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7543Taberner, Catherine Hayne GermanyStill Living
7542Taberner, Steven Fitzwilliam, PontefractStill Living
7544Taberner, Stuart James SingaporeStill Living
10858Tabutt, Henry UnknownUnknown
416Taggart, Elizabeth Northern IrelandUnknown
5803Tallett, Florence May West Bromwich1907
12250Tambor, Manfred UnknownUnknown
3024Tamkin, Heather Mary SloughStill Living
77Tankard, Shiela Wakefield, Yorkshire1936
11109Tanner, Catherine Iwerne Courtney, Dorset1638
11191Tapper, Albert Joseph East Lulworth, Wareham. Dorset1893
10535Tapper, Amy Virtue Birmingham, Warwickshire1897
11177Tapper, Andrew Sturminster Newton, Dorset1856
11173Tapper, Ann Sturminster Newton, Dorset1832
11113Tapper, Catherine Iwerne Courtney, Dorset1670
10533Tapper, Charles Sturminster Newton, Dorset1863
8589Tapper, Charles Sturminster Newton, Dorset1867
11189Tapper, Charles Joseph East Lulworth, Wareham, Dorset1888
11107Tapper, Christine Iwerne Courtney, Dorset1642
10537Tapper, Doris Unknown1901
10498Tapper, Edith Birmingham, Warwickshire1883
10539Tapper, Edith May Nambour, Queensland, Australia1913
11106Tapper, Edward Iwerne Courtney, Dorset1640
11112Tapper, Edward Iwerne Courtney, Dorset1667
11117Tapper, Edward Iwerne Courtney, Dorset1693
11128Tapper, Edward Iwerne Courtney, Dorset1730
11174Tapper, Eliza Jane Sturminster Newton, Dorset1834
11126Tapper, Elizabeth Iwerne Courtney, Dorset1721
11142Tapper, Elizabeth Iwerne Courtney, Dorset1761
11161Tapper, Elizabeth Iwerne Courtney, Dorset1785
11149Tapper, Elizabeth Iwerne Courtney, Dorset1794
7032Tapper, Ellen Sturminster Newton, Dorset1847
11196Tapper, Elsie May Melbury Abbas, Shaftesbury, Dorset1889
8433Tapper, Emily Ann Sturminster Newton, Dorset1842
8434Tapper, Eneas William Sturminster Newton, Dorset1843
11195Tapper, Ethel Mary Winterbourne Clenstone, Blandford, Dorset1886
11187Tapper, Florence Isabella East Lulworth, Wareham, Dorset1884
11190Tapper, Frederick Joseph East Lulworth, Wareham, Dorset1891
10536Tapper, Frederick William Kings Norton, Warwickshire1898
11183Tapper, Harold Joseph East Lulworth, Wareham, Dorset1890
11178Tapper, Harriet Jane Hargrave, Shaftesbury, Dorset1861
11184Tapper, Harriet Jane Shroton, Blandford, Dorset1878
11110Tapper, James Iwerne Courtney, Dorset1659
11207Tapper, James Iwerne Courtney, Dorset1660
11120Tapper, James Iwerne Courtney, Dorset1708
11129Tapper, James Iwerne Courtney, Dorset1732
11131Tapper, James Iwerne Courtney, Dorset1752
11143Tapper, James Iwerne Courtney, Dorset1765
11166Tapper, James Thomas Iwerne Courtney, Dorset1828
11172Tapper, James Thorne Sturminster Newton, Dorset1830
11179Tapper, James Thorne Sturminster Newton, Dorset1859
11289Tapper, James Thomas Sturminster Newton, Dorset1863
11133Tapper, Jane Iwerne Courtney, Dorset1756
11144Tapper, Jane Iwerne Courtney, Dorset1767
11114Tapper, John Iwerne Courtney, Dorset1679
11116Tapper, John Iwerne Courtney, Dorset1692
11125Tapper, John Iwerne Courtney, Dorset1719
11134Tapper, John Iwerne Courtney, Dorset1756
11140Tapper, John Iwerne Courtney, Dorset1757
11163Tapper, John Iwerne Courtney, Dorset1791
11150Tapper, John Iwerne Courtney, Dorset1797
11170Tapper, John Steepleton, Dorset1822
7033Tapper, John Turk Sturminster Newton, Dorset1848
11146Tapper, Joseph Iwerne Courtney, Dorset1773
10534Tapper, Keziah Sturminster Newton, Dorset1865
1583Tapper, Leah Sturminster Newton, Dorset1845
11188Tapper, Lilian East Lulworth, Dorset1887
10496Tapper, Lizzie Birmingham, Warwickshire1881
11185Tapper, Louisa Shroton, Dorset1881
8432Tapper, Love Sturminster Newton, Dorset1840
10538Tapper, Love Alice Nambour, Queensland, Australia1909
8659Tapper, Mabel Virtue Birmingham, Warwickshire1893
11102Tapper, Margaret Iwerne Courtney, Dorset1594
11119Tapper, Margaret Iwerne Courtney, Dorset1705
11127Tapper, Margaret Iwerne Courtney, Dorset1723
11123Tapper, Mary Iwerne Courtney, Dorset1715
11148Tapper, Mary Iwerne Courtney, Dorset1792
7035Tapper, Matilda Sturminster Newton, Dorset1854
11180Tapper, Matilda Blandford St Mary, Dorset1869
11857Tapper, Minnie H Georgia, America1870
11103Tapper, Richard Iwerne Courtney, Dorset1597
11105Tapper, Richard Iwerne Courtney, Dorset1635
11111Tapper, Richard Iwerne Courtney, Dorset1662
11192Tapper, Richard East Lulworth, Blandford, Dorset1895
11099Tapper, Robert Iwerne Courtney, Dorset1570
11139Tapper, Robert Iwerne Courtney, Dorset1756
11135Tapper, Robert Iwerne Courtney, Dorset1762
11145Tapper, Robert Iwerne Courtney, Dorset1770
11141Tapper, Samuel Iwerne Courtney, Dorset1759
11169Tapper, Samuel Steepleton, Dorset1819
11176Tapper, Samuel Charles Sturminster Newton, Dorset1854
11151Tapper, Sarah Iwerne Courtney, Dorset1797
11171Tapper, Sarah Steepleton, Dorset1824
11194Tapper, Sarah Vincent Winterbourne Clenstone, Dorset1883
11186Tapper, Selina Caroline East Lulworth, Wareham, Dorset1882
11124Tapper, Susannah Iwerne Courtney, Dorset1717
11153Tapper, Susannah Salisbury, Wiltshire1805
11164Tapper, Thomas Iwerne Courtney, Dorset1791
11858Tapper, Thomas J Georgia, America1871
7034Tapper, Unity Sturminster Newton, Dorset1852
11181Tapper, Walter Winterborne Abbas, Dorset1872
11118Tapper, William Iwerne Courtney, Dorset1698
11121Tapper, William Iwerne Courtney, Dorset1714
11132Tapper, William Iwerne Courtney, Dorset1754
11138Tapper, William Iwerne Courtney, Dorset1755
11162Tapper, William Iwerne Courtney, Dorset1787
11152Tapper, William Iwerne Courtney, Dorset1803
7030Tapper, William Stourpaine, Dorset1816
8590Tapper, William Sturminster Newton, Dorset1872
5825Tarron, Emma Sheffield, Yorkshire1911
1960Tatley, Jane Hindley1866
2017Tattersall, Alice Standish, Wigan, Lancashire1808
9729Taylor, Alice Leeds, Yorkshire1915
8226Taylor, Amos Shelley, Huddersfield, Yorkshire1837
8229Taylor, Ann Shelley, Huddersfield, Yorkshire1842
1355Taylor, Annie Rebecca Denby1874
12363Taylor, Annie Unknown1895
8715Taylor, Arthur Shrewsbury, Shropshire1908
8716Taylor, Charles A Shrewsbury, Shropshire1910
9299Taylor, Charles R Sheffield, Yorkshire1914
8238Taylor, Charlesworth Shelley, Huddersfield, Yorkshire1876
9746Taylor, Christopher New South Wales, AustraliaStill Living
9745Taylor, Danny Manchester, LancashireStill Living
5885Taylor, Derek UnknownUnknown
9301Taylor, Douglas H Sheffield, Yorkshire1918
2580Taylor, Elaine Barnsley, YorkshireStill Living
8641Taylor, Elizabeth Shrewsbury, Shropshire1900
11298Taylor, Ellen Shelley, Huddersfield, Yorkshire1829
10455Taylor, Elliot Charles Brighton, SussexStill Living
7311Taylor, Emily Leeds, Yorkshire1869
8717Taylor, Frances D Shrewsbury, Shropshire1910
1983Taylor, Frederick William Sheffield, Yorkshire1841
1986Taylor, Frederick Wainwright Birkenhead1872
5279Taylor, Frederick Mossley, Lancashire1878
8712Taylor, Frederick William G Shrewsbury, Shropshire1902
8244Taylor, Frederick Thurstonland, Huddersfield1906
9730Taylor, Gaythorne Huddersfield, Yorkshire1916
8233Taylor, George Shelley, Huddersfield, Yorkshire1850
1989Taylor, George Shrewsbury1880
8242Taylor, George Thurstonland, Huddersfield, Yorkshire1904
8713Taylor, George Shrewsbury, Shropshire1904
8245Taylor, George Thurstonland, Huddersfield, Yorkshire1909
8714Taylor, Gertrude Martha Shrewsbury, Shropshire1906
2578Taylor, Gordon UnknownUnknown
6919Taylor, Hannah Prescot, Lancashire1859
8241Taylor, Harold Thurstonland, Huddersfield, Yorkshire1902
7310Taylor, Hartley Huddersfield, Yorkshire1867
8231Taylor, Harriet Shelley, Huddersfield, Yorkshire1846
6918Taylor, Harriet Clayton West, Huddersfield, Yorkshire1858
1985Taylor, Henry Arthur Birkenhead1867
3689Taylor, Hester Hartpury, Gloucestershire1772
268Taylor, Ivy Barnsley, Yorkshire1903
8227Taylor, James Shelley, Huddersfield, Yorkshire1838
4543Taylor, James Standish, Wigan, LancashireUnknown
2579Taylor, James Barnsley, YorkshireStill Living
7572Taylor, Jean UnknownUnknown
7633Taylor, Jillian A UnknownUnknown
8225Taylor, John Shelley, Huddersfield, Yorkshire1796
3704Taylor, John GloucestershireUnknown
8228Taylor, John Shelley, Huddersfield, Yorkshire1839
9728Taylor, John William California Eston, Middlesborough, Yks1879
8243Taylor, John Thurstonland, Huddersfield1904
8247Taylor, John Barry Huddersfield, Yorkshire1938
8552Taylor, Jordan Frank GloucestershireStill Living
2497Taylor, Joseph Henry Sheffield, Yorkshire1885
9749Taylor, Joseph AustraliaStill Living
4661Taylor, Joshua UnknownUnknown
1984Taylor, Kate Elizabeth Birkenhead1865
8640Taylor, Kate Florence Shrewsbury, Shropshire1897
8236Taylor, Kathleen Hildagard Kirkburton, Huddersfield, Yorkshire1888
9751Taylor, Lachlan AustraliaStill Living
9298Taylor, Margaret Hilda Sheffield, Yorkshire1910
8232Taylor, Martha Shelley, Huddersfield, Yorkshire1848
4662Taylor, Mary Shafton1798
1987Taylor, Mary Anne Birkenhead1874
2581Taylor, Michael Barnsley, YorkshireStill Living
8551Taylor, Neil Frank GloucestershireStill Living
9747Taylor, Nicholas New South Wales, AustraliaStill Living
9742Taylor, Raymond Manchester, LancashireStill Living
8553Taylor, Ryan John GloucestershireStill Living
8239Taylor, Samuel Shelley, Huddersfield, Yorkshire1878
8711Taylor, Sarah Ann Shrewsbury, Shropshire1896
9750Taylor, Stephanie AustraliaStill Living
8234Taylor, Thomas Shelley, Huddersfield, Yorkshire1858
10454Taylor, Thomas E UnknownUnknown
9300Taylor, Una Sheffield, Yorkshire1916
9744Taylor, Vincent Manchester, LancashireStill Living
8230Taylor, William Shelley, Huddersfield, Yorkshire1843
1988Taylor, William John Birkenhead1877
9752Taylor, Zacharie AustraliaStill Living
4142Teal, Mary Jane Ardsley1878
10175Tempest, Isabel Bracewell, Yorkshire1389
9911Terrington, Ernest E UnknownUnknown
9915Terrington, Guy Laurence Great Yarmouth, NorfolkStill Living
9912Terrington, Holly Victoria Great Yarmouth, NorfolkStill Living
9913Terrington, Troy Geoffrey Great Yarmouth, NorfolkStill Living
9914Terrington, Zara Stephanie Great Yarmouth, NorfolkStill Living
12370Terry, Annie Barnsley, Yorkshire1886
13725Teverson, Edith Marion Rugby, Warwickshire1901
13726Teverson, George Albert Rugby, Warwickshire1902
13727Teverson, Helen Margaret Rugby, Warwickshire1905
13723Teverson, Henry George W Rugby, Warwickshire1897
13721Teverson, Henry John William Fuller Kidington, Suffolk1867
13724Teverson, Kathleen Mary Rugby, Warwickshire1899
13722Teverson, Lucy Emmeline Rugby, Warwickshire1895
10486Tew, Amy Grace Griffiths Rockingham, Western AustraliaStill Living
10485Tew, Ian UnknownUnknown
10487Tew, Mia Carly Tew Rockingham, Western AustraliaStill Living
12659Thawley, Edna Hawkins Unknown1913
2522Thege, Walter Henry Australia1889
7492Thickett, Adam AustraliaUnknown
2013Thickett, Albert Doncaster1873
9362Thickett, Albert Hexthorpe, Doncaster, Yorkshire1908
2668Thickett, Arthur Conisborough1860
9361Thickett, Arthur Hexthorpe, Doncaster, Yorkshire1905
7503Thickett, Ashleigh Peach AustraliaStill Living
2455Thickett, Austin Durham1889
7560Thickett, Austin Barnsley, Yorkshire1903
7502Thickett, Brayden William AustraliaStill Living
7500Thickett, Bronwyn AustraliaStill Living
779Thickett, Caroline Doncaster1876
7573Thickett, Carol L Rotherham, YorkshireStill Living
9359Thickett, Clara Annie Hexthorpe, Doncaster, Yorkshire1901
7499Thickett, Dean AustraliaStill Living
7579Thickett, Denise Barnsley, Yorkshire1937
7584Thickett, Doreen Huddersfield, Yorkshire1936
2542Thickett, Edith Barnsley, Yorkshire1907
7580Thickett, Edwina Staincross, BarnsleyStill Living
7568Thickett, Eileen Rotherham, YorkshireStill Living
2011Thickett, Elizabeth Doncaster1867
794Thickett, Elizabeth Doncaster1879
2014Thickett, Emily Bristol St George, Gls1878
2447Thickett, Ephraim Monk Bretton1849
775Thickett, Fanny Doncaster1866
9358Thickett, Florence Hexthorpe, Doncaster, Yorkshire1896
872Thickett, Frances Conisborough1851
870Thickett, Frederick Conisborough1844
2012Thickett, Frederick Doncaster1870
2450Thickett, George Robert Barnsley, Yorkshire1875
7562Thickett, George R Barnsley, Yorkshire1911
12424Thickett, Gordon W H Doncaster, Yorkshire1924
7566Thickett, Gerald R Rotherham, YorkshireStill Living
7564Thickett, Graham Barnsley, Yorkshire1932
2875Thickett, Graham AustraliaStill Living
7489Thickett, Graham Michael AustraliaUnknown
2877Thickett, Michael AustraliaUnknown
7576Thickett, Hannah Elizabeth J Rotherham, YorkshireStill Living
2448Thickett, Harold Barnsley, Yorkshire1872
7558Thickett, Harold Barnsley, Yorkshire1900
9360Thickett, Harry Hexthorpe, Doncaster, Yorkshire1903
323Thickett, Henry Conisbrough1833
778Thickett, Henry Doncaster1871
7581Thickett, Ian Staincross, BarnsleyStill Living
1082Thickett, Idaline Fishponds, Gloucestershire1888
2541Thickett, Irving Darfield1904
2454Thickett, Isabella Durham1886
8627Thickett, Ivy Barnsley, Yorkshire1906
7561Thickett, Jack Barnsley, Yorkshire1908
322Thickett, James Conisbrough1831
982Thickett, James Hexthorpe1883
2453Thickett, James Ephraim Hammerton Houghton, Penshaw, Durham1884
7570Thickett, Janet Rotherham, YorkshireStill Living
7508Thickett, Jason AustraliaStill Living
2451Thickett, John William Barnsley, Yorkshire1877
320Thickett, Joseph Barmbro1807
2449Thickett, Joseph Barnsley, Yorkshire1873
7559Thickett, Joseph Barnsley, Yorkshire1900
2543Thickett, Joseph Hammerton Otford, Sydney, Australia1909
776Thickett, Kate Doncaster, Yorkshire1869
7574Thickett,Kevin J Rotherham, YorkshireStill Living
2544Thickett, Mabel Eileen Helensburg, Australia1914
869Thickett, Margaret Conisbrough. Doncaster, Yorkshire1838
7567Thickett, Marjorie Rotherham, YorkshireStill Living
2699Thickett, Mary Ann Conisbrough, Doncaster, Yorkshire1858
7565Thickett, Maureen Rotherham, Yorkshire1934
9363Thickett, May Hexthorpe, Doncaster, Yorkshire1910
7490Thickett, Melanie AustraliaStill Living
2877Thickett, Michael AustraliaUnknown
7491Thickett, Michelle Peta AustraliaUnknown
2876Thickett, Peter AustraliaStill Living
2452Thickett, Tom Barnsley, Yorkshire1881
7498Thickett, Troy Peter AustraliaStill Living
871Thickett, Walter Conisborough, Doncaster, Yorkshire1848
772Thickett, Walter Doncaster1864
1081Thickett, Walter Hulbert St George, Gloucestershire1886
1079Thickett, Walter Hexthorpe, Doncaster, Yorkshire1898
321Thickett, William UnknownUnknown
1078Thickett, William Hexthorpe, Doncaster, Yorkshire1897
2540Thickett, Winifred Wombwell, Barnsley, Yorkshire1902
4958Thirkill, Emma Kirkby Malzeard1848
3034Thomas, Claire Louise Hemsworth, Pontefract, YorkshireStill Living
3921Thomas, Daphney UnknownUnknown
3839Thomas, Gertrude Irene Cinderford, Gloucestershire1907
3792Thomas, Miriam West Dean, Gloucestershire1870
5109Thomason, Alice Fletcher Newton, Montgomery1870
2576Thompson, Ann Barnsley, YorkshireStill Living
12811Thompson, Donald S Bolton, LancashireStill Living
12793Thompson, Elizabeth A UnknownUnknown
11741Thompson, Female Santa Barbara, California, America1912
819Thompson, Florence Ethel Jump, Barnsley, Yorkshire1883
12810Thompson, Frank UnknownUnknown
11740Thompson, Glenn T Westphalia, Anderson County, Kansas, America1888
5714Thompson, James W UnknownUnknown
5896Thompson, John M UnknownUnknown
11742Thompson, Kenneth C Santa Barbara, California, America1914
11743Thompson, Marie L Santa Barbara, California, America1918
2577Thompson, Peter Barnsley, YorkshireStill Living
2575Thompson, Ronald Arthur Great Driffield, East Yorkshire1930
2766Thompson, Rose Sudbury, Suffolk1891
12030Thomson, Charlotte Mary Coventry, Warwiskhire1815
8111Thornton, Christopher Kennedy MirfieldStill Living
6794Thornton, Horace Kirkburton, Huddersfield, Yorkshire1890
6793Thornton, Martha Ann Shelley, Huddersfield, Yorkshire1849
13450Thornton, Mary Silkstone, Barnsley1709
8112Thornton, Roger Samuel MirfieldStill Living
8110Thornton, Thomas Kennedy Huddersfield, Yorkshire1926
11678Thorp, Frank E Wisconsin, America1864
4716Thorp, Sarah UnknownUnknown
5569Thorpe, Mary Eliza Dronfield, Derbyshire1865
7932Threlfall, Edith Prestwich district, Lancashire1906
13622Thring, Bette Lee UnknownUnknown
13624Thring, Gail Patricia UnknownUnknown
13619Thring, George UnknownUnknown
13628Thring, George UnknownUnknown
13621Thring, Gordon George UnknownUnknown
13625Thring, Robert George UnknownUnknown
13620Thring, Roger William James UnknownUnknown
13620Thring, Shireen UnknownUnknown
13626Thring, Steven John UnknownUnknown
13147Tierney, Derek Chorlton, Lancashire1923
5112Tierney, Joseph Unknown1894
13148Tierney, Lilian J Manchester, Lancashire1929
8357Tilley, Maurice Arthur Bristol, Gloucestershire1938
236Tilley, Vera Barnsley, Yorkshire1932
9779Tin, Hilda Hong KongStill Living
8980Tingle, Florrie Sheffield, Yorkshire1887
13027Tinham, Albert George Loose, Maidstone, Kent1867
13031Tinham, Edith Harriet W Erith, Dartford, Kent1881
11157Tinham, Elizabeth Wilton, Wiltshire1837
13030Tinham, Ellen Catherine Erith, Dartford, Kent1878
13028Tinham, Ernest Barden Loose, Maidstone, Kent1869
11154Tinham, George Allington, Wiltshire1811
11159Tinham, George Salisbury, Wiltshire1846
11155Tinham, John New Sarum, Salisbury, Wiltshire1832
11158Tinham, Mark Salisbury, Wiltshire1839
11156Tinham, Mary Ann New Sarum, Salisbury, Wiltshire1835
13029Tinham, Minnie Emmeline H Erith, Dartford, Kent1875
11165Tinham, Sarah New Sarum, Salisbury, Wiltshire1834
13319Tite, Alfred John Pontypridd, Wales1883
13320Tite, Clifford G A Sturminster Newton, Dorset1926
13321Tite, Ethel D K Sturminster Newton, Dorset1928
12134Todd, Abraham Tealby, Market Rasen, Lincolnshire1872
12135Todd, Kate Emma Grimesthorpe, Sheffield, Yorkshire1897
12624Toll, Lily Unknown1912
10145Tomlin, Charles Gillingham, Kent1861
1505Tomlin, Charles UnknownUnknown
1506Tomlin, David UnknownUnknown
10144Tomlin, Joseph Thomas Rochester, Kent1811
1504Tomlin, Paul UnknownUnknown
4399Tomlinson, Barbara Lynne Market WeightonStill Living
4397Tomlinson, Fred Wakefield, YorkshireStill Living
4398Tomlinson, Janet Lesley NigeriaStill Living
12492Tompkins, David T Doncaster, Yorkshire1936
8173Tompkins, Dorothy Haynes Mexborough, Yorkshire1903
8171Tompkins, Edward Thomas Rotherham, Yorkshire1880
8175Tompkins, Harold Mexborough, Yorkshire1921
8172Tompkins, William Arthur Mexborough, Yorkshire1901
8174Tompkins, Winifred Mary Mexborough, Yorkshire1919
10450Toogood, Rosemary H Gloucester, GloucestershireStill Living
6056Toothill, Adam Lee Dewsbury, YorkshireStill Living
6042Toothill, Alison Mirfield, Dewsbury, YorkshireStill Living
6039Toothill, Brian Illingworth Manchester, Lancashire1941
6044Toothill, Christopher Jason Dewsbury, YorkshireStill Living
6049Toothill, Emma Dewsbury, YorkshireStill Living
6048Toothill, James Neil Dewsbury, YorkshireStill Living
6046Toothill, Lee Joseph Dewsbury, YorkshireStill Living
6054Toothill, Luke Jason Dewsbury, YorkshireStill Living
6043Toothill, Mark Dewsbury, YorkshireStill Living
6041Toothill, Neil Anthony Dewsbury, YorkshireStill Living
6040Toothill, Shaun Anthony Dewsbury, YorkshireStill Living
4990Tordoff, Frances Stainborough, Barnsley, Yorkshire1843
2665Tordoff, Sarah Derby1825
13556Torrance, Aileen Rosemary Birmungham. WarwickshireStill Living
12109Torrance, Janet Maxwell Halden Hamilton, Scotland1838
3986Torrington, Charlene Elizabeth UnknownStill Living
3985Torrington, Mark John UnknownStill Living
3986Torrington, Tracy Jacqueline UnknownStill Living
3984Torrington, Victor Rodney UnknownUnknown
1496Totty, Frank Hoyland, Barnsley, Yorkshire1881
899Townend, Annie Elizabeth Barnsley, Yorkshire1877
7134Townend, Lucy Conisbrough1850
7470Townend, Schofield Cumberworth, Huddersfield, Yorkshire1869
1235Townsend, Denise UnknownStill Living
10361Tralou, Sonja UnknownStill Living
4006Tramner, Dinah UnknownUnknown
5783Trickett, Barbara UnknownUnknown
10547Trigg, Harry Westbury on Severn, Gloucestershire1896
10548Trigg, Margaret C Gloucestershire1921
9489Tripp, Julia Sophia Wakeham, Gaspè, Quebec, Canada1858
820Troop, Charles Grimsby, Lincolnshire1893
896Trott, Maude Mary Boston1880
11572Trowbridge, Donald R Sturminster Newton, Dorset1917
11573Trowbridge, Edna M Sturminster Newton, Dorset1919
11571Trowbridge, Herbert F Sturminster Newton, Dorset1915
11574Trowbridge, Kenneth R Sturminster Newton, Dorset1922
11570Trowbridge, Lilian M Sturminster Newton, Dorset1912
11569Trowbridge, Robert Charles Okeford Fitzpaine, Sturminster Newton, Dorset1885
11575Trowbridge, Robert J Sturminster Newton, Dorset1928
7313Truelove, Sarah Ann Cawthorne, Barnsley, Yorkshire1867
7036Trunkfield, Ann Barton St Michael's, Gloucestershire1840
3467Tuckwell, Arthur Unknown1915
3468Tuckwell, Christine J Colchester, EssexStill Living
3470Tuckwell, Colin D A Colchester, EssexStill Living
3480Tuckwell, Darren UnknownUnknown
3483Tuckwell, Elizabeth Alison Colchester, EssexStill Living
3479Tuckwell, Jay UnknownUnknown
3471Tuckwell, Martin Colchester, EssexStill Living
3481Tuckwell, Paul UnknownUnknown
3484Tuckwell, Robert James Colchester, EssexStill Living
3469Tuckwell, Susan L Colchester, EssexStill Living
12727Tunstead, Adrian Liverpool, LancashireStill Living
12724Tunstead, John Liverpool, Lancashire1917
12726Tunstead, Pamela Liverpool, LancashireStill Living
12725Tunstead, Susan Barnsley, YorkshireStill Living
11561Turk, Alfred Thomas Winton, Christchurch, Hampshire1890
11580Turk, Anne Rose Sturminster Newton, Dorset1859
11600Turk, Barry A Farnham, Surrey1930
11550Turk, Bessy Sturminster Newton, Dorset1859
11577Turk, Bessie Farnham, Surrey1889
8580Turk, Charles Sturminster Newton, Dorset1831
11549Turk, Charles Fish Sturminster Newton, Dorset1857
11584Turk, Charles Edward Motcombe, Shaftesbury, Dorset1891
11596Turk, Constance Edith Farnham, Surrey1910
11578Turk, Edward Alton, Hampshire1899
7031Turk, Elizabeth Sturminster Newton, Dorset1822
11565Turk, Elsie Sturminster Newton, Dorset1900
11591Turk, Elsie Farnham, Surrey1901
11589Turk, Ernest Walter Motcombe, Dorset1898
11592Turk, Female Farnham, Surrey1902
11560Turk, Freda Bessie Christchurch, Hampshire1888
11551Turk, Frederick John Sturminster Newton, Dorset1861
11563Turk, Frederick John Sturminster Newton, Dorset1895
11587Turk, George Wallis Motcombe, Dorset1896
11593Turk, Gerty Spinney Farnham, Surrey1904
8579Turk, Harry Sturminster Newton, Dorset1828
11559Turk, Harry Charles Winton, Christchurch, Hampshire1886
11585Turk, Hilda Annie Motcombe, Dorset1893
11588Turk, Ida Ethel Motcombe, Dorset1897
13096Turk, Jack Sturminster Newton, Dorset1927
11552Turk, Jessie Ann Sturminster Newton, Dorset1863
8581Turk, John Sturminster Newton, Dorset1798
8583Turk, John Sturminster Newton, Dorset1801
11590Turk, Kathleen Ellen Farnham, Surrey1899
11562Turk, Lilian Maud Christchurch, Hampshire1892
11553Turk, Love Sturminster Newton, Dorset1866
11555Turk, Martha Sturminster Newton, Dorset1868
11558Turk, Mary Gertrude Sturminster Newton, Dorset1884
11586Turk, Minnie Mary Motcombe, Dorset1894
11595Turk, Noel Robert Farnham, Surrey1909
13095Turk, Pamela E Sturminster Newton, Dorset1926
11597Turk, Philip E Farnham, Surrey1911
11581Turk, Samuel Rose Sturminster Newton, Dorset1862
11554Turk, Walter Sturminster Newton, Dorset1867
11564Turk, Walter Willie Sturminster Newton, Dorset1898
8577Turk, William Sturminster Newton, Dorset1794
11582Turk, William George Sturminster Newton, Dorset1864
11594Turk, Willie Farnham, Surrey1905
11079Turner, Abraham Shevington, Lancashire1888
7635Turner, Abraham Hopkinson Dronfield, Derbyshire1920
4129Turner, Allan Sheffield, YorkshireStill Living
7640Turner, Andrew James AustraliaStill Living
5448Turner, Ann Hoyland, Barnsley, Yorkshire1878
11083Turner, Ann Westhoughton, Bolton, Lancashire1905
5445Turner, Benjamin Hoyland, Barnsley, Yorkshire1873
12539Turner, Ben Rotherham, Yorkshire1934
7636Turner, Clarence Hopkinson Dronfield, Derbyshire1920
9662Turner, Darwin Eric Pontefract district1930
12547Turner, Dorothy Barnsley, Yorkshire1902
11091Turner, Elizabeth Ann Atherton, Lancashire1900
2623Turner, Ellen Standish, Wigan, Lancashire1853
5454Turner, Elsie Hoyland, Barnsley, Yorkshire1892
3269Turner, Elsie F AustraliaStill Living
11892Turner, Emily Walsall, Staffordshire1855
11087Turner, Eric Westhoughton, Bolton, LancashireStill Living
5447Turner, Frederick Hoyland, Barnsley, Yorkshire1876
5444Turner, George Baxter Dronfield1850
5450Turner, George Hoyland, Barnsley, Yorkshire1881
7014Turner, George Sheffield, Yorkshire 1893
11086Turner, Gerald Westhoughton, Bolton, LancashireStill Living
5455Turner, Gladys Hoyland, Barnsley, Yorkshire1894
7638Turner, Harold Trevor Walter AustraliaUnknown
12183Turner, Harold Wilfrid Fylde, Lancashire1895
12184Turner, Harold W Basford, Nottinghamshire1917
5456Turner, Harriet Hilda Hoyland, Barnsley, Yorkshire1896
5453Turner, Ivy Hoyland, Barnsley, Yorkshire1890
9352Turner, Ivy West Melton, Rotherham, Yorkshire1909
2624Turner, James Standish, Wigan, Lancashire1856
11073Turner, James Durham1874
4663Turner, Jane UnknownUnknown
7639Turner, Jane Margaret AustraliaStill Living
2625Turner, John Shevington, Lancashire1858
11071Turner, John William Shevington, Lancashire1870
11078Turner, Joseph Shevington, Lancashire1885
11084Turner, Joseph Westhoughton, Bolton, Lancashire1914
11088Turner, Joyce Westhoughton, Bolton, LancashireStill Living
3359Turner, Leila May Australia1894
9351Turner, Lily Ardsley, Barnsley, Yorkshire1902
12185Turner, Lilian R Basford, Nottinghamshire1919
11817Turner, Lucy Leamington, Warwickshire1883
5452Turner, Margery Hoyland, Barnsley, Yorkshire1885
11576Turner, Martha Ann Basingstoke, Hampshire1864
5449Turner, Mary Hoyland, Barnsley, Yorkshire1879
11077Turner, Mary E Shevington, Lancashire1882
7642Turner, Michael Trevor AustraliaStill Living
3448Turner, Michelle UnknownUnknown
11090Turner, Minnie Bury, Lancashire1896
11080Turner, Moses Shevington, Lancashire1889
9350Turner, Percy Featherstone, Pontefract, Yorkshire1898
11076Turner, Peter Shevington, Lancashire1880
11081Turner, Richard Shevington, Lancashire1891
7641Turner, Richard Edward AustraliaStill Living
2018Turner, Robert Shevington, Lancashire1831
11074Turner, Robert Durham1876
4130Turner, Roger Sheffield, YorkshireStill Living
1140Turner, Ronald UnknownUnknown
4132Turner, Samantha Jane Sheffield, YorkshireStill Living
7244Turner, Sarah Ann Penistone, Yorkshire1861
11072Turner, Sarah Alice Shevington, Lancashire1871
5451Turner, Sarah E Hoyland, Barnsley, Yorkshire1883
13060Turner, Susannah Huddersfield, Yorkshire1879
5446Turner, Thomas Cornelius Hoyland, Barnsley, Yorkshire1875
11075Turner, Thomas Shevington, Lancashire1878
9661Turner, Vernon Wombwell, Barnsley, Yorkshire1899
4128Turner, Walter Sheffield, Yorkshire1915
12266Turrall, Clara Florence Coventry, Warwickshire1868
5380Turton, Emma Tankersley, Wortley, Yorkshire1869
7060Turton, Sarah Cawthorne, Barnsley, Yorkshire1844
8808Turton, William Sheffield, Yorkshire1870
133Tweed, Adrian Northern IrelandUnknown
170Tweed, Alistair Northern IrelandStill Living
121Tweed, Ann Northern IrelandUnknown
92Tweed, Annie Clyde Northern IrelandUnknown
66Tweed, Araminta Barnsley, YorkshireStill Living
266Tweed, Arran Northern IrelandStill Living
449Tweed, Barry Northern IrelandUnknown
169Tweed, Callum Northern IrelandStill Living
119Tweed, Daniel Northern IrelandUnknown
33Tweed, Daniel Northern Ireland1911
100Tweed, Daniel Northern IrelandUnknown
87Tweed, Daniel Northern IrelandStill Living
14Tweed, Daniel Barnsley, YorkshireStill Living
451Tweed, Daryl Northern IrelandUnknown
448Tweed, Dathan Northern IrelandUnknown
411Tweed, David Northern IrelandUnknown
11807Tweed, David John Ballymoney, Northern Ireland1899
102Tweed, David Northern IrelandUnknown
13Tweed, David Barnsley, YorkshireStill Living
106Tweed, Diane UnknownUnknown
103Tweed, Emily Northern IrelandUnknown
68Tweed, Emily Lillian Barnsley, YorkshireStill Living
89Tweed, Geoffrey Ballymoney, Northern IrelandStill Living
90Tweed, Hazel Ballymoney, Northern IrelandStill Living
39Tweed, Hester Wilson Northern IrelandStill Living
11815Tweed, Hindary Ballymoney, Northern Ireland1905
15Tweed, Ian Graham Barnsley, YorkshireStill Living
11816Tweed, James Ballymoney, Northern Ireland1908
37Tweed, James Ballymoney, Northern IrelandStill Living
1475Tweed, Jenelle AustraliaStill Living
35Tweed, John Northern IrelandUnknown
120Tweed, John Northern IrelandUnknown
38Tweed, Joseph Northern IrelandUnknown
1478Tweed, Kaleb AustraliaStill Living
1474Tweed, Kyle AustraliaStill Living
86Tweed, Loughlin Northern IrelandStill Living
36Tweed, Loughlin Allison Northern IrelandStill Living
105Tweed, Marie UnknownUnknown
452Tweed, Matthew Northern IrelandUnknown
453Tweed, Michelle Belfast1986
454Tweed, Nichola Michelle BallymoneyStill Living
85Tweed, Nigel Northern IrelandStill Living
2Tweed, Patricia Ann Barnsley, YorkshireStill Living
447Tweed, Paula Northern IrelandUnknown
134Tweed, Peter Northern IrelandUnknown
132Tweed, Raymond Northern IrelandStill Living
122Tweed, Robert Wilson Northern IrelandUnknown
172Tweed, Rodney Northern IrelandStill Living
446Tweed, Ronald Northern IrelandUnknown
1479Tweed, Roschelle AustraliaStill Living
167Tweed, Sarah Northern IrelandStill Living
455Tweed, Sheena Northern IrelandStill Living
1473Tweed, Siobhan AustraliaStill Living
84Tweed, Stephen Northern IrelandStill Living
65Tweed, Thomas Christopher Barnsley, YorkshireStill Living
91Tweed, Vivien Ballymoney, Northern IrelandStill Living
395Tweed, William West Antrim, Northern Ireland1878
11814Tweed, William Ballymoney, Northern Ireland1902
11Tweed, William Ballymoney, Northern Ireland1934
910Twells, Hannah Nottingham1791
2140Twigg, Mary Wombwell, Barnsley, Yorkshire1753
10064Twycross, Charles Coventry, Warwickshire1801
10065Twycross, William Coventry, Warwickshire1824
1331Tyler, Phyllis Mary Chiswick, Middlesex1923
6045Tyrell, Karen Dewsbury, YorkshireStill Living
4350Tyrer, Anthony Stuart SalfordStill Living
4499Tyrer, Kelly BoltonStill Living
4353Tyrer, Lee Joseph SalfordStill Living
4351Tyrer, Mark Robert SalfordStill Living
4501Tyrer, Olivia Rebekah SalfordStill Living
4352Tyrer, Paul James Stoke on TrentStill Living
4500Tyrer, Scott Anthony SalfordStill Living
4349Tyrer, William Joseph SalfordStill Living

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