece: 3242 Folio: 22 Page: 10 Schedule: 44
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
George E WallheadHead53 MarriedHouse DecoratorLincoln, Lincolnshire
Anne WallheadWife53 Married Long Benington, Lincolnshire
Louisa E WallheadDaughter25 Unmarried Lincoln, Lincolnshire
Sarah G Wallhead Daughter15  ScholarLincoln, Lincolnshire
Frank WallheadSon12  ScholarLincoln, Lincolnshire
Mary AllwoodServant19 UnmarriedGeneral ServantHull, Yorkshire
Abode: Station, Wickenby, Wragge, Lincolnshire Piece: 3246 Folio: 5 Page: 17 Schedule: 5
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Abraham SilverwoodHead28 MarriedStation Master (On Railway)Penist Lee Langsett, Yorkshire
Alice SilverwoodWife22 Married Barnsley, Yorkshire
Mary A SilverwoodDaughter1   Wickenby
Edith E SilverwoodDaughter2m   Wickenby
Annie PriestleyServant16 Gen ServantBarnsley, Yorkshire
Abode: East Fen Side, Catchwater Bank, Stickney, Spilsby, Lincolnshire Piece: 3253 Folio: 8 Page: 9 Schedule: 61
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Thomas StanneyHead46MarriedAgricultural LabourerFriskney, Lincolnshire
Elizabeth StanneyWife38Married Bag Enderby, Lincolnshire
Henry StanneySon18 Agricultural LabourerFriskney, Lincolnshire
Martha StanneyDaughter 15   Friskney, Lincolnshire
Emma StanneyDaughter13 ScholarFreiston Fen, Lincolnshire
Elizabeth StanneyDaughter8 ScholarFreiston Fen, Lincolnshire
Thomas CliftonNephew11 ScholarBag Enderby, Lincolnshire
George CliftonNephew5 ScholarBag Enderby, Lincolnshire
Abode: Fen, Friskney, Spilsby, Lincolnshire Piece: 3254 Folio: 8 Page: 9 Schedule: 44
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
John Henry SharpeHead27 MarriedFarm LabourerWest Keal, Lincolnshire
Eliza SharpeWife27 Married Wrangle, Lincolnshire
Abode: Fen Drove, Friskney, Lincolnshire Piece: 3254 Folio: 10 Page: 13 Schedule: 65
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
John DawsonHead49MarriedFarm LabourerFriskney, Lincolnshire
Ann DawsonWife54 Married Friskney, Lincolnshire
Elizabeth Hammerton DauLaw20 Unmarried Friskney, Lincolnshire
Joseph Hammerton SonLaw12  ScholarFriskney, Lincolnshire
Abode: Croft, Spilsby, Lincolnshire Piece: 3254 Folio: 150 Page: 13 Schedule: 87
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
John Booth HarrisonHead43MarriedShepherdGreat Steeping, Lincolnshire
Susannah HarrisonWife39Married Halton Holgate, Lincolnshire
John Booth HarrisonSon1  Croft, Lincolnshire
Annie Booth HarrisonDaughter12  ScholarMonksthorpe, Lincolnshire
Louisa Booth HarrisonDaughter9 ScholarWainfleet All Sts, Lincolnshire
Hetty Booth HarrisonDaughter6 ScholarMiningsby, Lincolnshire
Septus May B. HarrisonDaughter4  Great Steeping, Lincolnshire
Abode: 13, Lower Spring Street, Boston, Great Grimsby, Lincolnshire Piece: 3268 Folio: 65 Page: 32 Schedule: 191
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Mary DanforthHead66 Widow Breathwell
Thomas James MastersLodger25UnmarriedCab DriverDorcking
Charles AllenLodger22UnmarriedBricklayerLondon
Edward StephensonSon3   Grimsby, Lincolnshire
Abode: 197, King Edward Street, Grimsby, Lincolnshire Piece: 3268 Folio: 80 Page: 22 Schedule: 123
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
George StephensonHead26 MarriedBlacksmithGrimsby, Lincolnshire
Sarah J StephensonWife25 Married Canada
Edward StephensonSon3   Grimsby, Lincolnshire
Eleanor Stephenson Daughter1   Grimsby, Lincolnshire
Abode: 6, Cooks Buildings, Great Grimsby, Lincolnshire Piece: 3268 Folio: 99 Page: 15 Schedule: 75
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Albert DanforthHead30 MarriedWheel WrightGrimsby, Lincolnshire
Jemima DanforthWife30 Married Horncastle
Mary Danforth Daughter4   Grimsby, Lincolnshire
Edith Danforth Daughter3   Grimsby, Lincolnshire
Alfred Danforth Son2   Grimsby, Lincolnshire
Abode: 6, Fronting Railway, Great Grimsby, Lincolnshire Piece: 3268 Folio: 100 Page: 17 Schedule: 82
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
George DanforthHead35 MarriedBlacksmithGrimsby, Lincolnshire
Ann DanforthWife33 Married Grimsby, Lincolnshire
Anne Danforth Daughter10  ScholarGrimsby, Lincolnshire
Maria Danforth Daughter8  ScholarGrimsby, Lincolnshire
Harry Danforth Son6  ScholarGrimsby, Lincolnshire
Emily Danforth Daughter4   Grimsby, Lincolnshire
Violet Danforth Daughter3   Grimsby, Lincolnshire
George DanforthSon9m   Grimsby, Lincolnshire
Abode: 29, Wood Street, Grimsby, Lincolnshire Piece: 3269 Folio: 101 Page: 3 Schedule: 13
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
George SmithLodger18Unmarried Brick LayerThoresby, Lincolnshire
Abode: Park Cottage, Tealby, Caistor, Lincolnshire Piece: 3282 Folio: 69 Page: 2 Schedule: 7
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
George ToddHead40MarriedAg LabTealby, Lincolnshire
Betsy ToddWife24Married Tealby, Lincolnshire
James ToddSon11 ScholarKirmond, Lincolnshire
Abram ToddSon8  ScholarTealby, Lincolnshire
William ToddSon7 ScholarTealby, Lincolnshire
Chas. ToddSon6 ScholarTealby, Lincolnshire
Walter ToddSon3  Legbourne, Lincolnshire
Eliza A. ToddDaughter1  Tealby, Lincolnshire
Abode: Manley Street, Frodingham, Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire Piece: 3287 Folio: 84 Page: 39 Schedule: 8
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
George WardHead30 MarriedGeneral LabourerEpworth, Lincolnshire
Ann WardWife29 Married Emley, Yorkshire
John T Ward Son7  ScholarCawthorne, Yorkshire
Fred Ward Son4  ScholarEmley, Yorkshire
Abode: Mane Street, East Butterwick, Butterwick, Lincolnshire Piece: 3288 Folio: 70 Page: 3 Schedule: 8
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
George Leeman Head45 MarriedLabourerEast Butterwick, Lincolncshire
Charlotte Leeman Wife34 Married Castor, Lincolnshire
Mary Elizabeth Leeman Daughter14   East Butterwick, Lincolncshire
John LeemanSon12   East Butterwick, Lincolncshire
Herbert LeemanSon10  East Butterwick, Lincolncshire
James Thomas LeemanSon9 SchoolEast Butterwick, Lincolncshire
Alfred LeemanSon4 SchoolEast Butterwick, Lincolncshire
Emma LeemanDaughter6m  East Butterwick, Lincolncshire
Abode: 12, Lower Granby Street, Ilkeston, Derbyshire Piece: 3326 Folio: 62 Page: 57 Schedule: 269
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
George HallamHead31MarriedStokerWoodborough, Nottinghamshire
Elizabeth HallamWife30Married Sandall, Yorkshire
Annie E. HallamDaughter10  ScholarMexbro, Yorkshire
Ada M. HallamDaughter3 ScholarIlkeston, Derbyshire
Abode: 12, HutchensonStreet, Nottingham, Derbyshire Piece: 3356 Folio: 112 Page: 19 Schedule: 92
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Ann Archer 29 UnmarriedLace MenderDerby
Abode: Albert Colliery, NewBold and Dunston, Chesterfield, Derbyshire Piece: 3433 Folio: 46 Page: 47 Schedule: 209
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Reuben AllenHead39 MarriedColliery ManagerHeanor
Mary Allen Wife39 Married Heanor
Elizabeth Allen Daughter14  ScholarCodnor Park
Thomas W Allen Son11  ScholarChesterfield
Isaiah Allen Son8  ScholarNewBold
Annie M Allen Daughter6  ScholarNewBold
Lousia Allen Daughter3   NewBold
Florence Allen Daughter7m   NewBold
Mary J Salter Servant15  General ServantPotter Hamsworth, Lin
Abode: High Street, Brimington, Chesterfield, Derbyshire Piece: 3435 Folio: 68 Page: 1 Schedule: 1
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
John Calow Head46 MarriedCarpenterBrimington, Derbyshire
Hannah Calow Wife38 Married Yoxall, Stafford
John T Calow Son12  ScholarBrimington, Derbyshire
Annie L Calow Daughter8  ScholarBrimington, Derbyshire
Joseph Calow Son6  ScholarBrimington, Derbyshire
Mary R Calow Daughter1   Brimington, Derbyshire
Elsie Calow Daughter3w   Brimington, Derbyshire
John RichardsAppr18 Unmarried CarpenterRipley
Abode: Sheffield Road, Whittingdon, Derbyshire Piece: 3436 Folio: 111 Page: 47 Schedule: 141
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Thomas PriestleyHead53 MarriedGrocer & DraperDarfield, Yorkshire
Mary Ann PriestleyWife45 Married Darfield, Yorkshire
Henry PriestleySon24 Unmarried Brick MakerDarfield, Yorkshire
Annie Priestley Daughter18 Unmarried  Darfield, Yorkshire
Abode: 6, Mill House, Eckington, Chesterfield, Derbyshire Piece: 344 Folio: 90 Page: 60 Schedule: 319
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
John HarrisonHead36 MarriedColliery AgentWorsbrough Dale, Yorkshire
Frances HarrisonWife30 Married Worsbrough Dale, Yorkshire
Frances M HarrisonDaughter9  ScholarWorsbrough Dale, Yorkshire
William O HarrisonSon7  ScholarEckington, Derbyshire
Norton H HarrisonSon5  ScholarChesterfield
Sydney P HarrisonSon3  ScholarChesterfield
Theodore F HarrisonSon1   Eckington, Derbyshire
Abode: Goodwins Yard, Dronfield, Derbyshire Piece: 3444 Folio: 68 Page: 167 Schedule: 30
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Thomas Haslam Head40 MarriedEdge Tool MakerCoal Aston, Derbyshire
Sarah Haslam Wife37 Married Horton, Derbyshire
Alice Haslam Daughter16   Dronfield
Thomas L Haslam Son12  ScholarDronfield
Charlie Haslam Son11  ScholarDronfield
Samuel Haslam Son8  ScholarDronfield
William H Haslam Son7  ScholarDronfield
Sarah A Haslam Daughter5  ScholarDronfield
Charlotte Haslam Daughter3   Dronfield
George Haslam Son1   Dronfield
Abode: Far Water Lane, Dronfield, Derbyshire Piece: 3444 Folio: 69 Page: 175 Schedule: 32
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Samuel Thorpe Head55 MarriedJobbing SmithElford, Lancashire
Mary E Thorpe Wife59 Married Beighton, Derbyshire
Charles ThorpeSon25Unmarried Coal MinerBeighton, Derbyshire
Samuel W ThorpeSon19Unmarried Coal MinerBeighton, Derbyshire
Mary E Thorpe Daughter15   Beighton, Derbyshire
Hannah Thorpe Daughter12  ScholarBeighton, Derbyshire
Abode: Hill Top, Dronfield, Derbyshire Piece: 3444 Folio: 79 Page: 6 Schedule: 28
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Job SilverwoodHead50 MarriedCoal MinerMidhope
Ann SilverwoodWife51 Married Dronfield
Geo H Silverwood Son20Unmarried Coal MinerDronfield
John S Silverwood Son18Unmarried Coal MinerDronfield
Abode: Hill Top, Dronfield, Derbyshire Piece: 3444 Folio: 79 Page: 6 Schedule: 29
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
James MatherHead24 MarriedEdge Tool MakerDronfield
Harriet MatherWife23 Married Dronfield
Elizabeth A Mather Daughter1   Dronfield
Abode: Salisbury Road, Dronfield, Derbyshire Piece: 3444 Folio: 80 Page: 8 Schedule: 37
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Abraham HopkinsonHead31 MarriedLabourer Steel WorksDronfield
Martha HopkinsonWife25 Married Dronfield
Abode: Post Office Lane, Dronfield, Derbyshire Piece: 3444 Folio: 102 Page: 52 Schedule: 270
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
John BrathwaiteHead50 MarriedLabr Steel WorksPenistone, Yorkshire
Annie BrathwaiteWife51 Married Penistone, Yorkshire
Gertrude BrathwaiteDaughter7  ScholarBradfield, Yorkshire
Edith BrathwaiteDaughter3   Dronfield
Infant BraithwaiteSonInf   Dronfield
Abode: Summerwood Road, Dronfield, Derbyshire Piece: 3445 Folio: 8 Page: 9 Schedule: 42
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
George WildgooseHead40MarriedForeman in Steel WorksEcclesfield, Yorkshire
Ellen WildgooseWife32Married Low Moor, Yorkshire
Ernest WildgooseSon11 ScholarSheffield, Yorkshire
Maria WildgooseDaughter8 ScholarKimberworth, Yorkshire
Elizabeth WildgooseDaughter7 ScholarDronfield, Derbyshire
George WildgooseSon5 ScholarKimberworth, Yorkshire
William WildgooseSon3  Dronfield, Derbyshire
Alonzo WildgooseSon2  Dronfield, Derbyshire
Ellen WildgooseDaughter9m   Dronfield, Derbyshire
Abode: Princess Street, Dronfield, Derbyshire Piece: 3445 Folio: 23 Page: 39 Schedule: 194
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Henry BookerHead32 MarriedLabourer In Steel WorksDronfield, Derbyshire
Jennett BookerWife31 Married Dronfield, Derbyshire
Elizabeth BookerDaughter6  ScholarDronfield, Derbyshire
Frederick Martin BookerSon4  ScholarDronfield, Derbyshire
William BookerSon3   Dronfield, Derbyshire
Jessi BookerDaughter1   Dronfield, Derbyshire
Elizabeth ReaneyMotLaw65 WidowUnemployedNorton, Derbyshire
Bertha ReaneySisLaw21 UnmarriedGeneral ServantNorton, Derbyshire
Abode: Scarthenwick, Matlock, Derbyshire Piece: 3450 Folio: 20 Page: 14 Schedule: 88
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Herbert BuntingHead37 MarriedJoinerMatlock, Derbyshire
Lavinia BuntingWife27 Married Sheffield, Yorkshire
Ernest BuntingSon5   Sheffield, Yorkshire
Fred BuntingSon2   Sheffield, Yorkshire
Herbert BuntingSon1m   Sheffield, Yorkshire
Abode: Matlock Bank, Matlock, Derbyshire Piece: 3450 Folio: 81 Page: 27 Schedule: 85
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
William WhiteHead26Unmarried Masons LabourerMatlock
Elizabeth H WhiteSister15  Matlock
Elizabeth CuttsVisitor79WidowHousekeeperDerbyshire
Abode: The Rectory, Hathersage, Chapel En Le Frith, Derbyshire Piece: 3456 Folio: 15 Page: 3 Schedule: 11
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Chisnall HamertonPupil15  ScholarEastrington, Yorkshire
Abode: 25, Sheffield Road, Glossop Dale, Derbyshire Piece: 3458 Folio: 109 Page: 12 Schedule: 62
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Isaac CheethamHead48MarriedCarterBradwell, Derbyshire
Dinah CheethamWife52MarriedCarters WifeGrindlow, Derbyshire
Albert CheethamSon24UnmarriedCotton SpinnerWardlow, Derbyshire
William CheethamSon22UnmarriedCotton SpinnerWardlow, Derbyshire
Hannah CheethamDaughter19UnmarriedCotton WeaverBradwell, Derbyshire
Margaret CheethamDaughter14  Cotton WeaverBradwell, Derbyshire
Abode: Dark Lane, Bredbury, Romley, Cheshire Piece: 3470 Folio: 34 Page: 19 Schedule: 81
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Isabella Nicholson Head32Unmarried LaundressKendal
Mary Ann BrockbankBoarder20Unmarried LaundressUlverstone
Abode: Stockport Industrial School, 48 Hr Hillgate, Stockport, Cheshire Piece: 3477 Folio: 123 Page: 7 Schedule: 20
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
John H BlackerOfficer21 UnmarriedShoe MakerCawthorne, Yorkshire
Abode: 43, Gilmore Street (Tea Shop), Stockport, Lancashire Piece: 3480 Folio: 60 Page: 10 Schedule: 46
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
William PughHead47MarriedTea Dealers AssistantBaschurch, Shropshire
Hannah PughWife42Married Bishop Castle, Shropshire
Susan E PughDaughter7 ScholarLiverpool, Lancashire
Margaret R PughDaughter5 ScholarWoodley, Cheshire
Clara A PughDaughter4  Woodley, Cheshire
Miriam PughDaughter2  Stockport
John H PughSon1  Stockport
Emma E JonesNiece25UnmarriedFelt Hat Trimmer (Hatter)Blackrod, Lancashire
Clara E JonesNiece15  Dye Works Hand (Dye Maker)Liverpool, Lancashire
Rosa M WatersNiece10 ScholarLiverpool, Lancashire
Abode: 17, Coburg Street, Toxteth Park, Liverpool, Lancashire Piece: 3639 Folio: 67 Page: 67 Schedule: 381
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Henry NelsonHead46MarriedHouse JoinerL'pool, Lancashire
Jane NelsonWife38Married L'pool, Lancashire
Louisa NelsonDaughter11 ScholarL'pool, Lancashire
Agnes NelsonDaughter7 ScholarL'pool, Lancashire
Ada NonelsDaughter5  ScholarL'pool, Lancashire
Eliza NelsonDaughter4  L'pool, Lancashire
Ellen NelsonDaughter2  L'pool, Lancashire
Abode: 39, King Street, St Meouls, Southport, Lancashire Piece: 3750 Folio: 141 Page: 39 Schedule: 198
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
William HopkinsonHead30MarriedPlumber emp 3 men + 2 BoysBolton
Margaret J HopkinsonWife29Married Southport
William E HopkinsonSon10 ScholarSouthport
James F HopkinsonSon8 ScholarSouthport
Beatrice E HopkinsonDaughter6  ScholarSouthport
Ada HopkinsonDaughter4 ScholarSouthport
Ralph E HopkinsonSon2 At HomeSouthport
Abode: Warrington, Winwick, Lancashire Piece: 3789 Folio: 13 Page: 19 Schedule: 13
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
John ClareHead47MarriedStrikerHougton
Hannah ClareWife40Married Orford
Hannah Elizabeth ClareDaughter3   Hulme
Abode: 416, Bell Mount, Bolton Upon Iswell, Lancashire Piece: 3881 Folio: 108 Page: 35 Schedule: 50
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Ashley FarnellBoarder19Unmarried ForemanLeeds, Yorkshire
Abode: Shetford Road, Urmston, Barton Upon Orrell, Lancashire Piece: 3889 Folio: 21 Page: 35 Schedule: 179
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
John WaterworthHead40 MarriedTobacco ManufacturerRaiburn
Annie WaterworthWife29 Married Shelley, Yorkshire
Edith A Waterworth Daughter8  ScholarManchester, Lancashire
Harry WaterworthSon1   Manchester, Lancashire
Abode: 28, Parker Street, Ardwick, Manchester, Lancashire Piece: 3897 Folio: 28 Page: 50 Schedule: 279
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
John H LloydBoarder20Unmarried PlumberAbergele,Denbigh,Wales
Abode: 41, Corporation Street, Ardwick, Manchester, Lancashire Piece: 3897 Folio: 104 Page: 20 Schedule: 104
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
James FarnellHead47 MarriedTram Car DriverLeeds, Yorkshire
Mary FarnellWife43 MarriedShopkeeperLiverpool, Lancashire
Rowland Farnell Son20Unmarried Tram Car ConductorLeeds, Yorkshire
Florence Farnell Daughter19Unmarried CookLeeds, Yorkshire
Abode: 79, Cross Lane, Gorton, Manchester, Lancashire Piece: 3904 Folio: 87 Page: 4 Schedule: 19
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Abraham SilverwoodHead56 MarriedTime Keeper in Iron WorksOxspring, Penistone
Elizabeth SilverwoodWife55 Married Newton, Manchester
Emma SilverwoodDaughter15  Cotton Power Loom WeaverGorton
Abode: Farm Lane, Levenshulm, Chorlton, Lancashire Piece: 3911 Folio: 18 Page: 30 Schedule: 157
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
David FarrellHead50 MarriedCalico Printers LabourerHeadingley, Yorkshire
Ann FarrellWife49 Married Bramham, Wry
Godfrey FarrellSon22Unmarried Fish & Game Labourer UnemployedMeanwood, Wry
Phillis Ann FarrellDaughter18Unmarried Cotton ReelerHeadingley, Yorkshire
Laura FarrellDaughter16Unmarried Cotton WinderHeadingley, Yorkshire
Louisa FarrellDaughter11  ScholarHarpurhey, Lan
Emily FarnellDaughter9  ScholarCollinghurst, Lan
Abode: 45, Lloyd Street, Chorlton on Medlock, Manchester, Lancashire Piece: 3922 Folio: 76 Page: 17 No: 92
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Robt NeedhamHead34MarriedButcherDerby
Clara NeedhamWife33Married Denbigh
George W NeedhamSon6  Manchester, Lancashire
John A NeedhamSon1  Manchester, Lancashire
Joshua RolleyServant19UnmarriedButcher ServantManchester, Lancashire
Clara P DanforthNiece16Unmarried  Hoyland, Yorkshire
Abode: Chorlton County Barracks, Canaley Barracks, Hulme, Lancashire Piece: 3940 Folio: 145 Page: 18 Schedule: 22
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Francis HammertonHead28 MarriedPrivateBirmingham, Warwickshire
Caroline HammertonWife24 Married Colchester, Essex
Ernest Hammerton Son3   Colchester, Essex
Alfred Hammerton Son1   Houndslow, Mdx
Abode: 44, Bridgewater Street, Salford, Manchester, Lancashire Piece: 3963 Folio: 54 Page: 15 Schedule: 74
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Jonathan HammertonHead47 MarriedPattern Maker for MachinistChapeltown, Yorkshire
J Caroline HammertonWife47 Married Doncaster, Yorkshire
Charlesworth Hammerton Son24Unmarried Clerk in WarehouseChapeltown, Yorkshire
George H Hammerton Son20Unmarried Clerk in WarehouseElsecar, Yorkshire
Eliza Hammerton Daughter17Unmarried Cotton BallerSalford
Arthur Hammerton Son15  ScholarSalford
Alice Hammerton Daughter10  ScholarSalford
Abode: 68, Stock Street, Manchester, Lancashire Piece: 3991 Folio: 23 Page: 41 Schedule: 216
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
William B SilverwoodBoarder19Unmarried Medical StudentHuddersfield, Yorkshire
Abode: 476, Collyhurst Road, Manchester, Lancashire Piece: 4031 Folio: 121 Page: 39 Schedule: 196
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
Robert William NieldHead29 MarriedManager of Small PickleManchester, Lancashire
Clara Louisa NieldWife30 MarriedGeneral WorksBradford, Yorkshire
Robert William Nield Son6   Manchester, Lancashire
Percy Ethelwald Nield Son5   Manchester, Lancashire
Abode: 22, Woodlands Road, Cheetham, Manchester, Lancashire Piece: 4023 Folio: 91 Page: 32 Schedule: 146
NameRelationshipAge ConditionOccupationWhere Born
John BednalHead50MarriedPrinter & StationerManchester, Lancashire
Elizabeth BednalWife49Married Manchester, Lancashire
John H BednalSon28UnmarriedStationerBlackley, Lancashire
Frederick S BednalSon27UnmarriedNo Occupation: ParalysedBlackley, Lancashire
Amy BednalDaughter21   Blackley, Lancashire
Jessie BednalDaughter17  Cheetham
Arthur BednalSon10 ScholarCheetham
Abode: Crab Lane, Blackley, Prestwich, Manchester, Lancashire Piece: 4031 Folio: 112 Page: 22 Schedule: 105
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
Henry CromptonHead53MarriedFarmer of 8 AcresTonge
Sarah A CromptonWife36Married Crumpsall
James CromptonSon25Unmarried JoinerHigher Blackley
John CromptonSon23UnmarriedCotton FinisherHigher Blackley
Henry CromptonSon21UnmarriedMasonHeywood
Susannah CromptonDaughter14 Nurse MaidHigher Blackley
Charles CromptonSon10  Higher Blackley
Abode: Crab Lane, Blackley, Prestwich, Manchester, Lancashire Piece: 4031 Folio: 121 Page: 39 Schedule: 196
NameRelationshipAgeConditionOccupationWhere Born
William RamsdenHead60 MarriedMaker Up StuffsLeeds, Yorkshire
Hannah RamsdenWife58 Married Headingley, Yorkshire
James W F RamsdenSon32 UnmarriedHydraulic PackerBradford, Yorkshire
Matilda A RamsdenDaughter28 UnmarriedWinder:Out of WorkHulme
Louis H E RamsdenSon26 UnmarriedKnife CutterHulme
Thomas E RamsdenSon23 UnmarriedGardenerHulme
Ada L RamsdenDaughter22 UnmarriedDomestic Servant:Out of WorkBlackley, Lancashire
Yertius A RamsdenSon19 Unmarried Blackley, Lancashire
Jessie A RamsdenSon16 Unmarried Blackley, Lancashire

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